Loss Of Dog Leaves Void In Wife’s Heart. She Breaks Down When Husband’s Gift Fills It

A woman was grieving the loss of her beloved English Bulldog, Zoe, and it broke her husband’s heart to see her so devastated. To cheer her up, he gave her the most amazing present ever.

The moment a dog is brought into a home, they immediately become a member of the family. So when a dog passes away, the sense of loss is tremendous. Their passing leaves a hole in our hearts that can never be filled again.

Although our pets that have passed over the ‘rainbow bridge’ can never be replaced, each animal that comes into our lives afterward helps makes the sadness a little more tolerable. There’s always more room in our hearts for another dog; they give us so much love and happiness.

Two weeks before Christmas, a woman lost her dog Zoe after complications from surgery. Zoe was her best friend and companion.

The woman’s husband explains that their family’s household is all male, aside from his wife. It consists of four boys — her husband, a Mastiff named Rufus, a Pug named Tyson, and fish named Adam. Zoe had been his wife’s female companion in the home.

He heartbreakingly recalls moments of his wife singing songs to Zoe or saying things like, “Come on Zoe, us girls

have to stick together.” Her heartbreak and pain were palpable throughout the home, and he knew he had to do something to try and cheer her up.

Her husband was hesitant on whether or not a puppy would be a good gift for his grieving wife, but after asking everyone he knew, the puppy search began.

After scouring around town for the perfect puppy for his wife, he found a precious English Bulldog. Given that she would be a Christmas gift, she was fittingly named Lily Noel. Now, it was time to surprise his wife.

He placed Lily Noel in a gift box along with a card. His wife tears up as she reads his card, and although we don’t know what is written, it’s only assumed that the words were emotional and heartfelt. With memories of Zoe still stuck in her head, she opens her Christmas present to reveal a cuddly surprise.

Claimed to be delivered by Santa, the woman breaks down in tears as she reveals the tiny English Bulldog puppy hiding in the box.

She is completely overwhelmed with emotion and questions if she’s living in reality. Her caring husband lovingly assures her that she is. He had hopes of filling a hole in his wife’s heart, and it’s safe to say that he certainly helped. Now, she has a brand new little lady in the house to become her best bud.

The video was posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page along with the caption:

“We lost our six year old English Bulldog, Zoe, due to complications from surgery, two weeks before Christmas. Our house is all MALE with 4 boys, myself, Rufus (mastiff), Tyson (pug) and Adam (fish). Zoe was the only other female in the house, and was my wife’s shadow. You would often hear comments, ‘Come on Zoe, us girls have to stick together’; or my wife would be singing to her, calling her her beautiful bull…

Needless to say, my wife was completely devastated with the loss of Zoe. After asking everyone I came into contact with, whether or not I should get a new puppy, my mother-in-law was the deciding vote; and the search was on! Lily Noel was dropped off Christmas morning by Santa; and has, hopefully, filled a major hole in my wife’s heart!”

Watch the unforgettable and emotional moment below.

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