Special Operations Hero Drowns ISIS Fighter in a Puddle

Special Forces soldiers are a tough breed. We’ve read countless stories of their bravery in battle and watched films depicting their heroics. This story will further cement their legend as true badasses. It has been reported that when an SAS soldier ran out of ammo, he drowned an ISIS militant in a puddle. No weapon, no problem.

The event took place in Mosul which has been an ISIS stronghold since the US pulled out of Iraq. As reported by a source close to the Daily Star, British troops were returning back to base from an intelligence-gathering mission when they were ambushed by a reported 50 ISIS militants.

“The SAS unit was trapped in a small river bed. They did a quick ammo check and realized they had less than 10 bullets left between them. They knew that if they were captured they would be tortured and decapitated,” the source said.

“Rather than die on their knees, they went for a soldier’s death and charged the ISIS fighters who were moving along the river bed. They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists.”

Using only their wit and brute strength, the Special Forces soldiers, many already suffering from gunshot wounds, used anything and everything they could as a weapon.

The source explained that the soldiers used knives and even the butt of their guns as battering rams to kill the militants.  The battle, which lasted for a reported four hours, ended with 32 of the 50 militants dead, and the others fleeing in fear.

The Daily Mail reported that one SAS soldier killed an ISIS militant by drowning him in a puddle, then grabbing a nearby stone and repeatedly hitting him in the back of the head.

The injured and bleeding Special Forces soldiers then trekked five miles in the smoldering heat before running into Kurdish allied soldiers who took them back to their base. If that wasn’t badass enough, the soldiers who did not sustain gunshot wounds returned back to duty two days later.

Trump’s Actions When Marine’s Hat Blows Off Shows How He Feels About the Military [VIDEO] By Tribunist Staff on July 9, 2017

News of the G20 Summit in Germany this past week focused heavily on the chaos being spread by protestors and rioters. The destruction and civil unrest overshadowed most of the political discussions. There was one moment, though, that Trump supporters are holding up as a sign of the President’s character.

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As Trump approached Marine One on Saturday, the prop wash from the helicopter blew the hat off of a Marine posted beside the helicopter’s stairs.

President Trump didn’t hesitate. He stepped forward and picked up the hat. Recognizing the strict uniform conventions of the Marine, President Trump didn’t simply hand it to the man. Instead, he placed it on his head.

The Marine, standing at attention the whole time, held his composure. Then the wind blew the hat off again. Trump retrieved it, but handed it to his Air-Force escort, instead. He tried to hand it back to the Marine, but he wouldn’t take it.

Trump then saluted. Some on the internet reveled in the fact that the hat-less Marine didn’t salute back. Some thought this might be a political statement. It was not. A Marine out of uniform will not salute. As his uniform was not complete, he did not salute.

In short, the stone-faced composure of the Marine who didn’t salute was a strict adherence to protocol. That was his job, and despite the uniform malfunction, he performed it flawlessly.


Girl Claimed Officers Abused Her During Arrest. Fortunately, Officer Had His Body Cam On [VIDEO]

Police officers these days must handle a dangerous job and deal with the often negative perception of the public. That’s probably why many never doubted a teen who claimed she was assaulted during her arrest on June 22. However, new details have now emerged after footage from one officer’s body cam was released, showing officers handling the incident by the book.

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Burlington, Vermont police approached a car occupied by three young women. One of the women in the vehicle, Logan Huysman, 18, was passed out in the passenger seat of the running vehicle. Officers spoke with Huysman for over 90 minutes while she berated them and acted as if she might make a run for it.

The footage shows the officers found drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle as well as alcohol.

When the two officers tried to handcuff Huysman, she resisted arrest and tried to pull away from the officers.

She then proceeded to yell “abuse” at the top of her lungs and kicked the officer wearing the body cam as she was handcuffed against the vehicle. She was told she was being arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.

According to WCAX, once released from jail, Huysman posted on social media that she had been sexually abused and experienced police brutality while in custody. The police chief caught wind of the young woman’s wild accusations and made the body cam footage of the arresting officer, Brandon del Pozo, available to the public.

