A disturbing, outrageous act has hurt a family and caused outrage among dog lovers.

Kenneth Woodburn’s Facebook photo with a dog’s body

Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot his neighbor’s dog, Tank, and posed with the dog’s body on Facebook. The Facebook post caught the attention of animal lovers and it went viral. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department in Maryland was contacted and is investigating the incident.

Single mom Richele Ince and her four-year-old daughter are grieving the loss of their one-year-old dog, Tank.

The Baynet reported that Richele said she received a call at work from a relative saying that Tank had been let outside and did not return. Concerned he had left the property, she purchased a runner for Tank and when she got home she learned from her day-care provider that Tank had been shot.

Kenneth Woodburn’s Facebook photo with a dog’s body

screenshot of Facebook with Tank and Kenny Woodburn

Tank, a Pit Bull/Lab Mix, was a birthday gift for Richele’s daughter. Richele told Baynet that the puppy was very playful and did not have a mean bone in his body. Tank had become a mascot at the day-care center next door to Woodburn’s home and was well-loved by the children there.

Richele believed Tank was walking to the day-care center when he crossed into Woodburn’s yard. However, she said that she was told by a resident that Woodburn had actually lured Tank ont the property with treats before shooting him.

However, there are no witnesses to Tank’s shooting.

Woodburn posted the picture of himself with Hank’s body posing with him like he was a hunt trophy. He posted that if the Pit Bull came into his yard “Hey going to dye today”. He later alleged that Tank “charged him”.

However, Richele said that Tank was shot in the back, which indicates Tank was going away from Woodburn when he was shot. Woodburn also had an older dog and there appears to not have been any altercation with his dog, reported the Baynet.

Tank shot facing away from home

screenshot of Facebook with Tank and Kenny Woodburn
Screenshot from Facebook

Other photos taken of Tank after the shooting appear to show that Tank was facing away from the home (and towards the daycare) when he was shot.

Tank shot facing away from home

Tank shot facing away from home

In the photo above, Tank is facing towards the daycare, which is just past the hedges, according to a local resident who commented on the photo on Facebook. The photo below shows Tank facing away from a home, which may be Woodburn’s. These photos were allegedly taken by Woodburn and posted to Facebook before he deactivated his Facebook account, according to the Americans Against The Tea Party website.


Tank shot facing away from home

Tank was buried by his family at the day care where he was loved so much. According to the Baynet, the children at the day care were so distraught over Tank’s death that one of the children lay on Tank’s grave in the rain.

Both the Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control are conducting an investigation and said they will have the results soon. Animal cruelty is a felony charge in Maryland. Woodburn has several past run-ins with the law including drug violations, DUI and weapons violations.

A petition has been created by a relative of Richele’s asking that Woodburn be charged for killing Tank.

The latest update from Southern Maryland Lost and Found Pets says that Woodburn will be charged with animal cruelty.

LMAO: Feminist Plans ‘No Bra Day’ To Instruct Men ‘Not To SEXUALIZE Women’

This chick just doesn’t ‘get it’. Will there be yoga pants, too?

She thinks she can DICTATE how bros react to a deliberate display of breasts.

Anyone who’s read this site for more than thirty seconds will figure out we’re not pro-burqa.

In fact, we’re Proudly pro-bikini AND pro-bacon.

But this daft chick is picking a fight with biology. She WILL lose.

Whether you’re blaming God, Darwin, or something else, men are hardwired to be drawn to feminine curves. We LOVE them.

Not in the sense of the drooling pig that molested a mannequin shaped like a woman.

But, even if we behave ourselves, the eye IS drawn. Interest IS attracted. It’s nature. We’re hardwired for it.

And if women REALLY didn’t care about such interest, fashions would look a lot different.

