Reba McEntire Just Took On Every Trump-Hating Liberal…And WON

We live very privileged lives here in America, but we can’t ignore that there are still some pretty terrible things happening. Society is disintegrating at a disturbing rate, and we just can’t put it back together as fast as it’s falling apart.While many of the rich and famous are doing all they can to add speed to the rate at which America is going to hell in a hand basket, one fiery redhead from Texas is reaching out through her music in hopes people will try to fix our country the old fashioned way.Via Daily Info 24:Reba McEntire is one of the best country singers known to the music industry. She just released a new song which sends a message to liberals everywhere.“Cause we’re still worth saving, we can’t go on like this and live like this, we can’t love like this, we gotta give this world back to God,” Reba sang in her new song called “Back to God.”This is an incredibly powerful message that needs to be heard everywhere, now more than ever. We have so much hate in the country because of the last election.Americans are burning flags, dishonoring our military and police officers, rioting in the streets, and wishing death on our newly elected President. Clearly, we do need to get this country back to God.


You don’t have to be religious to know that our country was much more sane and moral when the majority of its citizens believed that they had a higher power to answer to. Maybe you’re not in a place where you raise your hands and pray, maybe you just take a moment of silence to reflect on how we get back to a time when kids could play in the streets and handshakes were as good as contracts Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away and trusting our fellow man to be good on his own doesn’t seem to be working either. Maybe it’s time to consider what has changed since “the good old days”.When something is broke, you send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed. At some point, we will have to realize that we can’t fix this, only He can.


Cops Run Out Of Motel In Tears After Finding 3 Women’s Sick Use For Sheets

Ohio cops were called out to a motel room by a strange woman with an alarming request. When they entered the filthy joint, they found the threesome’s disturbing new use for bed sheets, and it made them sick to their stomachs. The officers left the room in tears, unable to handle a scene that was unlike any other they’ve had before.On Wednesday, a 911 dispatcher received a call from a woman asking for assistance at Parkway Inn in Middletown. The caller was reportedly having a problem with one of her young sons, but it wasn’t until cops walked in that they knew exactly what she meant, seeing what had taken place over the last 22 hours.According to WDTN, 26-year-old Theresa Hawkins-Stephens was staying in the rented rat hole with her two boys, ages 5 and 6, along with her 29-year-old girlfriend, Rachael Bostian, and Bostian’s 56-year-old mother, Ramona Bostian. The call to police came from the room on account of one of one of the boys having fallen unconscious.The caller claimed the boys’ injury happened after he ran away for a couple of days and some kids found him. She’s heard saying in the 911 call that the kids who got a hold of him “messed him up real bad,” but that was far from the truth of what really happened.

Officers found not just one, but both boys wrapped up in a sheet in a cocoon-type case, so that they were defenseless against the women’s abuse they force on them for 22 hours straight. The day before, one of the boys had taken food for him and his brother to eat, which was enough to set the women off and punish them with nearly a full day of perpetual beatings. The injuries they endured were so horrific that every officer on the scene left the room in tears, but it only got worse two days later.The children were rushed to the hospital, the 5-year-old with life-threatening injuries and the other’s deemed as serious. On Friday morning, the youngest of the two was pronounced dead, never being able to recover from what he had suffered under his mother and her two friends’ wrath.The three women had already been arrested before the boy was declared dead, and they were each initially charged with felonious assault and child endangering. However, new charges are expected to be updated since their crime against these kids resulted in a death. The outcome for the 6-year-old has yet to be determined.Before it got to this point in the motel, the boys were failed by so many people, including a child protective system who either wasn’t aware or did nothing about concerns that had to have been obvious. There was not a single person in these children’s lives to protect them, until it was too late. Deserved recourse for each of these three monsters, is to be wrapped up in cot sheets from their jail cell and given the same treatment for hours on end, just like they did to these two little boys. It’s their turn to be the victims.Please share the story and tell us what you think by clicking one of the buttons below. We want to hear YOUR voice!

