Fearless Marine Destroys Obama Right To His Face… Legendary


ot long ago, Barack Obama delivered his farewell address to his hometown of Chicago. Liberals were quick to embrace his comments, taking to social media to mourn the departure of the Obamas. For the rest of us, it was a time of celebration.

Many Americans have been able to see through Obama’s façade and recognize the devastating impacts he has had on our country. He may be a smooth talker at times, but his plans fall apart when he attempts to put them into action.

Now, one Marine has written a letter to Obama, telling him just what his legacy really is.

This Is Your Legacy

Mr. President,

For the first time, I can say that I’m proud of my country. No, these aren’t my words, they’re the words of your wife when you took office in 2009. This set the tone for the kind of President you’d be,and the kind of legacy you left behind.

Your speech to your adoring fans screaming: Four more years! It makes for a good sound bite and video clip, but it doesn’t paint the picture of the tens of millions of regular Americans that voted you in twice and gotten stabbed in the back for it.

You stood in front of hundreds of veterans and promised that their lives would be better after you took office, that they would get the care that their country owed them. Eight years later, the VA is more broken than ever and my brothers and sisters in arms are committing suicide at an all time high. You ignored the advice of wartime Generals and pulled troops out of an unstable country and gave rise to ISIS, the most evil group of people on the planet. This is your legacy.

Our country is twice as much in debt as it was when you took office, to the tune of nearly $20 trillion. That number is so large that is may as well be monopoly money, and the only people that are footing the bill are our children, the ones that you cut off at the knees by taking millions in donations from bloated teachers unions. You know, the ones who hire teachers who can’t teach and can’t be fired. This is your legacy.

You said that America became stronger, but all you did was apologize to corrupt world leaders and made deals with radical Muslims who want us and our allies in Israel to be wiped off the map. You downplayed terrorist attacks as workplace violence, and used national tragedies to trample on the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. You legitimized the hateful Black Lives Matter movement and gave them the ability to poison the minds of our inner city youth, then stood on the graves on the officers that lost their lives as a result and had the audacity to lecture grieving police officers about race relations. This is your legacy.

You said middle America clings to God and guns, while you waged war on both. You tried to pass yourself off as a Christian, while telling radical Muslim nations that practice Sharia Law that you stand with them. This is your legacy.

You spoke about Obamacare being a force for good, but don’t have the common sense to realize that holding a gun to the heads of people who work for a living, to pay for the ones that don’t, makes everyone worse off. Making it illegal for people not to have coverage is exactly the kind of socialism that conservatives warned about before you got into office. You dismissed these claims as conspiracy theories, but now we have regular, healthy families having to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the bare minimum of healthcare. This is your legacy.

Before you were elected, you made the case that the first black President would be a milestone for this country. Eight years later, you’re standing on the podium, saying: Yes, We Did, like you’ve accomplished something other than playing a record amount of golf as the country gets ready for its second great recession. This is your legacy.

What may come as a surprise to you and the rest of the now far-left pundits that run the media is, the color of your skin never mattered to America. It was the policies that attracted Americans, the decency and unity that you said you’d restore to this nation, and it was the betrayal of these ideas which gave us an actual outsider, and the person that you failed to stop, Donald Trump.
Your Presidency was a wake-up call for America.

You will be the President that will be remembered by those too young to know any better, not as a champion and protector of our rights and Constitution, but as a celebrity.

Everything you’ve done to this country over your eights years will be wiped from the history books, and your legacy, as much as it hurts right now, will be nothing more than a distant memory.

I wish you farewell, and I’m hopeful for the future of my country, which just proved that it deserves someone better than you.

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This Company’s Epic Response to a Pissed Off Client is as American as it Gets

Liberty Bottleworks co-founder Ryan Clark has taken a stand against what he sees as the terribly flawed philosophy that “the customer is always right.”Anyone who has ever worked with customers knows that the adage is bogus. But few have the gumption to stand up to a customer the way Clark did.