“We’re always asked to do things to make guys more comfortable,” complained the feminist. “If my boobs make you uncomfortable, then why are you looking at me in that way?”
Juvik claims that she launched the counterproductive bra-less event after the school’s female vice-principle had the audacity to address the feminist’s “inappropriate attire” — an off the shoulder t-shirt with no bra — asking her to cover up or put a bra.
“[Y]ou need to either cover up or put [a bra] on because there are a lot of male teachers and male students here, and that makes them uncomfortable. They don’t want to see that,” the vice-principal allegedly told Juvik.
“I felt embarrassed. I felt almost violated,” the feminist dramatically declared. –Read more
Ask women in Sweden or Cologne if this qualifies as being ‘violated’.

No. You were not ‘violated’ by someone suggesting that you dress a little more modestly.

You might disagree about where the line should be drawn, but there IS a line that divides appropriate and inappropriate.

That line is different in different situations. The fact that Beach wear, club wear and office attire are different categories shows that this isn’t even controversial.

If you wear clothes that bring attention to your breasts, you will GET attention. But rest assured, that attention WILL (by default) be sexual in nature.

You have a better chance of convincing water to run uphill than you do of changing that.

Share if picking a fight with biology is just stupid.

Actress Sandra Bullock To Hillary Clinton: “If You Don’t Like Our President You Can Leave And Never Come Back Again, You Are One Jealous Woman Who Is Nothing To Compare With Trump, I Hope He Will Arrest You Soon”. Do You Support Her?

Sandra Bullock says she’s not “politically vocal” but that doesn’t mean she isn’t opinionated when it comes to America’s leadership.

“I just want what’s best for our country,” Bullock said during a press conference for her new film, Our Brand Is Crisis, in Los Angeles on Friday.

Bullock, who plays Jane “Calamity” Bodine, a political strategist, in the upcoming movie, says her own views are colored by her son Louis.

“I would like my rights represented and those of my son – very selfish views and I think everyone else has them,” she says. “When this film came along, it came along at a time that I was having that internal discussion with myself about who in our country would step out of their comfort zone to help others for the greater good.”

Bullock, who says she’d “do anything” for her son, said this “internal discussion” hinged largely on who else, on a larger scale, would work to represent Louis’ best interests.

Bullock, who plays Jane “Calamity” Bodine, a political strategist, in the upcoming movie, says her own views are colored by her son Louis.

“I would like my rights represented and those of my son – very selfish views and I think everyone else has them,” she says. “When this film came along, it came along at a time that I was having that internal discussion with myself about who in our country would step out of their comfort zone to help others for the greater good.”

Bullock, who says she’d “do anything” for her son, said this “internal discussion” hinged largely on who else, on a larger scale, would work to represent Louis’ best interests.

“What people would still get together and protest for the greater good? Have we all gotten too scared and too safe?” she asked.

The 51-year-old’s current political mindset was also influenced heavily by her parents. After growing up in a split home – one parent was a Republican, the other a Democrat – she says she learned how to push the limits.

The Oscar-winner says that her mother “did things that were definitely ahead of her time, as a woman.”

“I never realized that there were limitations where I was looked at as less than until I was actually pretty deep in this business and I had a pretty unsettling moment, and I went ‘Oh my god, I’m being treated this way because I’m female,’ ” she said.

How Sandra Bullock Found Happiness with Her ‘Great Guy’ Bryan Randall: All the Details of Their New Romance!

“I grew up to be exactly who I was supposed to be and have the opinions I wanted to have and didn’t realize there were limitations to that,”

she adds. “So I thought, politically, I was pretty open minded and could speak my mind and then I realized I wasn’t supposed to.”

Thug Picks Fight With Lone White Boy, Big Mistake When He Learns What ‘Victim’ Is Hiding

A shocking clip is going viral after a feral thug saw a lone white boy and walked over for a little more than a chat. Too bad for him, things would quickly take a turn, and this punk would learn just how big of a mistake he had made after seeing what his “victim” was hiding – but by then, it was way too late.

Images from the viral video (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)
Although it’s unclear what started the altercation, a bystander decided to whip out his phone and start recording as two men were standing in the street and having an argument. However, things were only just beginning as the thug in the clip made it perfectly clear that he was instigating.

As can be heard in the clip since shared to YouTube, the intended victim clearly wasn’t looking for a fight, but he wasn’t about to back down either. Knowing full well what would happen if he turned to walk away, the white guy stood his ground while the bully continued to spout his rhetoric.

