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Month: December 2017

Husband in custody in death of Brooklyn woman: police

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — A man is being questioned in the death of his wife, who was strangled and pushed down stairs in Brooklyn, officials said Thursday. Tonie Wells, 22, was found dead inside her Crown Heights home Wednesday after her toddler’s constant crying and screaming led a neighbor to call 911, authorities said. She had […]

Muslim Truck Driver Commits Unthinkable Crime in Illinois — This is Chilling!

Illinois State Police have revealed that a horrific incident which left four dead and many more injured was carried out by a 53-year-old man by the name of Mohamed Yussuf Jama. While it is unclear exactly which country Jama descends from, the killer’s identity has sparked fears that the lethal incident might have been motivated by other, […]

Michelle Obama Says: “White House Is Not White House Anymore It’s A Big Circus With a Melania Trump’s Disgusting Decorations, Hope This Would Not Continue Too Long.” Do You Support Her?

This is disgusting and not fair! Michelle Obama Says: “White House Is Not White House Anymore It’s A Big Circus With a Melania Trump’s Disgusting Decorations, Hope This Would Not Continue Too Long.” On a video below Michelle speaks about her experience in the White House! We are blessed because she will never come back […]

Sheriff’s Department Is Being Fined $10,000 For Only Hiring U.S. Citizens. Is This Fair?

If you wanted to get a job with the Denver Sheriff’s Department, you needed to meet the job requirements just like anywhere else. But there was one difference. Job seekers would be automatically disqualified from a job at the Denver Sheriff’s Department if they were not a U.S. citizen. Most people thought this was fair. If you […]

Do You Think Melania Trump Is a ‘Beautiful, Graceful’ Woman?

It’s not easy being the first lady! Back in January, Melania Trump found herself taking on a very important role after her husband Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. But even though Melania never asked for the job, she was still thrust into the spotlight and now sources exclusively revealed to Life & […]

Gunman tried to rob a McDonald’s, had no idea it was filled with 11 special forces officers

There are many people in the world that are not to be trifled with under any sort of circumstances. While some might view this as an allusion to those who are bigger and stronger than us, there are also people who have mentally and physically trained themselves for the most stressful of situations.. Groupe d’intervention […]

Two dogs in rural Virginia mauled their owner to death, authorities say. But why?

The scene that confronted Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew and his deputies was so grisly that he had to pause as he described it in front of reporters. “I observed, as well as four other deputy sheriffs observed, the dogs eating the rib cage on the body,” Agnew said at a news conference this week. […]


DONALD TRUMP’S WIN ON ELECTION NIGHT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF MIRACULOUS. In fact, there are many who would say it WAS miraculous.  On the level of God Almighty himself intervening in the election! In other words, this: But before you start thinking we’ve gone off our rocker, allow us to introduce you to the Trump […]

Prince Charles Delivers A Stern Warning To Every Republican Who Supports Trump

Prince Charles has warned the lessons of the Second World War are in “increasing danger” of being forgotten. Speaking at a fundraiser for World Jewish Relief, a humanitarian agency, the Prince of Wales remembered the “indescribable persecution” endured by Holocaust survivor and former Olympic weightlifting champion Ben Helfgott. The Prince, who recently issued a veiled […]

If You Hear Your Kids Say The Word ‘Blue Whale’, Stop Them Before They’re Dead

Teenagers across the globe are reportedly committing suicide as part of a dangerous internet game called the Blue Whale Challenge. Two families in the U.S. believe the game is to blame for their children’s recent suicides and are now warning other parents to monitor their teens’ social media activity. A Texas family said they had […]