Proud Be Be An American

Officer Ambushed by 3 Armed Men. He Pressed the Button to Release His K9. All Hell Broke Loose.

A Hancock County, Mississippi Sheriff’s deputy is alive today because his K9 partner saved his life on the evening of May 25th. A multi-agency task force has been established to hunt down three men who meant to murder Deputy Todd Frazier. [Scroll Down For Video] Frazier was investigating a lone male sitting in a car […]

Armed Robber Pulls Gun in Convenience Store. Unfortunately For Him, Everyone in Store Was Armed [VIDEO]

Those who would like to deny Americans their right to carry firearms would do well to watch effective uses of defensive shootings. This is one of those, for sure. A robber busts into a convenience store with a gun. What he hasn’t planned on is a customer with a gun. What he gets, in the […]

Woman Distracted by Phone Suffers Serious Injuries After Falling Into Open Cellar [VIDEO]

People distracted by cell phones is nothing new. In fact, many would say it has just become the “norm,” but this case may be a little different as it doesn’t take place in a vehicle. Instead, an elderly New Jersey woman is walking down the sidewalk when she plunged through a sidewalk access door. [Scroll […]

Couple Who Beat Mother and Daughter Over Cold Chicken Caught by Police [VIDEO]

  The video of a couple mercilessly beating the female owner of a restaurant in Georgia and then punching her fifteen year old daughter in the face took the internet by storm late last month. The brazen attitude of the couple along with the reason for the beating, allegedly cold chicken, struck a nerve with […]

Harley-Davidson Dealership Refuses Late Check from Military Spouse, Sends Letter Explaining Why

A letter written by Dennis Packee, the owner of a Harley-Davidson dealership, in response to a late payment from the spouse of a deployed military serviceman went viral after being posted online. Packee refused to accept the check from Jaime Walters for funds owed for the storage of a motorcycle, and the reason why garnered […]

Gun Store Uses Cardboard Gun Sign to Advertise. People Freak Out and Call the Cops

A gun store owner in Oceanside, California, is taking a lot of heat for a cardboard sign used to draw attention to his business. The sign is cut to resemble an AR-15 but is noticeable over-sized. However, some assumed the fake firearm was real, leading to calls to the authorities and a visit to the […]

New Hampshire Lawmakers Accidentally Pass Law Allowing Pregnant Women to Kill People.

Politics is rarely fun. Sometimes, though, the shenanigans of politicians can be amusing. If you need proof, just look to the good Republicans of New Hampshire. They accidentally passed a bill that would allow pregnant women, and their doctors, to kill people. They claim it was an accident, but it still has shaken up state […]

Jogger Fights Off Sex Attacker, Fitbit Tracks it All. You Should See the Other Guy. [PHOTOS]

Kelly Herron, 36, was jogging through Golden Gardens Park in Seattle when her “biggest running nightmare” came true. When she stopped to use a public restroom in the park, a man who was “hiding in a stall” attacked her. Little did he know, Herron has taken self-defense classes. She decided to fight back. Herron was […]

This Wounded Marine Vet is Now on the Cover of ESPN’s “The Body” Issue [VIDEO]

When people think of ESPN Magazine’s “The Body” issue, they usually think of perfectly sculpted bodies of multi-million dollar athletes. This year, the magazine went with another type of perfect body to grace their cover, that of a wounded Marine veteran turned mountain climber and competitive snowboarder named Kirstie Ennis. [Scroll Down For Video] Ennis […]