Woman Lives Full-Time In Tiny Teardrop. Peek Inside To See How Functional It Is

When Sharon retired after a career as a pharmacist, she decided to take her life in a whole new direction. It was the nomad life for Sharon.

“I really am a gypsy at heart,” she told CheapRVliving.

Sharon lives in a 2015 T@B M@x S model teardrop trailer that she hauls with a 4-door Jeep Wrangler. The trailer, which she purchased for $15,000 plus taxes, weighs less than 1700 pounds dry and is easily pulled by her Jeep.

“It’s like it’s not there,” she says. “Sometimes I look in the mirror and go ‘Oh, you’re still there.’”

The trailer can be powered by plugging into electricity or by three solar panels that conveniently fold up into a case when she’s off-grid.

She’s had larger trailers but says she wouldn’t give up her tiny teardrop for anything. Though she can fully stand up in every part of her trailer, she said living in such a small space took some getting used to.

Her trailer includes a kitchen with a small three-in-one refrigerator that runs on propane, plug-in electricity or a battery; a sink with a cutting board cover; and a two-burner stove but she often likes to cook outside.

“The best thing about a little rig like this is it forces you to spend a lot of time about outside,” she explains. “When you’re doing this lifestyle it’s about being out in nature and enjoying other people. When you’re in a little rig you can hole up too long or you’ll get a little nuts and you got to come outside.”

The trailer includes a total of 12-feet of trailer space and is 5 feet and 9 inches at its tallest point.

It is heated by a furnace that was included with the trailer, but she also uses a propane heater if she wants to heat things up within two to three minutes.

The trailer houses the tiniest bathroom you’ve ever seen, which is essentially a small closet with a toilet that also acts as a shower, so you shower with your toilet.

“When that hot water hits you, you don’t care,” Sharon explains.

It includes a space for a CD/DVD player and has a flat screen TV.

There is seating around the edge of the trailer and a sofa that folds over into a bed, which she usually keeps down as a bed. She brings in a little wooden table to eat on. The air conditioner can be used with she’s plugged into electricity.

When it gets hot, she turns on air conditioner which can be used with she’s plugged into electricity.

The trailer also has lots of windows that open all the way with screens that bring in tons of light. There’s also an overhead fan.

Living modestly and having to the freedom to travel is just one of the benefits of living in a tiny trailer for Sharon.

She says the best part is getting to make so many new friends.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“I have never looked back. I just think that the lifestyle and the people you meet, it’s phenomenal,” she said. “It’s so much better. I’ve lived in houses, I’ve lived in condos, I’ve lived in beautiful apartments. I’ve lived in places for two or three years and I didn’t know my neighbors. I didn’t know who was across the way. Out on the road, I met so many fantastic people. You meet someone, you’ll have dinner and often times you’ll keep in touch.”

For Sharon, the nomadic life is “all good!”

You can watch the video tour of her home below.

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Family Welcomes 1st Baby Girl In 137 Years. Dad Freezes When Sees Highway Billboard

After 137 years of giving birth to boys, the Settle family was used to the idea that having a baby girl was just not in the cards. But when Kelen Settle found out she was pregnant with her second child, things took an interesting turn!

A balloon gender reveal was set up and Kelen was joined by her husband, Will, to find out if the all-boy streak remained intact! The second Kelen opened the box, she was shocked by what came out…

Instead of a bunch of blue balloons, Kelen and Will were greeted by bright pink ones! It was at that moment the couple realized the 137-year streak was over and a little girl would soon be running around their home!

Kelen told Yahoo News how she felt the moment they found out she was carrying a baby girl.

“That was a very shocking experience for me. I just assumed I was going to have another boy. I was like, ‘What’s going on? This just can’t be possible.’

I was absolutely shocked. We had the whole family there. My mother just went nuts. My mom always wanted a daughter. She was absolutely ecstatic. She could not believe it.”

Kelen’s pregnancy wore on and soon it was time to give birth! Carter Louise Settle was born earlier this month and all of the family’s loved ones came around to celebrate her arrival. Friends, family and coworkers dropped by to say hello and meet the beautiful baby girl – some brought flowers, others brought clothes, but several of Will’s coworkers had something else up their sleeves!

Instead of presenting Will and Kelen with a typical gift, the group decided to welcome Carter to the world in a big way!

They bought ad space on a billboard near the Settle’s South Carolina home and put up an enormous picture of Carter! Before Will and Kelen got to see the billboard themselves, more than a dozen friends and family members called and texted them after driving by and seeing Carter’s face!

At first they were shocked that their newborn was posted on such a bright, “obnoxious”  billboard, but then they took a deep breath and realized how loved their daughter is already! In the period of just a few days, little Carter is famous in her hometown.

Now her parents are getting ready to teach Carter how to deal with the craziness that comes with being the first woman born in several generations!

