The incident started when Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Ropos spotted the little girl selling lemonade while he was patrolling in Painesville, Yahoo! reported. Ropos bought a glass of lemonade from Gabrielle and talked to her for a few minutes about her stand and why she was trying to raise money.

An Ohio police officer stopped at a little girl’s lemonade stand while out on patrol, and after talking to her for a moment, he decided to give her a lecture. He ended up leaving, and the next day when he came back, it definitely wasn’t to buy a cup of lemonade.The incident started when Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Ropos spotted the little girl selling lemonade while he was patrolling in Painesville, Yahoo! reported. Ropos bought a glass of lemonade from Gabrielle and talked to her for a few minutes about her stand and why she was trying to raise money.

“I talked to the little girl, gave her a speech about how courageous and admirable I think her efforts were to save up her money,” Ropos said. “I asked her how much she saved up, and she said she only had a few dollars.”The little girl said that she had more, but her mom’s car ran out of gas, so she handed over the money to her so she could fill up the tank. Apparently, that struck a chord with the deputy.“When she told me she gave the money to her mom … that’s when I almost started crying because of how great of a kid she really was,” Ropos said.Ropos had asked Gabrielle what she intended to do with the money she had raised, and she told him that she wanted to buy an iPad. As it turned out, the 22-year-old happened to have an old one at his house, but when he went home and turned it on, it didn’t work any longer.“I went home that night, fired up the iPad, but it just wasn’t updated anymore … nothing really worked on it,” Ropos explained.The next day, he hunted down a store that would split the cost of a new tablet for the little girl. Later in the afternoon, he went back to Gabrielle’s lemonade stand and presented her with the gift.“She just wouldn’t stop hugging me,” Ropos said. “Seeing her face is how I remember Christmas when I was 5 years old. She couldn’t stop smiling. Her smile was worth a million dollars.”

Ropos has only worked at the sheriff’s office for eight months, but he’s left a good impression on his boss.“He’s always liked to do stuff for people, and now it’s part of his job,” said Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap. “He’s a really good guy. He’s done such a good job here.”Dunlap said he didn’t speak with Gabrielle or her mother, but from what he understands, “both the mom and girl were in tears. Tears of appreciation and joy. From what the deputy said, they were surprised and extremely grateful.”I can imagine they were. While we all know there are many good cops out there, it had to be a surprise for this family to have one go out of their way like this, and he really went out of his way. Kudos to Deputy Ropos for leaving a lasting impression on this little girl and doing something genuinely kind.Please share the story and tell us what you think by clicking one of the buttons below. We want to hear YOUR voice!

Cop Buys Lemonade At Girl’s Stand & Returns Next Day, But NOT To Buy More

An Ohio police officer stopped at a little girl’s lemonade stand while out on patrol, and after talking to her for a moment, he decided to give her a lecture. He ended up leaving, and the next day when he came back, it definitely wasn’t to buy a cup of lemonade.The incident started when Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Ropos spotted the little girl selling lemonade while he was patrolling in Painesville, Yahoo! reported. Ropos bought a glass of lemonade from Gabrielle and talked to her for a few minutes about her stand and why she was trying to raise money.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Vows To Give Free Meals For Anyone In Uniform. Do You Support This?

It has long been an unwritten policy of fast food franchises and convenience stores to offer perks to first responders, such as free coffee or lunches. It is good public relations and has the added benefit of fostering a good relationship with law enforcement and other emergency services personnel, should these businesses ever need to avail themselves of services. It certainly is not “quid pro quo,” but it is smart.One Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Ohio has taken that time honored policy, and made it public. They recently put up a sign on their entry doors declaring that cops eat free every day. And the response they have gotten will blow your mind.In light of the current public debate about law enforcement and their communities, a KFC franchise manager in Gallipolis, Ohio has decided to make a very public statement in   in support of area police officers.