The customer wasn’t pleased that she had a hard time reaching Liberty Bottleworks’ employees to figure out a payment issue. This was over the Thanksgiving holiday. After she ranted about their customer service on Facebook, the COO of Liberty personally responded.

“Ryan Clark, Liberty’s co-founder and COO here. I normally do not hop into Facebook rants but this one needed addressing. First of all, Ms. NAME WITHHELD, thank you for your order and your desire to support American companies, job creation, green manufacturing, and the hiring of vets. We did receive your numerous voicemails and emails. The buck stops with me.”

“This will I am sure upset you but…my customer service team will not be helping you on the weekends. Your voicemail stated, ‘It’s the holidays, you should be working’ and your email stated, ‘Instead of doing my Christmas cards and enjoying the holiday spirit, I was dealing with this.’”

Perhaps you need to spend a bit more time embracing the holiday spirit. You see, my employees were home with their families doing their cards, baking cookies, etc. Family first, product second. If you want immediate service on a Saturday, try supporting your local retail establishment, such as Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus, People’s Food Co-Op, or Barnes Ace Hardware.”

“As to your original complaint, we emailed within 24 hours of your order concerning the Paypal issue. Second, we called you first thing this morning in response to your angry voicemails, but you hung up on us when we introduced ourselves, saying, “I never want to speak with anyone from your company.” Ms. NAME WITHHELD, we pride ourselves on doing things well, we pride ourselves on doing things right, we pride ourselves on doing things the American way. Not instant gratification, 24-hour shopping on Thanksgiving type of American way, but family and country American way. The way our grandparents did things American way.”

“I am sorry you are upset and I will gladly give you your money back, but I am not sorry our employees were enjoying the holidays. That right is not exclusive to you.”

“If you would like to discuss this, you may call my personal cell phone. If I do not get back to you right away, understand I may be eating dinner with my wife and kids. Please be advised we will not be shipping you your order, you will not be charged. I will not do business with anyone that threatens my employees the way you have.”

“Merry Christmas.”

Fans of Liberty Bottle Company stepped up their support of the company. And many fans of straight-talking companies decided to become fans of Liberty and bought products as a show of support. Their orders doubled as the message went viral.

Tim Andis, co-founder of the company, explained their philosophy to the Yakima Herald. “You’re competing against people like Google who have live support 24 hours a day. Being a small manufacturer we’re not going to have live support 24 hours a day.”

He was pleased with the response, of course, and the loyalty expressed by his customers. “You can’t trade that for a bottle. You can’t trade that for 100 bottles. You can’t trade that at all. We have this silly belief that you can do well by doing good. To see the number of people reaffirm [the idea] is kind of a neat thing.”

Liberty Bottleworks prefers to hire vets. Their products are made in the USA. The machines they use to make them are American made. They’re even deeply philanthropic, giving to homeless shelters, and conservation groups.


How One Man Went From Playing Guitar in Nirvana to the Army Special Forces [VIDEO]

You’ve probably heard the story of Jason Everman, the musician who played for two extremely well-known bands, but ultimately ended up having an accomplished military career. If you haven’t heard the story, you’ve probably at least seen various meme floating around social media that praise his accolades that show how much of a badass he was.

[Scroll Down For Video]

However, Everman’s life path was far more than could be put into a single meme (as accurate as it may be). Born on a remote Alaskan island after his parents moved to Alaska to get back to nature, he had a distinctive upbringing. As Everman says “My birth certificate says Kodiak, but I’m pretty sure it was Ouzinkie, where my parents lived in a two-room cabin with a pet ocelot named Kia.”

Punk rock soon became the soundtrack of his life as a young man. So much so that he ended up chasing that dream to the pinnacle of the music industry. His unique musical career led him to two iconic bands – Nirvana and Sound Garden, yet he parted ways with both bands before their biggest hits turned them into superstars.

Following his time with the two power groups, Everman continued playing and made his living as a working musician, yet he no longer got the same level of enjoyment out of making music. Enter the military.

