Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Arrested Across THESE Six States – ARE YOU WITH TRUMP ON THIS?

I don’t care how much liberals scream and protest… A NATION HAS A RIGHT TO POLICE ITS BORDERS, ESPECIALLY FROM VIOLENT CRIMINALS.According to the Wall Street Journal:Ramped-up immigration enforcement in several cities this week has resulted in the detention of hundreds or more people in the country unlawfully, according to attorneys and advocacy groups, who said they expected most of them to be deported.Illegal immigrants were rounded up in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; and across southern California, among others, they said.But his plans hit a roadblock when Seattle judge federal judges halted his travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations considered a terror threat, and the decision was upheld by the Ninth Circuit court this week.The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said the five-day enforcement “surge” began Monday and concluded midday Friday. Officials confirmed action in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, though they didn’t dispute that the operation was also under way in other cities. THE AGENCY SAID 160 FOREIGNERS WERE ARRESTED IN SIX LOS ANGELES-AREA COUNTIES THIS WEEK, AND SAID ABOUT 150 OF THEM HAD CRIMINAL HISTORIES.ICE highlighted cases of several people suspected or convicted of serious crimes, including a Salvadoran national arrested in Huntington Park, Calif., who is wanted in El Salvador for aggravated extortion, a Brazilian arrested in Los Angeles who is wanted in Brazil for cocaine trafficking, and an Australian national taken into custody in West Hollywood who was previously convicted of “lewd and lascivious acts with a child.”source :

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