Incestuous Child Molester Gets Brutal Introduction To Prison Life

A man who was charged with raping and killing his 4-year-old stepdaughter was reportedly beaten to death by inmates at the prison in the border city of Reynosa in the northern part of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Sergio Oros Sanchez reportedly attacked his stepdaughter on April 26 after his wife left for work. When he realized the brutal attack had left the child unresponsive, he rushed her to a private physician who then referred Sanchez to a hospital, Breitbart reports.At the hospital Sanchez said his stepdaughter received the injuries during a fall, but medical personnel called authorities as the injuries pointed to physical abuse. He was arrested on April 26 — the girl was pronounced dead that day. While in custody, Sanchez reportedly told authorities that he had abused the girl in March as well.Police in the state of Tamaulipas confirmed on May 2 that Sanchez had died from injuries he sustained during a fight at the prison. Officials told Breitbart that he was the target of an inmate “welcoming party,” in which prison justice is served to those charged with abusing or murdering childrenInside the prison, significant power is wielded by inmates who are members of the Gulf Cartel, according to JammedUp News. The Reynosa prison was the site of a bloodbath in 2008 when members of the Gulf Cartel turned on former associates, Los Zetas, who had recently begun to operate independently.The official death toll of the prison riot was listed as 21, but eyewitness accounts give a much higher figure. Many of the bodies were reportedly incinerated.“There are charred bodies among the dead,” a spokesman for the local state attorney general’s office said at the time, according to BBC. Sources: BreitbartJammedUp NewsBBC / Photo Credit: El Manana

Dad walks son to first day of kindergarten, first day of college

 – People are emotional over then and now pictures of a father walking his son to grade school and college.A family’s yearly tradition of walking their son to school has gone viral.Tweeted by Charles Brockman III, he posted two pictures that touched social media’s heart. One of his dad walking him to school on the first day of kindergarten and the other on his first day of college.

Charles Brockman III told FOX 5, all the way through senior year, his parents have been walking him to school. And it means the world to him!And without a fail, on his first day of college, his father, Charles Brockman Jr., walked him down the dorm halls of Mississippi State University. Here, he’ll be majoring in Broadcast and Communications.As they walked down the hall together, Charles said his father was giving him life advice.“He’s been giving me advice all my life leading up to this.. he tells me to be smart, represent the family well, go to class, and work hard. I plan on following all of that and more to make my family proud,” Charles told FOX 5.While he was not expecting his tweet to go viral, he’s thrilled that it uplifted and inspired thousands of people.We wish Charles all the very best as he starts his first year in college!

Iowa State Fair cow and boy taking nap wins the internet after photo goes viral

This here is a little story about a boy and his cow.They may not have won a ribbon at the Iowa State Fair, but Mitchell Miner and his heifer Audri won the internet after a photo of them taking a nap together went viral.“She likes to lay down quite a bit,” Miner told the Des Moines Register on Monday. “I don’t really understand the bond with my animal either. She just enjoys my company.”

DELICIOUS DEEP-FRIED TREATS FROM THIS YEAR’S STATE FAIRSMiner, 15, of Williamsburg, Iowa and Audri entered the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show. They prepared for weeks with Miner leading, clipping, walking and bathing Audri nonstop up to the competition. On the day of the show, Miner woke up at 3 a.m. — his third straight early-morning rise — putting the final touches on Audri.The heifer ended up placing fifth out of seven contestants, but after hard-fought competition, the two took a nap together. Miner’s father, Jeremey snapped a few photos of the two and posted them on Facebook the next day.By early afternoon, the photo racked up over 15,000 interactions and nearly 800 shares.“I was asleep. I think she was, too,” Mitchell said to the Register.Miner’s mother, Laura, told the newspaper that she believes people are usually won over when they see a bond between a kid and their animal.“I think it’s just when you spend that much time with them, they get really comfortable with you,” she said.Laura Miner added that the family borrows most of these animals for the summer. Audri will be heading back to a dairy farm in Blairstown later this fall — after the family’s final showing in September.Click here for more from the Des Moines Register