A filmmaker friend who had served as a SEAL in the United States Navy said his time serving the country was the thing he was most fulfilling work he’d ever done. The budding rock star called it quits on his music career and, in 1994, enlisted in the Army at the age of 27.

“At that point in time, in the world I was in, going into the military was probably the most uncool thing you could ever do. As soon as I raised my right hand and took that oath of enlistment whatever cool creds I had were f*cking gone,” Everman sa

The Army was the home he’d always hoped to find. Everman excelled in training as a soldier, joining the 2nd Ranger Battalion and then earning his coveted Green Beret with the 3rd Special Forces Group. All told, Everman served 12 years in the Army with multiple combat tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

He rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class before being honorably discharged in 2006.

Following his service, Everman continued his non-traditional life course. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in 2013. According to a Daily Beast articlefrom 2014, Everman still regularly goes overseas as a military consultant.



Congressman Says He Will Start Carrying a Gun After Baseball Practice Shooting

After James T. Hodgkinson opened fire at a GOP Congressional baseball practice, Rep. Chris Collins, a Republican from Buffalo, New York, said he would start carrying a firearm with him whenever he is out in public, including during events. Collins, referring to his 9 mm handgun, said, “It’s going to be in my pocket from this day forward.”

The shooting in Virginia has many concerned about security, including government officials. As reported by WKBW, Collins intends to have armed police officers accompany him to all of his public events going forward though he also plans to carry his pistol with him as well.

“We may have smaller public events that we would not be so inclined to in the past have made that request,” said Collins in regards to having an armed officer available. “But we will be making that request in the aftermath of what just happened.”

Collins did confirm he had a permit to carry the weapon, saying, “If you look at the vulnerability, I assure you: I have a carry permit. I will be carrying when I’m out and about.” He went on to say, “On a rare occasion I’d have my gun in a glove box or something, but it’s going to be in my pocket from this day forward.”

Police in Alexandria, Virginia stated five people were taken to the hospital after Hodgkinson opened fire, including Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip. Collins was not present at the practice.

Collins was the first House member to endorse President Donald Trump while he was on the campaign trail, and has since been a key backer of the president.

Not all lawmakers intend to change their security procedures after the incident. Brian Higgins, a Democratic Congressman, when asked whether the event would “change security protocol for you at public events” replied, “No, I don’t think so.” He continued, “We are as cautious as we need to be.”

After the event, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney from Binghamton, New York did receive an email that contained a death threat which read “one down 216 to go,” though it is unknown if the threat is credible

Motorcyclist Plows Through Trump Protesters Staging a “Die In” [VIDEO]

Lying about in the middle of the street is the hot new way to protest. The not-so-subtle obstruction of traffic patterns and the inconvenience caused to motorists is intended to draw attention to issues. But some motorists have had their fill of the protests and are staging protests of their own, like this motorcyclist who rode through a recent crowd in San Francisco.

[Scroll Down for Video]

The protest took place in front of the San Francisco Federal Building. They protestors were holding a “die-in” to highlight Trump’s new healthcare bill.

The cyclist rode up to the crowd, and slowly moved into their protest. Then he gunned the engines on his BMW bike. The bike was in neutral, though, so he didn’t actually endanger anyone. He did succeed in scaring them, though. One witness described his actions as terrorism.

The ‘die-in’, organized by Bay Resistance and Senior and Disability Action, was seriously shaken up by the counter protester’s protest.

Police arrested him. It is unclear why, but one witness said they pulled guns on him and ordered him to stop. He turned around, and was coming back, when he was confronted by police.

Even though the video clearly shows the motorcyclist avoiding the pedestrians, a spokeswoman for Bay Resistance, Emily Lee, told CBS that the driver was “definitely targeting us.”

“Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn’t stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way.”

There were no injuries, and it remains unclear what law the driver broke by driving on the road. None of the protesters who were actually blocking traffic were arrested


This Guy Stopped a Group of Gang Bangers From Killing a Couple on the Street

Bystander apathy is a thing. People will stand by and watch others in distress, or–worse, perhaps–walk right by. And it is becasue of cases like this. Once you get involved, as this man did, there are consequences. But those consequences often mean you save a life. And that makes it worth it.