While puffing out his chest, the attacker was clearly trying to assert his dominance, but little did he know, he picked the wrong guy to mess with. As it turns out, his victim was hiding a little secret, but by the time the aggressor found out, it was already way too late.

Without warning, the thug decided to give his victim a little shove, and that was all the white guy needed to justify some self-defense. Even better yet, World Start Hip Hop reports that the man being attacked was actually an MMA fighter and was about to put his training to good use.

Just like that, he connected with a leg kick that broke the attacker’s stance. Making sure not to hesitate, the intended victim followed through with a few punches to the face while his attacker’s defenses were down, ultimately knocking him unconscious.

Of course, the bully wasn’t about to be humiliated after being folded in the grass, so he got back up – but it only made things worse. As can be seen in the clip, the aggressor was still half unconscious after getting his brain rattled by the white boy whom he unjustly attacked.

Even better yet, as the bully is hobbling around, trying to keep his feet underneath him, his victim then started to taunt him, asking if he “wanted another one.” Although the white guy tried to show some mercy by letting his attacker walk away, this bully wasn’t satisfied just yet.

In one last desperate attempt at redemption, he once again rushed the white guy only to get punched in the face and knocked out yet again. Despite sleeping in the middle of the street, the punk apparently still wanted to fight as he got up only to realize that his legs weren’t working right and his knees were buckling.

As the clip continues, it seems like things are over, but alas, the stubborn aggressor is too humiliated to quit. Unfortunately for him, he’d have to soak up a few more blows before the MMA fighter put the guy into a sleeper hold and choked him out for good. Although the video ends there, one can only hope the white guy used that opportunity to get away from the man who clearly wouldn’t let him leave.

It just goes to show, you should always be sure of what you’re getting into before you pick a fight. Then again, if you’re the one who starts it and loses, chances are, everyone is going to think that you got exactly what you deserved – just like this punk. In the end, his clock was so dirty that he got it cleaned twice. However, when that wasn’t enough, his victim forced him to take a nap right there on the sidewalk. Act like a punk, and you’ll be treated like one – period.

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Veteran Dies Alone Without Any Known Family Members, Strangers Fill Every Seat At His Funeral

A church congregation showed their generous spirit when they filled the funeral of an 80-year-old veteran who died without any known family or friends.

Rather than the man’s funeral being unattended, these Leawood, Kansas churchgoers, more than 1,000 people, attended the service for David St. John.

Father Richard Storey told Fox 4 KC that the funeral home contacted him to explain that St. John left a note that he wished to have a Catholic Mass for his funeral, but had no next of kin who could attend.

When Storey told the Sunday service church attendees about the situation, they were more than happy to fill the church. It was standing room only at Cure of Ars Catholic Church for St. John’s funeral service.

Storey explained:”It’s very important that somebody come and honor these veterans that fought so hard for our freedom this does not come free as of today we pray freely because of what they did for us in the past.”

One attendee, Maryanne Sausz, noted: “This veteran, he thought he had no friends and nobody would show up to his funeral, but we’re here to celebrate his life because he sacrificed for our country.”

The Patriot Guard Riders website posted details about providing an escort for St. John, explaining: “We have been requested to escort David St. John to his final resting place at Leavenworth National Cemetery (VA) in Leavenworth, Kansas. This will be an escort only. Mr. St. John served in the Air Force from 1959 to 1964 and has no known family.”

Many people responded with prayers and condolences, including one message that read: “Alice and I wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this true American Hero. We thank you for your service to a grateful nation, may your family find peace in knowing you served proudly and comfort in the months to come. Your mission is complete. May you rest in peace. We salute you.”

The son of one of those churchgoers who helped organized the funeral posted the following on Facebook: “Very proud of my mother today for volunteering, decorating, and helping out organize this. It’s a funeral today for an 80 year old veteran who died with no friends or family to attend his funeral, so the church put out an open invitation to the public, and over 1,000 people showed up that didn’t even know him. Very beautiful. Also, big props to Patriot Guard Riders for showing up and volunteering to deliver his ashes from the church to the cemetery. Much love.”