Muslim Won’t Rise For Judge Because Of Sharia Law, Court Has 4 Words

Time and again we discover how Islam is incompatible with the West.There are many Muslims who’ve assimilated. But the vast majority in the world are conservative Muslims,who hold to a strict version of their religion. It is a religion that teaches non-Muslims are “infidels” and do not deserve respect or even kindness.It is that kind of intolerant hate that has led many Muslims to fight “jihad” against the West. These terrorists seek only to kill as many Westerns as possible. Their hope is to destroy our democratic nations, overthrow our laws and values, and install Sharia law over our countries.That hasn’t worked out for them. The United States is aggressively taking out ISIS bases around the Middle East. Plus law enforcement and counter-terrorist groups around the world are cracking down on jihadists that plan to kill at home.Such was the case for Hamdi Alqudsi, an ISIS agent who was recruiting in Australia. Yet even though he was convicted, one of his two wives continued to fight. Trying to use the system against itself, she had the audacity to sue the Australia government for doing its job.

Yet her own arrogance and intolerance turned out to be her downfall.Moutia Elzahed filed a massive lawsuit against the police officers, demanding compensation for alleged “assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and intimidation” of her and her family.When Judge Audrey Balla agreed to hear her case, Elzahed first repaid her generosity by refusing to remove her face covering, saying that it was against her religion to allow inferior infidels to gaze upon her face.Because Elzahed refused to comply with the court’s order, Judge Balla refused to hear her evidence. The drama, however, didn’t end there.When Judge Balla exited the courtroom, Elzahed refused to rise in honor of the judge’s authority, proclaiming that she “won’t stand for anyone except Allah…”The Daily Telegraph reports that since Elzahed has refused a third time to remove her veil and stand when Judge Balla enters and exits the courtroom, the stubborn Muslim woman has been inundated with “9 charges of disrespectful behavior in court.” Each count carries a maximum penalty of 14 days in prison and a $1,100 fine, leaving Elzahed to face a total of 126 days in prison and $9,900 in fines if convicted of all her offenses.

Don’t matter what your religion is, baby, you respect a judge in a court of law. The fact that so many conservative Muslims refuse to respect the very countries in which they live proves how much they don’t belong.This woman — the wife of a convicted terrorist — had the audacity to sue the police. Yet she proved again and again she didn’t even respect the country whose laws she was using for her own advantage.The basic idea of respecting non-Muslim officials and leaders is incompatible with Islam’s teachings. Many Muslims refuse to respect police, judges, elected officials — yet they continue to come to our countries, demanding benefits and liberty. Because of Elzahed’s shocking display of disrespect, the judge threw out her case. But she now faces over 4 months in prison along with court fines and penalties.What good is a religion if it teaches people to behave in such a way? Shouldn’t all people — regardless of faith — be able to show respect to others? If these Muslims cannot do that, what are they doing in our countries?

Fed-Up Texas Grandma Finds Saggy-Pants Thugs In Her Home, Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

A fed-up Texas woman was shocked to find two armed saggy pants wearing thugs in her home after they entered through the garage in broad daylight. Now, her story has gone viral after she confronted the two criminals alone and delivered a brutal dose of instant justice they never saw coming.According to Fox News, the horrific home invasion took place on Monday, July 31, 2017, at approximately 11 a.m. in Katy, Texas. Harris County Sheriffs said that the 60-year-old woman was at home alone when she heard someone breaking into her home through the garage. When she went to investigate, she found the two armed men had entered her home. This is when things took a turn for the worse for the thugs.