“She’s going to have to be strong with all the men she’ll deal with in the Settle family.”

We’re sure she’ll do just fine!

Learn more about baby Carter’s incredible birth (and unusual welcome) in the video below!

Does your family have a long-standing gender streak? Compare years with other excited readers in the Facebook comment section!

Ford Motor Company Issues STUNNING Statement on NFL Anthem Protests

What huge American company is the NFL’s largest sponsor? The Ford Motor Company. Well, Ford has put out a statement supporting NFL players who disrespect the American flag, the American nation itself, and the American military men and women who have sacrificed so much and continue to put their lives on the line so that whiny, yet privileged, players can make their millions.

The statement, released by Ford on Monday, read, “We respect individuals’ rights to express their views, even if they are not ones we share. That’s part of what makes America great.”

Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, set off the protest of kneeling while the United States national anthem is played, during the 2016 NFL preseason. The kneeling gesture was based on a belief that the United States is a horrible racist nation that oppresses “people of color” at every turn, and that American police are especially wicked in this regard.

With a new football season now underway, some NFL players have decided to keep the national anthem protests going, which in turn resulted in President Trump strongly criticizing these NFL players during a September 22nd speech in Alabama, when he said: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”

The liberal media, existing in a bubble that segregates them from the thoughts of regular Americans, thought they had a winning issue to go after the president. A flood of mainstream media stories attacking the president were published, and commentaters on such liberal networks as MSNBC and ESPN lit into the president for his words.

Of course, there was a problem – most Americans agreed with Trump! Results of polls indicate that a solid majority of Americans believe NFL players should stand for the national anthem.

It is interesting to see how the Ford Motor Company suddenly finds the issue of free speech for NFL players so important, since it was not that long ago that they had nothing to say when another group of NFL players wanted to exercise their right to free speech and were shut down by the NFL.

In August of 2016, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to honor five police officers murdered in Dallas by a Black Lives Matter supporter. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, blocked them from doing so. Where was the Ford Motor Company then? Why did Ford see fit to remain silent when the NFL quashed the attempt of an NFL team to show support for slain police officers?

The management of Ford should be ashamed. Their hypocrisy is overwhelming. Maybe some regular Americans will choose to express themselves by tuning out the NFL and shopping for their next car somewhere else.

[VIDEO] Bully Attacks U.S. Marine On Subway, Gets A Brutal Response

Recently, one misguided thug decided to start messing with an innocent bystander on a New York subway. Clearly, he didn’t realize the man he was talking to was a United States Marine.

Footage of the incident shows the bully harassing the Marine, who keeps a cool head for some time before deciding to teach this guy a serious lesson. By the time he does lunge for the thug, everyone could agree the guy deserved it.

Even after the rest of the riders could see it was over for him, the bully keeps going. Fortunately, the Marine demonstrated serious self-restraint and was able to walk away before things got out of hand.

What do you think? Would you have done the same?

Source: http://americannews.com/video-muslim-bully-attacks-u-s-marine-subway-gets-brutal-response/

4 year old hears local officer was diagnosed with cancer, brings piggy bank to help

A police department is calling a 4-year-old girl their hero after she donated all the money in her piggy bank to help one of their own who is battling cancer.

Sidney Fahrenbruch has a great relationship with her local police officers. The girl from Longmont, Colorado decided to donate her savings to help a member of the force who was diagnosed with cancer, according to a post by the department on Facebook.

Police officer Kyle Zulauf, an Army veteran and father of three, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over a year ago, according to TODAY. His brothers in blue have been raising money to pay for additional surgeries for him.

Sidney was quick to step up to help when she heard her local officers needed help. She owes a lot of her police department.

Sidney and the Longmont Police Department went viral earlier this year after she asked her officers to check her new home for monsters.

“I heard sounds when people weren’t up,” Sidney told KDVR back in July.

She met Officer David Bonday at a community event and solicited his help.
Soon, Bonday visited the family’s home and together they inspected the house. Bonday let Sidney use his flashlight to check under beds and couches for monsters.

“And then they ended up going in the front yard to make sure there was no monster activity,” said Sidney’s mom Megan Fahrenbruch.

Fahrenbruch said she’s grateful to the officer for giving her daughter the comfort she needed.

“We’re truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention,” said Fahrenbruch.

Sidney has big dreams to become a cop in the future and “help other people find monsters as well,” her mother said.

The police department has since kept a close relationship with Sidney. She visits them regularly, often bringing by sweet treats.

It was during one of her weekly visits when she spotted a poster asking for donations. She quickly donated all the money in her savings piggy bank, which totaled about $9 in bills and a bag of change.

The police department posted photos of Sidney to their Facebook page, along with a message thanking her for her generosity.

“Words are not available for what this means to us,” the police department wrote.