The 90-minute altercation was edited down to 18 minutes and showed the public that the officers were handling an argumentative woman who was under the influence. It was also stated in the police report that Huysman stood on trash cans, did cartwheels and was combative in nature.

“I think that is going to be entered into the public record. It’s going to show that our officers not only did not use excessive force but in the events that led up they were incredibly restrained as well,” a department official said regarding the incident.

According to del Pozo, Huysman’s father told officers his daughter had made a stupid mistake. We would agree and suggest the teen learn from her mistake.


Should Illegal Immigrants Receive Social Security?

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We all know that while Barack Obama was president he would have given illegal immigrants any and everything for free if he could have. Not only did he stop the deportation of millions of illegals, he made policies that pandered to them.

The video below is the perfect example of how he was willing to sacrifice the good of American Citizens for people who broke our laws and remain in our country illegally.

The video below is the perfect example of how he was willing to sacrifice the good of American Citizens for people who broke our laws and remain in our country illegally.

Vote below! Let your voice be heard America!


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State Passes Law To Fine Any City That Removes Any Confederate Related Statue

A new front in the culture war is opening in Madison County, Alabama, where the people are trying have a monument to sedition and slavery removed from in front of a local courthouse. They are raising funds for the city to pay a legal fine that the state of Alabama will impose if it is removed.

On the courthouse green in Huntsville Alabama stands a monument erected during the Jim Crow era to commemorate men who died fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War. It is currently protected under state law from being removed by the people of Huntsville. A law signed by Governor Kay Ivey last month establishes a fine to any city that removes “historical monuments or memorials,” more than forty years old.

Now, the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance is raising funds to help the city pay the twenty five thousand dollar fine to the state.

David Odom of the TVPA says “We read the fine print of the law and the law just says the state will fine localities up to $25,000 for removing monuments. And we said, ‘Well, shoot, we ought to be able to put that together. Let’s just see what happens, what do we have to lose?’ We thought crowdfunding might be an option.”

Odom says “With sufficient public pressure, any politician can be persuaded to do the right thing. We view it as our job to generate that public pressure. I think Huntsville is in a unique position to lead Alabama on this issue. Huntsville is kind of a melting pot and likes to think of itself as a progressive city. We’ve got two Historically Black Universities, the federal government presence, all of that makes this symbol of white supremacy even more abhorrent when it’s in the center of downtown Huntsville. We’re optimistic in the long run. We think we can continue to build pressure around this issue and educate folks about what this means. The inscription on the monuments talks about the principles that gave birth to the confederate cause. Well, those principles were slavery and white supremacy. It’s just a plain matter of right and wrong.”

If the TVPA cannot raise enough money to cover any fines levied, they will use the money to erect a public memorial for victims of lynchings in the Madison County area.

he American Civil War began after years of contentious debate in Congress over the issue of slavery. Southern slave states, ostensibly arguing for state’s rights, leveraged their delegations to compel northern free states to abide the practice that had already been banned by several European nations. In April, 1861 after the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency, Confederate forces laid siege to the federal military installation at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. The ensuing war was the most devastating conflict ever fought on US soil. It lasted four years and caused 1.68 million combined combat deaths, as well as one hundred and twenty thousand civilian deaths.

Do you have ancestors who fought in the Civil War? Please share their stories with us here.

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Congress Gives Nasty Surprise Leaves Obama Bare, He’s Losing…

It’s clear that Barack Obama planned on raking in millions on the paid speaking circuit while receiving an annual $400,000 pension, but as it turns out the free ride could be over him. According to reports, Congress is preparing to introduce a bill that would stop a president’s pension if they take outside income of $400,000 or more.

Last year, Obama made the controversial decision to veto this bill. Recently, when he accepted $400,000 to give a speech on Wall Street, the bill’s sponsors announced they would be reintroducing the measure in hopes that President Donald Trump will sign it.

“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,” noted Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “His veto was very self-serving

Chaffetz and Sen. Joni Ernst are now gearing up to introduce the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act. This bill would cap presidential pensions at $200,000 and give them another $200,000 for expenses. Last summer, the bill passed both the House and Senate without issue, but Obama argued that it could have “unintended consequences” and “impose onerous and unreasonable burdens” on former presidents by requiring them to immediately release their staff and find a new place.