Major ISIS Arrest in California — This is Chilling/

A potentially dangerous terrorist has been indicted after being snared in an undercover FBI sting operation reports PJ Media.Last November the Feds arrested Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, a 22-year old California man, proved his willingness to carry out numerous attacks throughout the San Francisco area that included lacing cocaine with strychnine, placing backpack bombs at dormitories at the Berkeley campus of UC, and bombing a gay club.Alhaggagi fantasized about redefining terror in the United States and wished to kill 10,000 Americans.The Department of Justice released a statement about the indictment which said in part, “Alhaggagi, 22, of Oakland, California, is alleged to have knowingly attempted to provide services and personnel to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), between July and November of 2016, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2339B. ISIS is a designated foreign terrorist organization. The indictment alleges that the services Alhaggagi attempted to provide included opening social media accounts for the use, benefit and promotion of ISIS, and that the personnel he provided was himself.”The aspiring jihadist purchased weapons, downloaded a manual about bomb making and was making logistical plans to carry out what could have been a bloody reign of terror.PJ Media notes that Alhaggagi is the 130th ISIS fighter/sympathizer arrested since March of 2014. While not nearly as high as the numbers captured in Europe, it is a troubling trickle of jihadism that continues to leak into this country.Our government got lucky this time, but we need to get more serious about keeping Islamists and their propaganda out of the United States.

BREAKING: Virginia Police Just Admitted Trump Was Right

President Trump was slammed by liberals after denouncing the “display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides” in the aftermath of the Charlottesville, Virgina “Unite the Right” rally.The mainstream media was in an uproar over President Trump’s statement, claiming that he was creating a false equivalence between right-wing extremists and those counter-protesting. However, Trump’s statement is consistent with local police reports. “We were hoping that it would not elevate to this level of the violence that we witnessed amongst the participants in the crowds, on all sides. They were throwing bottles, they were throwing soda cans with cement in them,” said a Virginia police spokesperson, according to The Independent Journal Review.Corinne Geller, the Virginia police spokesperson, went on to explain that protesters “were launching chemicals into the crowd,” without singling out either side.Videos capturing the Charlottesville protests makes it abundantly clear that both sides arrived at Emancipation Park looking for a fight. White nationalists and Ku Klux Klan stood on one side, with Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters on the other. Both were armed with makeshift shields and bats.Even left-wing New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg called out left-wing violence. “The hard Left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park,” she tweeted. White supremacy is a horrid and backward ideology that has no business in a modern society. However, white supremacists enjoy the same rights as all other Americans. It is easy to defend speech that one agrees with, but freedom of expression is truly tested when even despicable speech must be defended.Neo-Nazis are despicable, but racist ideology should be beaten with ideas, not bats. If white supremacists are the intellectually stunted people that many liberals assume they are, then it should be effortless to vanquish them in the marketplace of ideas. Americans should not settle disagreements with violence. The ideas of neo-Nazis are horrid, senseless, and full of hate. Confronting them with violence only exemplifies the very ideology they espouse.The Left is making this bad situation worse. By refusing to acknowledge that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters are just as guilty as the white supremacists for bringing violence to Virginia, the Left is only expanding the gulf dividing the Left and the Right.As the Left continues to muddy the water, referring to moderate Republicans as alt-right extremists, it becomes increasingly easy for moderates to embrace extremist views. The more the mainstream media refers to President Trump as a racist, the more average Americans are willing to accept the term for themselves.When characterizing half the country as neo-Nazis, the Left further pushes their victimhood ideology. The truth is, very few people in this country agree with neo-Nazis and the alt-right. But it’s awfully convenient for the Left to pretend many people do. That is the only way to justify their indignant cries that the country is racist, they’re victimized, and the government must protect them.A young person hearing this nonsense will be discouraged from ever learning what conservatives really think because they’ve only heard all conservatives are neo-Nazis and are worthy of beatings with bats. This is just one way that the ungodly Left is dividing the country.