The restaurant has placed a hand written sign on their front door that reads:“All uniformed police officers eat free everyday.”The sign has been seen by many as an indirect refutation of the Black Lives Matter organization, as some see any critique of law enforcement as a direct assault on law and order. Police supporters have countered the BLM with their own “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” memes, suggesting that their is somehow an increased level of peril for officers in recent times.This issue has been in the public arena for a few years now. Some reasons for the increased public concern for First Responder safety may include a general focus on gun-related crime, attention being brought to officer-related shootings by the Black Lives Matter movement, and a quantifiable, but slight, spike in violence against law enforcement officers this year.Statistically, however, violence against law enforcement is down from an historic high during the mid-1970’s, when the average number of police officers killed in the line of duty reached around 280 a year. In fact, current numbers are even down significantly from 2010, when more than 175 officers were killed in action, including 61 gun-related fatalities and 6 assaults.And, According to the FBI, there was an almost 20 percent decrease in the number of felonious deaths of police officers between 2014 to 215.The sign has been photographed and shared on Facebook over six thousand times, with another ten thousand “likes.”A number of people on both sides have commented on the restaurant’s policy, saying things like:“That’s wonderful. I feel all restaurants should do this for the men and women who protect us,even the men and women in the armed forces. God bless all who keep us safe.”- Sandra Lambrix“Outstanding! Hurrah for KFC!”- Steve Wicker“The Colonel would be proud. Keep up the good work”- Phillip Sebald“Police are not allowed to accept gratuities. It is and can be viewed as a bribe or a pay-to-play scheme. Look it up yourself.”- Robert“Awesome job you guys somebody’s finally decided to stick up for the police force but I have to say most people do…”- Patsy Burne“I wish veterans could get that respect.”- Debra JohnsonHow do you feel about the sign? Did you know that most fast food restaurants and convenience stores have been doing his for decades? Share your thoughts with us here.

Dad Beat His Child’s Molestor To A Bloody Pulp, Then Things Get Even Worse For Him

Want to see more stories like this? Join the AWM Fans Facebook group today!A father had trusted 18-year-old Raymond Frolander to look after his young boy when he had to run some errands. But when he returned, he found the teenager molesting his son. The boy’s father, Jason Browning, flew into a blind rage and began beating Frolander to a pulp. When the police arrived at the scene, they took a beaten and bloody Frolander into custody and showed no ill will toward the father who was just protecting his son. Now the child molester has been convicted and will spend 25 years behind bars.Because Raymond Frolander was caught with his pants down, he had no hope of winning in court. Instead, he took a plea bargain when he appeared in the Daytona, Florida court. Instead of getting the mandatory life sentence for his crime of sexually assaulting a minor, he got a much lighter sentence of 25 years. He pleaded no contest to the charge of lewd or lascivious molestation of a child – which does not seem enough for many Florida residents.Frolander’s bruised and swollen face circulated the internet after his arrest. The 11-year-old boy’s father, Jason Browning, had held nothing back after catching the child molester in the act. He simply beat the babysitter into a state of unconsciousness.“I just walked in and found a grown man molesting [my child], and I’ve got him in a bloody puddle for you right now,” Jason Browning, the boy’s father, told police when he called in the crime.Although Browning assaulted Frolander into a state of unconsciousness, the Daytona police didn’t even dream of charging him with anything. When they knew that Frolander was molesting the 11-year-old boy, they had no pity for the pedophile.Frolander had used his status as a family friend to get close to Browning’s son. And because he had a thing for little boys, Frolander had been molesting the boy for a long time. Daytona Beach police chief Mike Chitwood confirmed this fact.Reporters inevitably asked if Chitwood had a problem with Browning’s response to catching the molester in the act. Chitwood told CNN: “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”Because Frolander’s jail sentence was reduced to 25 years, he will eventually be released from prison. When he gets out of jail, he will register as a sex offender and were a GPS monitor for some time.“He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live,” Browning told WESH after the verdict.The plea deal was also good for the 11-year-old boy who won’t have to testify in court. His grandmother said, “He just needs to learn to trust again.”On the night Frolander was caught, the boy was playing video games with Frolander and friends. But when the others left, Frolander took the boy into the back room.Frolander ripped the boy’s pants off and started molesting him – until the child’s father discovered them.What do you think about this child molester’s jail sentence?Please SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS in the comments below now!

Chelsea Handler calls for a military coup to overthrow Trump


But some supported Handler. One fan wrote, “agree. But what we have in the WH is also misguided and dangerous. At this point who do we trust? (rhetorical question)”Handler also posted a picture on Instagram on Thursday wearing a T-shirt that read, “Sorry about our president” in all different languages.The photo was accompanied with the caption, “The shirt I wear now when I travel. Thanks to whomever sent it to me.”

Rep. Keith Ellison says Kim Jong Un ‘acting more responsible’ than Trump

Rep. Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, on Friday sought to immediately retract claims that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is acting more responsibly than President Trump.”North Korea is a serious thing,” Ellison, D-Minn., told attendees at the NetrootsNation conference during a question-and-answer session. “You have this guy making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there. Kim Jong Un, the world always thought he was not a responsible leader; well, he’s acting more responsible than this guy is.”Ellison immediately retracted those remarks in an interview with a Washington Post reporter after leaving the panel.”That was one of those I wish I’d not said,” Ellison told the Post. “It’s tailor-made for somebody to misuse. I’d say, he’s being incredibly irresponsible, and he’s putting us in a situation where you could have an accidental launch.Ellison warned Trump’s rhetoric could spur Kim to take action first and called for someone to bring “calm to the situation, not spiking it.”