Unfortunately for the thugs, this grandmother had armed herself and was ready to take out the trash. As the two men confronted her with their own pistols, the woman opened fire on them, instantly sending them running from her home. “Both were armed with pistols. She confronted both suspects, retrieved a handgun, and fired several times at both subjects,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland said, according to local news source ABC13.One of the men only made it to the yard before collapsing to the ground after the fed-up Texas grandma had just put enough lead in him to fill a box of number-two pencils. According to the Harris County Sherrif’s Department, he died on the spot. Deputies reportedly found a gun near his body. The dead man’s accomplice reportedly jumped over a fence and escaped. Investigators are unsure if he was wounded when the homeowner opened fire on him, and he remains at large.One of the would-be victim’s neighbors, Catherine Hanks, put the shocking incident into perspective when she was interviewed by the local news. “It’s just, you know what, in the state of Texas, if you’re gonna get on somebody’s property, you’re gonna get shot.” Hanks added, “That’s just the way we are, that’s Texas.”Police have not yet released the identity of the dead thug or his escaped accomplice due to the ongoing manhunt and investigation. The identity of the would-be victim has not yet been released either. The description police have provided of the assailant still on the run is a man in his 20’s who was wearing dark clothing with red underwear peeking out of his pants. I think it’s fair to say he was sporting the thug-favorite look we have all become so familiar with — saggy pants.Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A Texas woman took a stand against lawless degenerates who entered her home with very bad intentions. The truth of the matter is that even though the odds were not in her favor, the would-be victim possessed the most effective force-multiplier known to man – a firearm – and she wasn’t afraid to use it. In the days to come, this American patriot is going to need prayers and support as the mainstream media tries to make her look like a criminal and questions her integrity for gunning down a thug who invaded her home. Contrary to what the anti-gun liberal media would have you believe, it is truly people like her who represent the very best of us.

State Pushes To Pass Law That Says Schools Have To Teach In English Only. Do You Agree?

When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas in 1987, he enacted the revolutionary tough-on-immigration ‘English Only’ law that obliged all school districts in the state to teach only in the English language. This legislation was part of a larger movement in the 1980s that saw other states like Mississippi, North Dakota, and North and South Carolina enact similar English-only laws.But since Bill Clinton left his place of government in Arkansas, the leadership has struggled to put his English-Only law into effect. Because some school districts have incoming students who do not speak English as their primary language, they are unable to educate the children and these students fall behind their peers…Several Arkansas school districts are failing to follow through with the tough-on-immigration legislation that was enacted back in 1987.“This one just got here in March,” Carlnis Jerry, a community liaison with the Springdale school district, said of a new student at the Parson Hills Elementary School, reports PRI. Jerry is an immigrant himself. He came from the Marshall Islands where his native language is Marshallese but he didn’t let that stop him from learning English and adapting to life in America.Jerry is one of 10 full-time community liaisons who help students adjust to American schools. He specializes in kids who speak Marshallese adapt to American culture and life. He also helps the interpret English.“These kids are migrants, I mean, fresh off the boat, and they have no clue what’s going on,” Paul Lokebol, a community liaison at Helen Tyson Middle School, also in the Springdale school district, said. “From [the] time I walked in until now, I’ve seen a tremendous change in the lives of the students. I’m not talking about academic-wise, but also behavior-wise.”“I know what it’s like, I’ve been there,” Anita Tomeing, a fellow community liaison and Marshall Islands immigrant said. “I’d write notes to my parents and tears would smear the ink.”“Students need to see themselves in the school in order to excel academically,” Rachel Hazelhurst, a language specialist at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles, California, said. California also requires schools to teach only in English, yet charter schools are exempt, notes The Atlantic. “If there’s a disconnect between students’ home identities … and what’s promoted by the school, students are more likely to disconnect, disinvest, and experience educational failure. …[When] children lose their home language skills, we as educators have a serious problem … fractured communities are created when families can no longer [talk] on a deep level about issues that matter.”“Cultural knowledge and pride are important in all children’s cognitive and social development,” Teresa McCarty, an education and anthropology professor at UCLA, said. She added that self-esteem and self-efficacy are “key factors long known to support academic engagement and success in school and life.”“We want these young kids to be successful in school but, of course, we also want them to stay rooted — know their language, culture and heritage,” Benetick Maddison, founder of the Marshallese college group Manit Club, said, reports PRI. “Staying rooted will be of huge benefit for them later in the future. But in order for anyone to know their culture and heritage, they must know the language first.”Should more states have an “English-Only” law?Please SHARE YOUR OPINION in the comments below!