But it’s not to spot Obama’s true motives behind rejecting the measure as he jet sets around the world.

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Officer Ambushed by 3 Armed Men. He Pressed the Button to Release His K9. All Hell Broke Loose.

A Hancock County, Mississippi Sheriff’s deputy is alive today because his K9 partner saved his life on the evening of May 25th. A multi-agency task force has been established to hunt down three men who meant to murder Deputy Todd Frazier. [Scroll Down For Video]

Frazier was investigating a lone male sitting in a car parked near a rest stop when two other men engaged him. While he was distracted, the driver of the vehicle got out and the three men ambushed Frazier.

They told him he was going to die and that they were going to slit his throat. The men began dragging Frasier towards the nearby woods to carry out the grisly murder.

Frazier managed to get one hand free. However, he didn’t go for his gun, his Tazer or his pepper spray. Frazier hit the button to automatically open the door that houses his K9 partner, Lucas, a Belgian Malinois.

Lucas jumped into action and immediately charged the three men. He bit at least one, and possible two of the men, and successfully stopped the attack

“The three of them were dragging him toward the wooded area, and he was able to break one hand free to activate the button that opens the door and it released Lucas,” Chief Deputy Don Bass said.

“We don’t know how many he got, we just know he had blood all over him,” Sheriff Ricky Adam said.

The automatic door released was only recently installed on a handful of the sheriff’s office K9 units.

Deputy Frazier suffered a cut to his head, which appears to have been made with a box cutter, along with other injuries.

Officers are wary that this may have been an attempt to make good on numerous reported threats against police officers made by several gangs across the country in recent months.

According to an interview with a local media outlet:

“I had three people on me and I’m not a very big man, and they basically whipped my butt,” Frazier told the kids. “And luckily thank God I had Lucas here, and I had a button on my belt that I wear, and when I hit the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked all three of them and they ran away. That’s why he’s my hero.”

Lucas was in the back of Frazier’s patrol vehicle, and he already knew not only something, but everything was wrong.

“He knew. I could hear him coming. I couldn’t see anything because the blood was all in my eyes, but I could hear him coming, growling and making these sounds… he sounded like a wolf,” said Frazier. “I thought, ‘Now he’s gonna get you.’”


Armed Robber Pulls Gun in Convenience Store. Unfortunately For Him, Everyone in Store Was Armed [VIDEO]

Those who would like to deny Americans their right to carry firearms would do well to watch effective uses of defensive shootings. This is one of those, for sure. A robber busts into a convenience store with a gun. What he hasn’t planned on is a customer with a gun. What he gets, in the ultimate display of irony, is a store full of customers with guns and training.

Watch the video below, and you’ll see what I mean. The robber here has the worst possible luck imaginable. Everyone has guns. The woman behind the counter may be the exception, and odds are she has one too.

They’re milling about, business as usual, when a man in a helmet pops in and brandishes a gun. In most robberies, this is where the unsuspecting store owner would hand over their cash. The thief, usually, bolts. Too often, though, these robberies involve violence.

This angle doesn’t show the man that takes down the robber. I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that these other men all work together. They seem to operate in a coordinated manner. One man steps up, hands on his head. He’s clearly giving visual signs of compliance. When those hands go up, it shows the robber that he’s not a threat.

But watch how he blocks for the others. He runs a bit of interference, and those arms above his head do even more to keep block the view of the man in the helmet. This allows the guys behind him to draw and fire unseen.


In this angle, you can see the active response from a man not seen in the first angle. As one man moves up to block, this man retreats, uses the display rack to shield himself from view. He draws, aims, and fires several times.  The bandit falls, dropping his gun, and that, as they say, is that. Problem solved.

The shooter then runs out the front to see if the robber had an accomplice. In these sorts of robberies, there is usually a man sitting on a motorcycle, right outside the door. Those drivers tend to bolt when the shooting starts.