Bishop Miege High School also wrote on their Facebook page about some of their students who attended the funeral, noting: “Miege students were blessed and honored to be in attendance at the funeral of Veteran David St. John yesterday. He left a note stating he wanted a Catholic Mass but had no next of kin. The word spread throughout the community and was standing room only at Cure’ of Ars Catholic Church in Leawood. Thanks to Mrs. Albright, the newest member of our Campus Ministry staff for organizing the Miege students.”

Should Killing a Police Officer Be a Federal Crime Worthy of the Death Penalty?

During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised to create an executive order that would impose death penalties for cop killers.

He passed his 100th day in office without any movement on this pledge.

One explanation: It’s a very complicated idea with substantial legal barriers.

The death penalty is legal at the federal level and sentencing is a matter of congressional legislation, not presidential decree. It is unclear how Trump’s potential executive action could be used to impose the death penalty.

There are no federal or state laws that say prosecutors must seek the death penalty.

Recently a case in Florida highlighted how these decisions play out on the local and state levels.

Gov. Rick Scott removed an Orlando prosecutor, Aramis D. Ayala, from a high-profile case involving an accused cop killer, Markeith Loyd, after Ayala said she would not pursue the death penalty in murder cases.

The U.S. Supreme Court has also banned all state laws that make executions mandatory for murders, saying a requirement of prosecutors is unconstitutional.

In order for Trump to impose a death penalty for cop killers, he would need to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.  It is unlikely that he would be able to implement this action. We rate this promise Stalled.

Do you think that criminals who are convicted of murdering police officers should automatically face the death penalty?

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Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

You won’t believe it, but Brett Nichols is only a teenager. With dance moves that mirror Michael Jackson almost perfectly, this talented teen has inspired thousands of people with this single performance.

At a high school talent show, Brett Nichols brings moves that seem out of this world when you consider how iconic Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was. With the spirit of Michael Jackson himself, Brett stuns the crowd and gets them cheering from the minute the music starts playing.

The performance comes together to perfection. This young man has a natural talent for dancing, but it seems as if he puts on this outfit, dances to the beat of the music and embodies the original singer.

And he’s not shy either. His smooth moves look like he wasn’t nervous a bit! The crowd is enraptured with his routine. Brett has such finesse and poise! His choreography is on target and quite impressive for someone so young.

Just wait until Brett breaks out into the moon walk. Maybe it’s the shoes, or maybe he’s just that good. Either way, he nails it! But his moves are just too good not to share! His video has draw hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Brett Nichol’s in-person performance was a hit with the crowd and the judges alike. In fact, afterward he won first place! The gym full of new fans couldn’t believe the skills this classmate has!


This initial performance at Pitman High School in Turlock, California, allowed Brett to continue sharing his talent when he made an appearance on NBC, CNN and ABC News’ The View. He has also traveled with Michael Jackson cover bands.

Brett has certainly found his talent! Michael Jackson may be gone, but he is not lost – with people like Brett, the memory seems to go on and on.

This classic song that has remained popular for years has been given a second lease with actors like Brett channeling MJ’s talents. New generations of fans and followers are adoring it, too.


Several of Brett’s moves in this performance draw cheers and squeals from the crowd. The kids cannot believe one of their own classmates has moves like this!

Even the staff members are astounded by Brett’s talent. He has the classic MJ moves down pat!

The side kick … rocking up on his toes … it’s awesome! Brett truly is an incredible dancer!

See this amazing performance below and you will be stunned at how this guy can pull of the classic moves of Michael Jackson! Watch the video below and be prepared to be amazed.


The women of “The View” have found themselves in hot water this week after they disrespected Christianity on their show in a despicable way by censoring a very important name.

The women were talking about a study that says many Christian citizens in U.S. wanted to overlook four of The Ten Commandments when host Paula Faris explained how she was taught in her home when she was a kid.

