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ICE arrests 114 in New York operation targeting fugitives, illegal immigrants

An Ecuadorian citizen who was illegally in the United States and had been convicted of rape was among 114 people arrested during an 11-day operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in New York, the agency said Tuesday.ICE said the sweep, which ended Saturday, targeted fugitives and and people who have violated U.S. immigration laws, […]

62% Of Americans Say Trump Needs To Eliminate Welfare For Illegals – Do You Agree?

Tell your friends about This – SHARE NOW  For months now, the Lefts have been criticizing President Trump’s immigration policies.Fortunately however, not all Americans have been brainwashed by the liberal ideology.And while many claim to be against President Trump’s policy, a new poll claims otherwise.That’s right. According to our source Conservative Report, the new Rasmussen poll shows that […]

Black Woman Confronts White Guy, Leaves Him Something He’ll Never Forget

Natasha Robinson was leaving school one evening, when she walked past a white guy minding his own business in the parking lot outside her college campus. When she saw what he was doing, she immediately inserted herself into the situation.Natasha, who was by herself as she was walking through the parking lot to her car, […]

Should Your Tax Dollars Pay For Sex Change Surgery?

Last fall Americans were stunned to find out that they were going to be paying for Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning, to have gender reassignment surgery. If you’re not familiar with Bradley Manning he was convicted of giving Wikileaks three quarters of a million classified/sensitive military documents. He was imprisoned, but his sentence was commuted by former […]

Strange House Might Not Look Like Much From The Outside, But Wait Until You See A Tour Of The Inside

As popular as JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” is, and as popular as tiny houses are becoming, it was really only a matter of time before someone actually went and constructed a real life hobbit house. Well, we just found such an abode in Slovenia, and we thought you might like to take a […]

Armed Thug In Home Invasion Gets Shot… By Every Single Member Of The Family!

Perhaps English novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard’s memorable quote says it best; “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”And indeed this clan, this network, this tribe, this “FAMILY” came together as one to defend themselves against a home invasion, […]

Charlottesville: Virginia governor tells white supremacists: ‘Go home’

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has said that his only message for the white supremacists who brought chaos to the city of Charlottesville is “Go home”.A woman died and 19 people were injured when a car rammed a crowd of people opposing a far-right rally there.The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into […]

Toronto shoplifter gets job after policeman bought him interview shirt

Last Monday, a shoplifter in Toronto was caught stealing an outfit for a job interview. But when Constable Niran Jeyanesan arrived to arrest him, he was moved by the 18-year-old’s story and decided to buy him the clothes instead.Now the officer has revealed that the young man got the job, and will begin work next […]

Fox News ex-employee dies after learning of son’s death

Okera Ras, a former Fox News web video producer, was found dead in his Bronx, N.Y., home Wednesday, just hours after learning that his son succumbed to injuries from a gunshot wound from two days earlier.Ras’ cause of death was not officially announced. Vernon Pouncey, Ras’ cousin, told that the New York City medical examiner told […]

Rapist Caught In The Act By Victim’s Boyfriend, Instant Justice Commences

A man discovered to have done the unimaginable surly won’t be doing it again, after receiving a strong dose of instant justice. After walking in on a man on top of his girlfriend, one man decided to take matters into his own hands and teach the man a lesson he’d likely never forget.The incident took place in […]