This is all a completely clear demonstration of the power of concealed carry. But it is more than that, too. It is evidence of training. The men in this video don’t lose their cool. There is no visible panic. In fact, it is just the opposite. They’re able to fake the outward signs of compliance well enough to fool the robber. Then their teamwork kicks into overdrive, and the threat is eliminated.



Woman Distracted by Phone Suffers Serious Injuries After Falling Into Open Cellar [VIDEO]

People distracted by cell phones is nothing new. In fact, many would say it has just become the “norm,” but this case may be a little different as it doesn’t take place in a vehicle. Instead, an elderly New Jersey woman is walking down the sidewalk when she plunged through a sidewalk access door.

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The shocking event was captured on a local business’ security camera shortly after noon on Thursday in front of an Acme Windows. The footage shows the 67-year-old woman looking at her cell while walking down the street on the sidewalk


The woman seemed somewhat aware of her surroundings as she was looking around at stores also. Seconds after she comes into view of the camera, she stumbled over the open sidewalk access door and plummeted six feet.

As the elderly woman fell, two younger women were walking past her at the time and looked naturally concerned when she falls into the access door. A worker for the city was actually down in the access door working.

Surveillance footage shows New Jersey firefighters extricating the woman from six feet below. After being retrieved from the access hatch, the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Witness, Martin Delgadillo, saw the event unfold as he was across the street at a local barbershop. “She was looking at her phone — the last minute — she hit the door and fell right in,” Delgadillo told NBC New York.

According to ABC 7, the woman’s identity has not been revealed, but law enforcement stated she is in serious condition. City officials made a statement on the issue and said the hatch was open because city officials were working on a gas line below.

“I thought texting and driving was a bad thing,” Delgadillo said. “Now it’s texting and walking.” It would be interesting to learn how many pedestrian accidents can now be attributed to cell phones.


Couple Who Beat Mother and Daughter Over Cold Chicken Caught by Police [VIDEO]


The video of a couple mercilessly beating the female owner of a restaurant in Georgia and then punching her fifteen year old daughter in the face took the internet by storm late last month. The brazen attitude of the couple along with the reason for the beating, allegedly cold chicken, struck a nerve with just about anyone who viewed the short surveillance video.

As of this morning, the couple has surrendered to authorities. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that that Nathaniel and Latasha Smith turned themselves in to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. The Smiths face aggravated assault charges stemming from the June 22 attack.

[Scroll Down For Video of Original Incident]

Nathaniel Eric Smith, left, and Latasha Smith brutally attacked a local restaurant owner and her 15-year-old daughter after they were unhappy with their meals. The incident left the pair with black eyes. The mother had a broken nose. The fight was captured on surveillance video and released by police in the hopes they might receive more information about the attackers.

And they did. The identity of the suspects was quickly determined, but they remained at large for more than two weeks.

The two created a commotion at the Qwik Chick takeout stand because they said their chicken was cold and their meals did not include enough fries. The store’s owner, Jeanette Norris, had already apologized and refunded the couple’s money.


According to Jeanette, the couple went “berserk” and began hitting the store’s window. When Jeanette went outside to tell the couple that the police had been notified, Latasha ran at Jeanette and began mercilessly beating her.

Jeanette’s 15-year-old daughter then gets out of the passenger seat of their truck to check on her mother who was just brutally assaulted. As the 15-year-old passes the couple, Nathaniel sucker punches the young girl. The two then take off in their silver-colored 2007 Cadillac Escalade, according to police.

The hit sent the petite-framed girl hurling backwards, and she is seen stumbling and having trouble keeping her balance. Customers who saw the incident began to comfort the young girl and began tending to Jeanette. Shortly before the video ends, the 15-year-old breaks down into tears.

One customer, who couldn’t believe what he’d just witnessed, told a local Georgia news outlet, “Who does that? Who punches a child like she’s a grown man standing there? He needs putting in jail.” The girl suffered a concussion in the attack.

Chief of the Baxley Police Department, James Godfrey, said he has never seen such a senseless crime in his 41 years of service.

Please note, while the below video has a timestamp of 2010, the incident occurred days ago. The owners of the restaurant never properly set the date and time of their surveillance system.