Just look at the expression on this no-a-bystander’s face. Seven years ago, Jonathan Katz-Moses was walking home from a job at a nightclub in Santa Barbara, California. It was late, after 2:00 a.m. He walked up on a group of people harassing a couple. He could have walked away.

Katz-Moses didn’t. He pulled out a flashlight and tried to blind the assailants with light. It didn’t work. They turned on him. The attack could have cost him his life. It might have if a cab hadn’t come by. The cabbie tried to run them off, which alerted a nearby police officer.

Katz-Moses fought with his attackers. He ended up with a broken nose and a fractured eye socket. Yet he was able to tell police about his attackers.

David Campoverde, 18, Jhovanny Reyes-Canales, 18, and a 16-year-old were arrested.

The original newspaper report was thin on the details, so Katz-Moses took to social media to explain his side further.

“I had just got home from a bartending shift and was walking my dog. My neighbors across the street, who were gangbangers liked to harass anyone latino looking that walked by. They were drinking and I happen to walk up when they had a couple surrounded with knives, bats and some other various weapons. I had my bartending flashlight on me and shone it on them hoping they would run thinking I was the cops. this ended up being what saved me because they all threw their weapons as they ran. They quickly realized I wasn’t a cop and came back but the couple had a quick second to get away. I ended up fighting them for quite some time. The police report and my neighbors (girls who thankfully grabbed my sweet golden retriever) said that I lasted for over a minute and was holding my own.”

Then a cab driver tried to help by running some of them over. That separated me from the group and allowed one of them to pick up a 2×4 and crack me in the back of the head. Luckily a police officer drove by about the time they were dragging my unconscious body up the street and kicking me. When I woke up there was so much blood I thought I was dead and this was the afterlife. I looked up and realized from the expression on the 40 or so onlookers that I was not haha. This was the busy downtown area and the bars had just closed so their were a bunch of people who came to look what was going on and about 10 cop cars and an ambulance. I ended up with a broken eye socket, broken nose, two broken hands from fighting for so long, 40-50 stitches/staples in face and head. The victim’s restitution find payed all my bills and the stiffest sentence handed out was 1 year and the guy got out almost a month after because he never posted bail. They only ended up arresting 3 guys. One I had knocked out, one was bleeding and they followed the trail to an unlocked parked car, and my neighbor who lived in the house across the street. The scariest part was the 4 days they waited to arrest my neighbor. Every Time detectives would come over the gangsters would hang out on their porch and stare at us talking on my porch.

“Actually a month prior to this incident I helped him get out of being arrested. His baby mama was screaming he had a gun and I saw the whole thing and he never did. When the cops showed up they threw him in the back of the cop car, no questions asked. I walked over and told them the real story. He thanked me profusely and then a month later beat the shit out of me.”

That’s gratitude for you.

Men Traumatized After Walking Into Strange Scene At Wrong House.


Crime Scene

Two South Carolina men pulled up behind a house they assumed was vacant at the time and let themselves in, but they didn’t come out the same way they went in. They fled the home traumatized and looking different after they entered into the last scene they ever expected to find.

Ira Bennett, 29, and Lamar Anthwan Brown, 31, probably thought they ran their southern town of Summerville. They rolled into a typically quiet neighborhood, picked out a house that seemed like a good place hang out in for a while, and tried to take what wasn’t theirs. That quickly proved to be a bad decision when they discovered that someone else was inside who had other things going on that isn’t typical for his age.

According to the Post and Courier, the two thugs pulled up behind the small home in their silver Chevy sedan. They got out and were making entry from a back door when to their horror, a 13-year-old boy was standing there with his mom’s handgun. The child had been told what to do to defend himself, and without hesitation, he fired multiple shots into the intruders, three of which hit Brown’s body, sending him and his friend running for their lives. But the boy had more in store for them.