Would You Support A Law Requiring All Welfare Recipients To Pass A Drug Test First?

Since Trump has been in the White House, he has been moving fast to get some important regulations passed. The latest is to drug test all unemployed Americans who are seeking unemployment benefits. This means that those who are out of work need to keep a clean slate while they look for work and apply for benefits.Prior to this regulation being passed, drug testing wasn’t enforced on the unemployed unless they were seeking jobs that required testing to be done and this was mandated at the state level. The new resolution was passed by the House in February and approved by the Senate on Tuesday. It will now head to Trump’s office for the final approval. While it will be approved by Trump, the date it goes into effect is unknown at this time.In the past, when Obama was in office, Republicans thought that too much oversight was given to the government and some things should’ve been decided at the state level. Democrats, on the other hand, argue that the law makes unemployed Americans fall victim of the stereotype that unemployment is associated with drug use. According to some studies, there are mixed results when it comes to the correlation. Some argue that welfare recipients are more likely to use drugs than those who are in the working world, which creates angst among taxpayers who are technically funding their addictions.“If you’re looking for work, you’re guilty of drug use until proven innocent,” said Senator Ron Wyden.Initially, the law stated that states could drug test those seeking unemployment benefits if they were applying for jobs in a list of given fields that typically require testing. Some of those jobs included: flight crew members, anyone who carries a firearm and commercial drivers, but in 2016, the law was eligible for repeal according to the Congressional Review Act. Because of this, Congress is allowed to overturn newly implemented federal regulations with only a majority rather than the normal three-fifth required vote. This type of maneuver can only be done when there is a regime change, and in the past, it had only been done once before, when President George W. Bush canceled out a labor-safety regulation that was put into effect while Clinton was in office. Trump is making up for it, as this is the eighth Obama-era regulation that has been canceled out.The Department of Labor will have an opportunity to write up a new regulation, but they will have to be careful what they write because it has to be much different than the regulation that was nixed, according to the Congressional Review Act.As of now, several states are on board with the drug testing regulation and are already devising ways in which they can implement the policy.Currently, all political parties are offering up their different opinions regarding the regulation.“Yesterday, congressional Republicans continued their attack on the poor by forcing drug testing as a prerequisite or receiving unemployment benefits,” said Rep. Gwen Moore. “As a former recipient of such services, I am appalled by the Republican Party’s discriminatory policies and deeply sown disdain against those battling poverty.”

Somalis In Tennessee Take Over Small Town — This is CHILLING!

Residents of Shelbyville, a small town in Tennessee, have been seeking help ever since Muslim migrants began targeting the local Christians with violence.The small town in Tennessee has that typical small town look and feel.  Small movie theater,  sheriff,  church.  However, as the Somali migrants have gathered here in large numbers, the small Tennessee town’s residents have been forced to defend themselves.“They’ve had an impact here. Unfortunately, it’s not been a good impact,” said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette stated. “I found that there was just an enormous culture clash going on here,” he said. “The Somalis were, according to a lot of the people I talked to here, were being very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding. They would go into stores and haggle over prices. They would also demand to see a male salesperson, would not deal with women in stores. Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to,” Mosely said.Not only is their a ‘culture clash’, violent crimes have now hit their town.