Judge throws out Alabama teacher-student sex law, clears teacher accused of teen boy sex romps

An Alabama high school teacher accused of having sex with two male students has had her criminal case tossed by a judge who ruled the state’s teacher-student sex law unconstitutional.Decatur High School history teacher Carrie Witt, 44, was charged with having sex with a male student who was 17 when the relationship started, and another male student who was 18.She convinced Circuit Court Judge Glen Thompson that in Alabama the age of consent is 16 and that police never had accused her of having used her position to coerce the students into having a sexual relationship.“Had it have been some sort of coercion it would be a different story,” her attorney Robert Tuten told Fox News Friday. “The state has never said it was other than consensual. If that is the case they cannot charge (her) with a crime“Had it have been some sort of coercion it would be a different story,” her attorney Robert Tuten told Fox News Friday. “The state has never said it was other than consensual. If that is the case they cannot charge (her) with a crime.”He added: “It doesn’t mean we think teachers should be having sex with students, but this is not the way to handle that.” Tuten said Witt was “glad” the judge had ruled in her favor.Alabama lawmakers made teacher-student sex under the age of 19 a crime in 2010.Decatur police arrested Witt in 2016 after investigating a complaint that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with a student younger than 19. She was placed on administrative leave after her arrest and has been free on $10,000 bail.Thompson found that while there may be a gap in power between teacher and student, it “clearly does not exist between every school employee and every student regardless of where that student is enrolled,” WHNT-TV reported.He held that prosecutors must prove a school employee “was actually in a position of authority over the victim/student and that the position of authority was abused to obtain consent,” according to the station.“The statute at hand embeds an irrebuttable presumption that any sexual encounter between an employee of any school and any student (without qualification as to class, school, or school system) is conclusively the result of misuse of authority,” wrote the judge, the station reported.“The law takes away the right of the employee to assert a defense that legal consent that was freely and legitimately given — abrogating the student’s capacity tconsent.”Thompson’s ruling also dismissed a case against David Solomon, a Falkville High School teacher’s aide charged last year with having sex with a 17-year-old female student.



4-Year-Old’s Headstone Removed Because A Single Person Complained (Photos)

A mother is outraged after council chiefs removed her deceased son’s star-shaped headstone following a complaint from another family who claimed it wasn’t “in keeping” with the rest of the cemetery.Max Corbett-Gardener was just 4 years old when he passed away after complications from his severe epilepsy. His mother, Jo Corbett-Weeks, 42, saved up $4,580 to design a specially-made headstone featuring a teddy bear holding a star inscribed with a tribute to her son, the Daily Mail reports.The heartfelt memorial was erected on Max’s grave to commemorate what would have been the boy’s seventh birthday. But three days later, the headstone was removed from Great Malvern Cemetery by council chiefs in Worcestershire.“It would have been Max’s seventh birthday on the Sunday, and this was like a birthday present to him from me,” Corbett-Weeks, who has two other children ages 16 and 5, told BBC. “I chose a star-shaped stone because I wanted something suitable for Max – something personal.  “This stone is just so perfect for my poor little chap,” she added.A family had complained to the Malvern Town Council that the headstone was not “in keeping” with the rest of the cemetery. Corbett-Weeks says the stone was then removed without her knowledge or consent and she is demanding that it be reinstated.“I was totally unaware this was going on. The council did not contact me and it was the stonemason who told me he’d been ordered to remove it,” Corbett-Weeks explained. “I feel upset, distressed and angry. We have been through so much as a family. I could understand if the grave was uncared for or unsightly, but it isn’t.“The headstone meant a lot to me and the family but now we are fighting to have it put back,” she said. “It’s a horrible situation. We just want to have somewhere to grieve.”The memorial was placed in the adult area of the cemetery, where Corbett-Weeks had her son buried so that he could be close to other family members. The council said that if the application for the stone had been received within the usual time frame, they would not have given the stonemason permission to install it in the first place. They added that had the star-shaped headstone been installed at the children’s area of the cemetery, it would have been allowed.“We have a conformity of shapes in our lawn cemetery. We were contacted by people who objected to the shape,” a Malvern Town Council spokesman explained to BBC. “The longer it stayed up, the harder the process would have been.“It was a very difficult decision to remove it but one we had to make straight away,” the spokesman said.The council added that the complaint was not so much about the shape of the headstone as it was about following protocol.’It wasn’t necessarily an objection to the shape but why we appeared to be applying one rule to one family and other rules to another,” the spokesman continued. “The stonemason in this situation did not have permission to put the stone up – and the stone is not in keeping with the graves in that area.“By not following the correct process he has caused considerable distress to both families,” the spokesman concluded.The council is arranging a meeting with Corbett-Weeks to discuss a new design for her son’s headstone.