The would-be robbers took off, but the unnamed teen was right behind them on foot, firing several more rounds out of his mother’s Colt .45 that she kept in the house for protection. Bennett was the driver of the gangster mobile and b-lined for the nearest hospital where he dumped his friend, before blazing off and trying not to be caught in the crime, WACH reported.

Neighbors who were home at the time of the invasion, called police when they heard gunshots, only to be stunned more that it was a young kid who pulled the trigger. A couple who had been sitting on their porch when the crime took place, seemed to blame the boy for shooting so much in self-defense. But his mom is proud of him for being brave enough to follow through.

“I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to,” the mom told the Courier. “I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today.”

The getaway car littered with bullet holes was easy to track down after witnesses and hospital surveillance caught the description. Bennett was arrested for his part in the crime, but Brown didn’t fare so well. Not long after arrival, he died from the bullet wounds given to him by a courageous little kid.

Perhaps if more people arm themselves to defend their homes and family and aren’t afraid to use it when intruders come knocking, there will be less crime perpetrated on innocent people. It’s a game of Russian roulette to pick the house that isn’t armed, one which many criminals might want to think twice about playing. Bravo to this boy and his mom who taught him to defend himself. He’s braver than most adults three times his age and is alive today because of it.

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Video Captures Migrant Boy ‘Playing’ With White Girl, Horror Ensues When They Zooms In

A Snapchat video of a migrant child “playing” with a young white girl quickly turned sinister as the camera zoomed in. (Photo source: YouTube)


When a man uploaded footage of a very young “migrant child” and a small white girl behind a secluded building, his friends immediately began laughing at the pair. However, as soon as onlookers watched the clip, they noticed the horrifying detail that the viewers found sickeningly amusing.

The left has assured us that if we just open our borders and hearts to Muslim migrants, we will be culturally enriched by their societal contributions. Unfortunately, the only harvest we’re reaping by doing this is rising violence and oppression. While common sense tells us that inviting in millions from an ideology that subjugates women and minorities would produce more of just that, sometimes it takes seeing the rotten fruits of our complacency to awaken us.

In perhaps one of the most disturbing clips we’ve ever witnessed, a Muslim uploaded a short Snapchat video to Twitter, causing an uproar on social media. The video allegedly captures 2 children, both around the age of 7, struggling alone in the grass against a building complex. The boy, whom some are claiming is an African migrant child, is seen forcing himself upon a young white girl in an unknown French district.

The boy presses his body against the girl while his hands move to his waist as if he is trying to undo his pants. When the girl attempts to move out from under the boy, he places his hands at her throat and pushes her back to the ground before moving his hands back to his groin area.

Mad Dog Mattis Abandons Obama’s ISIS Plans, Orders Top Generals To Start ‘Annihilating The Enemy’



General Mattis has just ordered America’s top military Generals to ditch Obama’s strategy for ISIS, tasking our military with actually killing members of the terrorist organization.

In an interview with Breaking Defense, Gen. Joe Dunford noted that Mattis is abandoning the Obama strategy of simply “pushing” ISIS around, ordering his commanders to “annihilate” the enemy.

“Is the United States’ ‘annihilation’ battle plan in Iraq and Syria that you’ve spoken of also designed to contain the foreign fighter threat?” Dunford was asked.

“Yes. When Secretary Mattis looked at our anti-ISIS campaign, he concluded that in some instances we were essentially just pushing the enemy from one location to another,” Dunford responded. “He asked me and the military chain-of-command to make a conscious effort not to allow ISIS fighters to just flee from one location to another, but rather to deliberately seek to ‘annihilate’ the enemy. That was the commander’s intent, and our commanders on the ground have tried to meet that goal of annihilating the enemy in order to mitigate the risk of these terrorists showing up someplace else.”

This is the first acknowledgment from the Mattis chain of command that the strategy for ISIS is changing. Defense Secretary Mattis has credited the changes ordered by President Trump for increasing the pressure on ISIS.

“He directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS,” Mattis said Friday during a Pentagon briefing on the counter-ISIS campaign.

What do you think of the new approach?

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