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This Guy Stopped a Group of Gang Bangers From Killing a Couple on the Street

Bystander apathy is a thing. People will stand by and watch others in distress, or–worse, perhaps–walk right by. And it is becasue of cases like this. Once you get involved, as this man did, there are consequences. But those consequences often mean you save a life. And that makes it worth it. Just look at […]

Men Traumatized After Walking Into Strange Scene At Wrong House.

  Crime Scene Two South Carolina men pulled up behind a house they assumed was vacant at the time and let themselves in, but they didn’t come out the same way they went in. They fled the home traumatized and looking different after they entered into the last scene they ever expected to find. Ira Bennett, […]

Video Captures Migrant Boy ‘Playing’ With White Girl, Horror Ensues When They Zooms In

A Snapchat video of a migrant child “playing” with a young white girl quickly turned sinister as the camera zoomed in. (Photo source: YouTube)   When a man uploaded footage of a very young “migrant child” and a small white girl behind a secluded building, his friends immediately began laughing at the pair. However, as soon […]

Mad Dog Mattis Abandons Obama’s ISIS Plans, Orders Top Generals To Start ‘Annihilating The Enemy’

    General Mattis has just ordered America’s top military Generals to ditch Obama’s strategy for ISIS, tasking our military with actually killing members of the terrorist organization. In an interview with Breaking Defense, Gen. Joe Dunford noted that Mattis is abandoning the Obama strategy of simply “pushing” ISIS around, ordering his commanders to “annihilate” […]

Young Woman Cleans Graffiti On Trump’s Hollywood Star, Triggers Dems With EPIC Remark…

A young, conservative woman from Wyoming happened to be walking down Hollywood Walk of Fame when she noticed something quite sad. President Donald Trump’s star was covered in graffiti, profanity, and insults. So, Makenna Greenwald took it upon herself to kneel down in the middle of the tourist destination and give the star a good scrubbing. […]

Dave & Busters Makes HUGE Move Against Military Vet

A Dave & Busters restaurant in Grandville, Michigan recently demanded that military veterans Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 either remove their vests or leave the restaurant. Conservative Fighters reported that though the vests depicted the American Flag, a bald eagle and the Prisoner of War Flag, the restaurant’s management claimed the patches […]

Man Rapes Infant, Leaves Her With Something To Remember Him By

A Texas judge sentenced a man who sexually assaulted and infected two young girls to life in prison. David R. Wilson, 33, was already a convicted pedophile when he molested his 23-month-old niece and another 14-year-old girl, Inquisitr reports. He had previously spent four years in jail for sexual assault when he took in his young niece […]


A longtime push to honor modern presidents on currency has finally come to fruition. In 2017, Obama’s image will replace George Washington’s. “WE THOUGHT ABOUT CREATING A NEW DENOMINATION FOR OBAMA, BUT GEORGE WASHINGTON HAS HAD PLENTY OF TIME IN THE SUN,” John Apple from the Federal Reserve said. “WE’VE NEEDED TO CHANGE THINGS UP […]

3 elementary tips for a successful manicure

I have never been able to polish my nails well and I am not proud of that. Sometimes I feel like my hands are not listening to me at all. Even though I try to do my best, the results are never what I have expected and my nails do not look as good as […]

When and what color of lipstick to use

For the daytime Colors to try: pink, peach, body tones, fruity tones or wild berries. Colors to avoid: all dark tones. Do not wear heavy makeup during the day. Aside from looking out of place you are running the risk of highlighting your defects and worst features. For the night Colors to try: bright red, […]