Should Trump Ban Muslim Veils In America?

Trump has already pledged to keep Americans safe by banning travel from countries with radical Islamic terror.Now another major country, Norway, is banning Muslim veils in schools, as they make it hard to educate young women (read more below).Do you think Trump should put an end to this practice? Should America allow Muslims to wear hijabs and niqabs?Vote in our national poll below, learn more about what Norway is doing to stop it in their country, and let us know your opinion in the comments!Trump has already pledged to keep Americans safe by banning travel from countries with radical Islamic terror.The Norwegian government on Monday proposed a bill to ban the full-face Muslim veil in all schools, from nurseries to universities, saying it hinders communication between students and teachers.Norway’s ruling coalition of conservative and anti-immigration rightwing parties had promised the ban last year, targeting the full-face veil called the niqab as well as burqas, balaclavas and masks.“We do not want clothes covering the face in nurseries, schools and universities,” Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement.“These clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education,” he added.For many, the full covering of a woman says a lot about what a religion thinks of their women.  Are they protecting women, or are they mistreating and degrading women by covering up their faces? Let us know what you think below!

Judge Throws Out Case, Says “In God We Trust” Will Stay On Currency. Do You Support This?

A judge recently struck down a case regarding the religious wording on U.S. currency. The plaintiff argued that the phrase “In God We Trust,” that is seen on American dollars, is a breach of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and places a burden on a person’s right to exercise religious freedom.The Ohio judge, Benita Pearson disagreed with the plaintiff, issuing that they had no proof of the claimed burden, and stated the following:“Plaintiffs cannot demonstrate that the use of the motto on currency substantially burdens their religious exercise,” she wrote in her ruling. “Credit cards and checks allow Plaintiffs to conduct the bulk of their purchases with currency not inscribed with the motto. And for cash-only transactions, such as a garage sale or a coin-operated laundromat, the use of the motto on currency does not substantially burden Plaintiffs’ free exercise.”The attorney who has been the main plaintiff and standing behind the case is California attorney Michael Newdow, who has been on a mission to rid the words “Under God,” from the Pledge of Allegiance. And now he is set on removing “In God We Trust,” from American currency. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court’s Northern District of Ohio in 2015. Newdow is claiming that the phrase is in violation of the First and Fifth Amendments, along with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.“Plaintiffs either specifically do not trust in any ‘G-d’ (with NOT trusting G-d being a basic tenet of their belief systems) or hold G-d’s name so dear and exalted that to inscribe it on a monetary instrument is deemed sinful,” said Newdow in his court documentation.Judge Pearson, on the other hand, felt differently about the plaintiff’s case and raised the following argument:“Plaintiffs argue that cash transactions force them to bear a message that they [feel] violate their religious beliefs,” she wrote. “But as the Supreme Court stated in Wooley v. Maynard, ‘The bearer of currency is thus not required to publicly advertise the national motto.’ Furthermore, Plaintiffs’ other concerns, that they may be subject to peer pressure or ridicule, or that their children may question their beliefs, are unlike the choice between a ‘basic benefit and a core belief’ described in the Supreme Court’s case law.”And while the separation of church and state has been one of the nation’s founding principles, some commenter’s offered their own arguments on the topic…“Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion. It doesn’t matter if it violates free will or not. The words “In God We Trust” respects an establishment of religion. On that grounds it should be stricken from government currency.”“The phrase “seperation of church and state” is a simplistic and misleading representation of the intent of the founding fathers. Their goal was to foster, nourish, and encourage religious belief in God (as oppposed to belief in no god) because they correctly believed that people who think they will someday return and report to their creator are much more likely to be peaceful, loving, thoughtful, forgiving, courteous, etc than people who do not hold such a belief. History is proving the correctness of their perception. All the stats say we are becoming less and less believers in God and they also clearly show our slow decent into rudeness, selfishness, greed and violence. Some will say there is no connection, they need to think that through very carefully.”