Do You Support New Law That Imposes Harsh Sentences On Illegals Who Get Caught In America?

After a woman named Kate Steinel was killed by a man who entered the country illegally, House Republicans knew they needed to change the law. Under former President Obama, who was very lenient on illegal immigrants, it was easy for deported people to sneak back across the border. But with this new bill, the government will crack down on deported illegal immigrant criminals who try to re-enter the United States. If this law passes, fewer people will become victims like Kate did.Kate’s Law will impose harsh sentences on deported illegals who try to come back into the United States. Because they were kicked out for their crimes, America

During the Presidential campaign, President Donald Trump spoke about his desire to be tougher on illegal immigrants. And finally, the House of Representatives took action to put Trump’s vision into reality.They have pushed two bills that will help America play hardball against illegal immigrants.The first bill also known as Kate’s Law will enforce harsher prison sentences on deported illegal immigrants who re-enter the United States.You may remember when 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was shot and killed in San Francisco back in 2015. Gunman Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was in America illegally and managed to get his hands on a gun.Lopez-Sanchez denied his involvement in the killing. He pleaded not guilty. Months before he allegedly murdered Steinle, he was released by the San Francisco sheriff’s office despite ICE’s command to keep him behind bars.The second Republican bill would prevent states and localities from denying ICE. If states or cities fail to cooperate with immigration officials, they will no longer receive certain Justice Department and Homeland Security Grants – many of which help pay for law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts.This second law directly fights back against certain liberal locations that proclaim to be “Sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants.Trump rallied against illegal immigration during his campaign. Now he stands behind his campaign promises and supports these two House bills. Now he begs the Senate to pass them to and “save American lives.”This week, President Trump met with more than a dozen families of victims who were killed by people in the country illegally. There is a real threat here.“Opposing these bills, and allowing dangerous criminals back into our communities, our schools and the neighborhoods where our children play, puts all of us at risk,” Trump said.On Thursday, Trump tweeted about the House bills saying they’re “good news” and that he is proud of the House for passing them. He added, “Hopefully Senate will follow.”Now that the bills passed the House, they go to the Senate for a vote.Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said the bills will help “avoid the kind of tragic circumstances that have totally involved the lives of the people who were at the White House… speaking up for their loved ones.”The second law attacks the liberal sanctuary mentality and follows “a simple principle that if you’re going to receive taxpayer dollars from the federal government to keep people safe, that you’ve got to follow the law and keep them safe,” Goodlatte added.Do you agree America needs to be tougher on illegal immigrants?

Mother Who Violently Killed Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

A mother who brutally killed her daughter has been attacked in prison.Kathryn Smith, 23, was found guilty in April of murdering her daughter Ayeeshia by punching her in the chest, Mirror reported. “Stop mummy, stop daddy,” neighbors heard the 21-month-old child say days before she died in the hospital in May 2014 after sustaining a tear to her heart from trauma caused by a blow to her chest.Ayeeshia was hit with so much force that she bit through her own tongue.Smith, who is serving a minimum 24-year sentence in Foston Hall women’s prison, was attacked by two inmates in a stairwell without video survelliance while ten other inmates watched, according to Mirror.She reportedly howled in pain as she was punched and stabbed with a homemade knife during the four-minute attack that left her with nearly an inch cut across her cheek.“There had been a lot of talk about attacking Smith, but most people wouldn’t go through with it as they don’t want time added on to their sentences,” a source who witnessed the attack said. “But these two really went for it and left her in a bad way.” “No one had any sympathy for Smith. Some staff were saying, ‘What goes around comes around.’”A prison official denied that a weapon was used against Smith in the assault and claims disciplinary action has been taken against her attackers.Sources: Mirror (2) / Photo credit: Staffordshire Police/PA via Mirror