Several months ago, the liberal media completely white-washed a series of events where three churches were shot up by Muslims. Jihad Watch was the only one to even report on the story, where AK47’s were used to shatter the windows of multiple churches in the area. They reported:“A Muslim shoots up three churches and nothing is said about his motive or his Islamic identity. Would the same courtesy be shown a Christian who shot up three mosques? Why the coverup? Who is responsible for it?Three churches were shot up in the Shelbyville, TN area starting on the night of Sep 27, 2016. The Horse Mountain Church of Christ was shot 16 more times the night of Sep 29. The Philippi United Methodist Church along with another church was also struck by 7.62 x 39 rounds on the 29th. (7.62 x 39 rounds are consistent with an AK47 or a SKS rifle) The Bedford County Agriculture Center was also attacked with gunfire on the 29th, shattering the front glass. There were also reports of utility boxes being shot during this time.”In a report by Freedomdaily a while back, Somali migrants completely took over a small Minnesota white neighborhood several months back and started threatening to rape and murder females who were standing in their yards:Local reports reveal that white woman was just minding her own business outside of her home when a mob of migrant males approached her and began screaming disparaging comments at her, threatening to rape and kill her. KSTP TV interviewed the victim, where she relayed her horror about the incident that transpired in her neighborhood.“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap me and they were going to rape me,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”The unnamed woman wasn’t the only one targeted with a barrage of terroristic threats, as the mob made their way around the upscale neighborhood yelling comments at numerous homeowners, while driving their vehicles onto the sidewalks and lawns while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming.We can’t stand for this. It may not be your town USA, but if it continues like this, it may just be. We must stand up for our rights as AMERICANS. We must fight tooth and nail to stop Somalians and other Muslims to be able to come into our country and especially take over our cities. President Trump has vowed to help with this and we as Americans must stand together and do our part. If this is as infuriating for you as it is for us, please share and let your local representatives know that we will not stand for this.3 Replies to “Somalis In Tennessee Take Over Small Town — This is CHILLING!”

Judge Throws Out Case, Says “In God We Trust” Will Stay On Currency. Do You Support This?

A judge recently struck down a case regarding the religious wording on U.S. currency. The plaintiff argued that the phrase “In God We Trust,” that is seen on American dollars, is a breach of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and places a burden on a person’s right to exercise religious freedom.The Ohio judge, Benita Pearson disagreed with the plaintiff, issuing that they had no proof of the claimed burden, and stated the following:“Plaintiffs cannot demonstrate that the use of the motto on currency substantially burdens their religious exercise,” she wrote in her ruling. “Credit cards and checks allow Plaintiffs to conduct the bulk of their purchases with currency not inscribed with the motto. And for cash-only transactions, such as a garage sale or a coin-operated laundromat, the use of the motto on currency does not substantially burden Plaintiffs’ free exercise.”The attorney who has been the main plaintiff and standing behind the case is California attorney Michael Newdow, who has been on a mission to rid the words “Under God,” from the Pledge of Allegiance. And now he is set on removing “In God We Trust,” from American currency. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court’s Northern District of Ohio in 2015. Newdow is claiming that the phrase is in violation of the First and Fifth Amendments, along with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.“Plaintiffs either specifically do not trust in any ‘G-d’ (with NOT trusting G-d being a basic tenet of their belief systems) or hold G-d’s name so dear and exalted that to inscribe it on a monetary instrument is deemed sinful,” said Newdow in his court documentation.Judge Pearson, on the other hand, felt differently about the plaintiff’s case and raised the following argument:“Plaintiffs argue that cash transactions force them to bear a message that they [feel] violate their religious beliefs,” she wrote. “But as the Supreme Court stated in Wooley v. Maynard, ‘The bearer of currency is thus not required to publicly advertise the national motto.’ Furthermore, Plaintiffs’ other concerns, that they may be subject to peer pressure or ridicule, or that their children may question their beliefs, are unlike the choice between a ‘basic benefit and a core belief’ described in the Supreme Court’s case law.”And while the separation of church and state has been one of the nation’s founding principles, some commenter’s offered their own arguments on the topic…“Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion. It doesn’t matter if it violates free will or not. The words “In God We Trust” respects an establishment of religion. On that grounds it should be stricken from government currency.”“The phrase “seperation of church and state” is a simplistic and misleading representation of the intent of the founding fathers. Their goal was to foster, nourish, and encourage religious belief in God (as oppposed to belief in no god) because they correctly believed that people who think they will someday return and report to their creator are much more likely to be peaceful, loving, thoughtful, forgiving, courteous, etc than people who do not hold such a belief. History is proving the correctness of their perception. All the stats say we are becoming less and less believers in God and they also clearly show our slow decent into rudeness, selfishness, greed and violence. Some will say there is no connection, they need to think that through very carefully.”

