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Japan Sends Surprise To US Fleet In Massive Show of Support For President Trump

Japan just sent a strong message to the rest of the world. That despite the liberal media’s attempts to sow chaos all is well and good, and they support President Trump and America.And are ready to take action to prove it.Allies are important as President Trump knows and if you listen to the media all […]

Lonely Guy Walks In With ‘Creepy’ Request, Leaves Diners In Shock Hours Later

In Utah, a lonely man walked into a Denny’s and approached the hostess with an unusual request. Feeling a little creeped, she showed him to his seat, where he ended up sitting by himself for hours. After he finally got up and walked out, the waitress saw what he had been doing the whole time, […]

BREAKING: Islam Prohibited In Public Schools, Supreme Court Voted… Thanks To Trump

hen then-candidate Donald Trump spoke at rallies and discussed the importance of electing a conservative Supreme Court Justice could be nominated, the left was oblivious to how important that single issue was. Conservatives recognized that America was at risk if Democrats kept the power.Recently, the full panel of 9 justices came together for the first […]

Woman Floored By What Bagger Did In Aisle, After Man Asked Simple Question

A woman’s shopping trip to a Georgia Publix store left her in a state of disbelief and tears, after what she caught a bagger doing toward the back of the store. Rather than reporting it to the store manager, she snapped a photo to share with everyone on social media.Jennifer Christopher Coker said that she […]

City Won’t Let Veterans Stay Homeless, Builds Tiny Homes. Gives Them To Vets For Free

Everyone loves tiny houses these days, and everyone hates that there are so many homeless people in our country who have served to defend it in the military. Now, a group in Missouri is taking this love/hate dynamic and putting together an incredible idea.An organization called Veterans Community project has built an entire village of […]

Incestuous Child Molester Gets Brutal Introduction To Prison Life

A man who was charged with raping and killing his 4-year-old stepdaughter was reportedly beaten to death by inmates at the prison in the border city of Reynosa in the northern part of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Sergio Oros Sanchez reportedly attacked his stepdaughter on April 26 after his wife left for work. When he realized the brutal attack had left the child unresponsive, he rushed […]

Dad walks son to first day of kindergarten, first day of college

STARKVILLE, Ms. – People are emotional over then and now pictures of a father walking his son to grade school and college.A family’s yearly tradition of walking their son to school has gone viral.Tweeted by Charles Brockman III, he posted two pictures that touched social media’s heart. One of his dad walking him to school on […]

Iowa State Fair cow and boy taking nap wins the internet after photo goes viral

This here is a little story about a boy and his cow.They may not have won a ribbon at the Iowa State Fair, but Mitchell Miner and his heifer Audri won the internet after a photo of them taking a nap together went viral.“She likes to lay down quite a bit,” Miner told the Des Moines […]

Muslim Won’t Rise For Judge Because Of Sharia Law, Court Has 4 Words

Time and again we discover how Islam is incompatible with the West.There are many Muslims who’ve assimilated. But the vast majority in the world are conservative Muslims,who hold to a strict version of their religion. It is a religion that teaches non-Muslims are “infidels” and do not deserve respect or even kindness.It is that kind […]

Fed-Up Texas Grandma Finds Saggy-Pants Thugs In Her Home, Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

A fed-up Texas woman was shocked to find two armed saggy pants wearing thugs in her home after they entered through the garage in broad daylight. Now, her story has gone viral after she confronted the two criminals alone and delivered a brutal dose of instant justice they never saw coming.According to Fox News, the horrific […]