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Month: November 2017


A disturbing, outrageous act has hurt a family and caused outrage among dog lovers. Kenneth Woodburn’s Facebook photo with a dog’s body Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot his neighbor’s dog, Tank, and posed with the dog’s body on Facebook. The Facebook post caught the attention of animal lovers and it went viral. The St. Mary’s County […]

LMAO: Feminist Plans ‘No Bra Day’ To Instruct Men ‘Not To SEXUALIZE Women’

This chick just doesn’t ‘get it’. Will there be yoga pants, too? She thinks she can DICTATE how bros react to a deliberate display of breasts. Anyone who’s read this site for more than thirty seconds will figure out we’re not pro-burqa. In fact, we’re Proudly pro-bikini AND pro-bacon. But this daft chick is picking […]

Actress Sandra Bullock To Hillary Clinton: “If You Don’t Like Our President You Can Leave And Never Come Back Again, You Are One Jealous Woman Who Is Nothing To Compare With Trump, I Hope He Will Arrest You Soon”. Do You Support Her?

Sandra Bullock says she’s not “politically vocal” but that doesn’t mean she isn’t opinionated when it comes to America’s leadership. “I just want what’s best for our country,” Bullock said during a press conference for her new film, Our Brand Is Crisis, in Los Angeles on Friday. Bullock, who plays Jane “Calamity” Bodine, a political […]

Thug Picks Fight With Lone White Boy, Big Mistake When He Learns What ‘Victim’ Is Hiding

A shocking clip is going viral after a feral thug saw a lone white boy and walked over for a little more than a chat. Too bad for him, things would quickly take a turn, and this punk would learn just how big of a mistake he had made after seeing what his “victim” was […]

Veteran Dies Alone Without Any Known Family Members, Strangers Fill Every Seat At His Funeral

A church congregation showed their generous spirit when they filled the funeral of an 80-year-old veteran who died without any known family or friends. Rather than the man’s funeral being unattended, these Leawood, Kansas churchgoers, more than 1,000 people, attended the service for David St. John. Father Richard Storey told Fox 4 KC that the […]

Should Killing a Police Officer Be a Federal Crime Worthy of the Death Penalty?

During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised to create an executive order that would impose death penalties for cop killers. He passed his 100th day in office without any movement on this pledge. One explanation: It’s a very complicated idea with substantial legal barriers. The death penalty is legal at the federal level and sentencing is […]

Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

You won’t believe it, but Brett Nichols is only a teenager. With dance moves that mirror Michael Jackson almost perfectly, this talented teen has inspired thousands of people with this single performance. At a high school talent show, Brett Nichols brings moves that seem out of this world when you consider how iconic Michael Jackson’s […]


The women of “The View” have found themselves in hot water this week after they disrespected Christianity on their show in a despicable way by censoring a very important name. The women were talking about a study that says many Christian citizens in U.S. wanted to overlook four of The Ten Commandments when host Paula Faris […]

Schumer IRATE After President Trump Officially Announces Termination – You Will LOVE This!

On Tuesday, New York City experienced a horrific attack which stole the lives of several Americans, while injuring a dozen more. This terrorist attack was without a doubt a huge reality slap and a harsh wake up call to both Republicans, Democrats as well as the American people in general. As President Trump has been […]

This hero cop stopped the New York Terrorist suspect and saved dozens of lives

Officer Ryan Nash was out on a routine call in New York on the afternoon of Tuesday 31 October 2017. He suddenly ended up being eye to eye with a terrorist who carried out the deadliest terror attack in New York since September 11, 2001, the New York Post reports. 28-year-old Ryan Nash stopped Sayfullo […]