Man Abandons Dog In Dunkin Donuts Parking Lot, Leaves Heartless Note On Her Collar

On the day after Christmas, a man heartlessly abandoned his sweet, devoted dog in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot in Santa Fe.

The man went inside, and the confused dog tried to follow him, but he pushed her away. After cruelly abandoning his dog, the man ordered himself a cup of coffee like nothing had happened.

Thankfully, a few people witnessed the scene, and they called the police. The police went to pick up the dog, and they discovered that she had a short note attached to her collar.

Through surveillance footage, the police learned that the man who abandoned his dog drives a dark-colored Chevy van. They also got a good look at his face when he was ordering his coffee. But unfortunately, they couldn’t see the license plate number on his van. The police are still searching for this man who cruelly abandoned his poor dog.

Animal Services brought the dog over to the Santa Fe Humane Society. They checked her out, but they weren’t able to see if she was really pregnant.

Two days after she was rescued, the Santa Fe Humane Society posted an update about her on their Facebook page.

The sweet dog quickly adjusted to life in the shelter. The pup has tons of energy, and she loves being with people and other dogs.

“She is social and loves people. I was actually hanging out with her today,” Murad Kirdar, the shelter’s public relations officer, told The Dodo. “We still do not know if she is pregnant — too early to tell. [But] the safety of the dog was not the person’s main concern.”

On January 4, 2018, the shelter posted another update on the dog. In it, they revealed that they had given the pup a new name: Jackie.

Despite everything she went through, Jackie is doing very well. Hopefully, she’ll find her perfect forever home soon!

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