State Passes Law Making Parents Into Sex Offenders For Changing Diapers

Arizona’s laws on child molestation are so broad that a parent changing a diaper could be prosecuted for criminal activity.That is the opinion of defense attorney Russ Richelsoph and a minority of judges on the Arizona Supreme Court, according to The Arizona Republic.Child molestation in Arizona is defined as intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with a child under the age of 15. Sexual contact is interpreted as “direct or indirect touching, fondling or manipulating” of a child’s genitals or private parts.Unlike other states, the Arizona law does not require there to be an intent to harm, violate or arouse by the alleged perpetrator.In a recent ruling, the Arizona Supreme court confirmed that proving intent was not necessary. As a result, it ruled that a parent changing a diaper or a physician conducting an examination could be charged with molestation under the current interpretation of the law.“When you have a statute that criminalizes such a broad set of behaviors that everybody’s a criminal, everybody who has changed a diaper, every physician or nurse who has examined the genitals of a child, that’s a huge problem,” defense attorney Russ Richelsoph told The Republic.Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery disagreed and believes some common sense has to be observed.“I’m a parent. I have prosecutors who are parents,” Montgomery said. “We know the difference between diapering and molesting a child.”Montgomery said prosecutors handle such cases carefully.“If a defendant is going to bring that up in trial and we don’t have any evidence to show that there was sexual motivation, then juries are not going to convict, grand jurors are not going to indict,” he told KPNX The court ruling said that changing the law was the responsibility of politicians. “We agree that the criminal code should clearly differentiate between unlawful conduct and innocent, acceptable behavior without unnecessarily broadly sweeping the latter into the former,” the court opinion stated, The Republic reported. Two judges authored a dissenting opinion.“Parents and other caregivers who have changed an infant’s soiled diaper or bathed a toddler will be surprised to learn that they have committed a class 2 or 3 felony,” the dissenting judges argued.Richelsoph described scenarios in which the legislation could be abused.“Physicians get accused of molesting children. Parents, especially in divorce situations, get accused of molesting children,” Richelsoph added. “And then you have someone spending a lot of money on a private defense attorney or having to get a public defender.”



Marine’s Son Breaks Down Crying When He Hears the Vows His New Stepmom Read to Him During Wedding

The son of Marine Sgt. Joshua Newville couldn’t stop the tears from flowing when Senior Airman Emily Leehan, the woman marrying his father, took some time to read a special set of vows. Leehan had written the vows to speak directly to her husband-to-be’s son, creating a truly heartwarming moment.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Gage, the Marine’s four-year-old son, was singled out by Leehan during the wedding ceremony held at Quincy Cellars in Ripley, New York.

Leehan read a set of vows written especially for Gage, leading the boy to break out in tears of joy. During the reading, Leehan said, “I want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person.”Gage embraced his soon-to-be stepmom during the emotional moment.

Leehan tried to comfort Gage, saying, “Don’t cry baby,” and Newville told the boy, “Buddy, it’s okay.”Gage’s stepmom continued her reading of the vows, saying, “I hope you learn that you are a very special boy.”She went on to say, “You are so extremely smart, handsome and kind to others. You have helped make me into the woman that I am today.”

During the vows to Gage, Leehan also said, “And I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”At the closing, Leehan leaned down to give Gage a kiss, and the boy reached out his arms for a hug.

Both Newville and Leehan are currently active duty and weren’t able to go on a honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. They planned to return to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, located in Trenton, New Jersey, just a few days after the ceremony.