Mike Ditka Discovers Easy Way To Make Every NFL Player Respect National Anthem

Iron Mike Ditka suffers no fools. He is the former hard nosed coach of the Chicago Bears,  a two-time Super Bowl champion, and two-time NFL Coach of the Year.He ran a tight ship and famously came back to work in a few weeks after a heart attack.And this was years ago, without recent medical advancements.He was being interviewed about the NFL and the topic, of course, came around to the scandalous behavior of the still unemployed Colin Kaepernick and the total malcontent Marshawn Lynch who have both gone out of their way to disgrace America.Ditka has the right solution and every single coach in the NFL should listen and do exactly what he says.If so we would stop this problem dead in its tracks.Listen up guys because literally your careers hang in the balance.“Well, here’s the thing. When we live in a society that pays attention to athletes, say, as greatly as they do to Kaepernick, then we’re foolish. I mean, athletes’ opinions are no different than anybody else’s, they’re no more significant than anybody else’s. They’re no more important than anybody else’s.“Kaepernick would be an unknown, a complete unknown – nobody would know who he was – without the game of football, without the sport he’s playing. And not to respect that, you’ve got be a pretty unintelligent person, I would think.“Because I don’t care what your preferences are, you can have anything you want to. But what he has was given to him by the game of football. I think it’s important to me that some of these young people playing the game start giving something back to the game. And respect the game the way it should be respected instead of acting like a bunch of fools out there.”

Radio Host:  “No doubt about it. Hypothetically, Coach Ditka’s on the sidelines and one of his players takes a knee during the National Anthem, what happens to the player in that case?”Ditka: “He doesn’t play for me ever again.”

Missouri Police Officer Killed During Traffic Stop

A law enforcement officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Clinton, Missouri. A manhunt is underway to apprehend the suspect, who authorities warn is armed and dangerous.On Aug. 6, 37-year-old Gary Michael of the Clinton Police Department pulled over a 2008 Dodge Nitro in the late evening for a registration violation. The driver exited the vehicle and began shooting at Michael, who was able to return fire. The gunman returned to his vehicle and attempted to drive away before crashing nearby. The suspect then exited his car again and fled on foot.Michael was rushed to a local hospital and subsequently succumbed to his gunshot wounds. The slain officer had served with the Clinton Police Department for less than a year and is survived by his wife and several step sons. He was the first officer in the department’s history to be killed in the line of duty.“In a small community, the police department is very tight-knit, so it’s obviously devastating for the family and also for the police department,” Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Bill Lowe told the Associated Press.“(Michael) was heroic right to the end,” Lowe added. “He was protecting his community.”

On Aug. 7, the Clinton Police Department identified the suspect as 39-year-old Ian McCarthy, a white male with blue eyes and thinning hair. McCarthy was initially a person of interest in the murder but was deemed the prime suspect by morning. Local authorities have been scouring the area but have not yet apprehended the alleged gunman.“We searched the house we believed the person we were looking for might have been in,” Lowe told Fox News. “He was not in that house.”There was no dash cam recording of the altercation between Michael and allegedly Lowe. Local law enforcement has set up checkpoints across and around Clinton. Police do not know if the suspect sustained any injuries during his exchange of gunfire with Michael.Police have advised Clinton residents to call 911 or their local law enforcement if they encounter McCarthy but have urged them not to engage with him. The suspect is considered still armed an dangerous.“He has already made one killing and decided that’s in his mindset,” Lowe told The Kansas City Star. “You want to make sure you keep your distance but contact us… He needs to be apprehended before he harms anyone else.”The U.S. Secret Service took to social media to offer condolences for the fallen officer.“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of fallen Clinton, Missouri Police Officer Gary Michael,” the Secret Service tweeted out.The Henry County prosecuting attorney has charged McCarthy with first-degree murder and armed criminal action, pending his capture.Sources: Associated Press via KY3Associated Press via NBC NewsFox NewsThe Kansas City Star / Featured Image: KOMUnews/Flickr / Embedded Images: Missouri State Highway Patrol/FacebookMissouri Highway Patrol/The Kansas City Star