“My parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say “Oh my God,” we couldn’t say “JC,” we couldn’t say “(Jesus),” she said, but the name Jesus was censored.

“Unless you were praising Him,” she said. “And then you could say ‘(Jesus),’” and again “The View” censored the name.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone censored the word “Mohammed?” All Hell would break lose, and liberals would be triggered left and right. Frankly, we feel that “The View” should be canceled for this blatant move against Christianity.

This comes days after hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg went on a racist rant against white people. Behar and Whoopi mocked white people during a segment in which the hosts talked about a recent poll that found that 55% of white people feel that they are discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Whoopi began by saying she’s “confused” on how white people could feel this way.

“Well, you know, ever since Lincoln freed all those white people…” joked Behar, ignoring the fact that black people have been free for over 150 years.

“They’re blaming the fact that maybe they don’t have a good income or their life has not treated them well– they’re blaming it on discrimination. But it might be about something else, maybe you haven’t had opportunities to go to college or you’re stuck in a rut,” said Behar. “It’s easy, I guess for people to blame something they can look at… but it’s basically being a victim and victimhood is not helpful, victimhood is, ‘I’m blaming somebody else for my problem.’”

Behar clearly doesn’t realize how hypocritical she sounds…

“So where’s the discrimination?” asked co-host Sunny Hostin.


We think the women of “The View” should completely be ashamed of themselves. SHARE this story if you think “The View” should be CANCELLED!

Schumer IRATE After President Trump Officially Announces Termination – You Will LOVE This!

On Tuesday, New York City experienced a horrific attack which stole the lives of several Americans, while injuring a dozen more. This terrorist attack was without a doubt a huge reality slap and a harsh wake up call to both Republicans, Democrats as well as the American people in general. As President Trump has been saying, it is time to take a stand against these incidents, starting with the Diversity Lottery Program.

One day after the terrible incident and after it was found out that the 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov had conducted the incident “in the name of ISIS,” – President Trump and his administration instantly took action and the commander-in-chief made an incredible announcement this morning that everyone has been asking for.

the video above, President Trump explains the entire situation that took place yesterday and took a moment to consider how the entire nation is praying for the victims and their families which are going through perhaps the hardest time of their lives.

The Trump Administration is investigating the background of the man who committed the crime. The president revealed that starting today, he will begin with the process of terminating the Diversity Lottery Program, by asking Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of the program.

Instead of people coming in the U.S. by being randomly chosen in a lottery, President Donald Trump explained how he and his administration prefer people of ‘merit’ to come into the nation and they are going to make sure that happens in the future.

Let us know what you think of this decision that President Trump made in the comments section.

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This hero cop stopped the New York Terrorist suspect and saved dozens of lives

Officer Ryan Nash was out on a routine call in New York on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 October 2017.

He suddenly ended up being eye to eye with a terrorist who carried out the deadliest terror attack in New York since September 11, 2001, the New York Post reports.
28-year-old Ryan Nash stopped Sayfullo Saipov, had who jumped out of a white pickup, right after mowing down pedestrians and cyclists on a bicycle path in Tribeca, New York.

In the attack eight people were killed and twelve were seriously injured. When the car crashed into a school bus at a crossing, not far from the World Trade Center, the perpetrator jumped out of the car with two guns in his hands and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” (Arabic for “God is Great”).

The guns were later discovered to be be a paintball gun and a pellet gun.

Stopped the perpetrator
Ryan took on the role of chasing and pursuing the suspected perpetrator who would later be identified as Sayfullo Saipov.

Nash pulled his weapon out and shot the 29-year-old suspect before he could do any more damage, according to the police.

“A uniformed police officer . . . confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill told The New York Post.

By chance
Officer Nash was actually on a routine call when his path was crossed with the suspected terrorist.

He was on the search for an “emotionally disturbed person,” writes the New York Post.

Quick and clever officer Nash has been working as a police officer for more than five years and has more than 50 arrests behind him, says a source close to the New York Post.

Officer Nash, who is from Medford, Long Island, New York, was taken to a hospital where he was treated for ringing in his ears.

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