Read the police department’s full post below:

Many of you will recall Sidney (4-years-old), who made national news when Longmont Police Officer Bonday came to her house to search out and remove monsters in her new home.

Today, Sidney was back at the department with a different purpose. She brought the contents of her piggy bank for Officer Bonday to provide to our fundraiser for one of our officers who has been diagnosed with cancer. Words are not available for what this means to us.

We have other residents asking about how to donate if they are unable to make the fundraiser (information for Tokyo Joe’s fundraiser attached as a photo). Donations can be sent/hand-delivered to Longmont Public Safety, Zulauf Family, 225 Kimbark Street, Longmont, CO 80501 or by online donation at https://secure.supportfrp.com/relief+LongmontFOP .

Thank you Sidney (and family) for your kindness. Thank you Longmont community for your support.

Firefighters Rush Into Burning House To Save Woman But Are Shocked When They Find Her

No one really knows what they will do in the event of a disaster until one is presented before them. You may run screaming or you may be the courageous type who runs in the direction of the calamity.

What if I was not talking about humans in the sentence above? Well..okay I had them in mind when I wrote it, but this story is about the dog who saved his human.

Neighbors in Port Richmond, Philadelphia heard something they rarely heard from the house they knew to have a dog: barking. The difference this time was that the dog didn’t seem to be barking casually or at a pesky prey.

That’s when they happened to look out their windows to see the brightly-lit horror. The house from which they heard barking was on fire! They wasted no time calling the Fire Department and before long rescue crews arrived.

Firefighters charged into the building to rescue the two women neighbors recalled as the homeowner and her friend. As crews on the ground fought to subdue the vicious blaze, well-trained men in thick suits scoured the charred, smokey rooms.

That’s when they found something that took their breath away.

There, lying on the floor was the unconscious homeowner. Her dog Che, laid on top of her, his thick coat singed and burned. He was soaked as well from the water firefighters were pumping inside to make a rescue attempt even possible.

The firefighters hurridly brought both victims outside and to safety, reviving them with oxygen. The second woman was found inside as well, hurt but not seriously injured.

The women were taken to the hospital, Che’s owner was in fairly rough shape. Che was taken to CARES animal hospital where vets treated him extreme smoke inhalation.

Che is hanging out with his owner’s friend until she’s better
Founder of Red Paw Relief Team said it best when she referred to the rescue.

“It’s pretty amazing. And the fact that he [Che] stayed and tried to comfort his owner shows how important a family member dogs are.”

A few days later Che was released from the vet’s care and taken to a friend of his owner to hang out with until she recovered enough to be released.

If you think Che is a hero, SHARE his story! Check out the video below to see another dog who stuck with her owner and saved him from a ravenous house fire. Her name fits the role she has in her family’s life; her name is Halo. Learn how her owner repaid her for her bravery and courage:

Dad Makes Unexpected Find In Disabled Daughter’s Trick Or Treat Bag (Photos)

A California man has shown an amazing act of kindness toward a young disabled girl who came to his house to trick-or-treat.

Timothy Joe Winn of Antioch, California, said that he and his daughter Alyssa, 6, were trick-or-treating at a man’s residence on Bethel Island when the he slipped what Winn initially thought was a $10 bill into Alyssa’s bag, CBC San Francisco reports.

“This is for the wheelchair maintenance,” the man told Winn, according to East County Today.

When Winn and his daughter got home and started looking through Alyssa’s candy, however, they realized that the man had actually given them a $100 bill.

Winn, who shared the discovery with his wife, told CBS San Francisco that he was shocked by the generous gift.

“It’s just over the top,” he said. “We live in a pretty rough neighborhood and you usually don’t hear about random acts of kindness like this.”

Alyssa suffers from cerebral palsy and a degenerative brain disease, and cannot move around without the help of a wheelchair.

(Timothy Winn’s daughter Alyssa. Photo Credit: Timothy Winn via CBS San Francisco)

($100 bill in Alyssa’s bag of Halloween candy. Photo Credit: Timothy Winn via East County Today)

After East County Today shared the story on Facebook, users of the social media site showered the anonymous man with praise for his thoughtful act.

“Its nice to know there’s still good people out here,” one commenter wrote.

“Wonderful way to help ease someone’s burden,” another post read.

Alyssa’s mother, Rachelle Metcalf, also posted in the comments section.

“The random acts of kindness are amazing,” she wrote. “Pay it forward has always been my way of living life. Glad to see there are others out there that believe this too.”

The Facebook post about the man’s good deed has since gone viral, garnering 1,157 “likes” and 176 “shares” as of this writing.

Sources: East County Today, CBS San Francisco, Facebook / Photo credit: Timothy Winn via East County Today, CBS San Francisco

Judge Reacts After Refugee Man Doesn’t Stand In Court (Photos)

A Refugee man was shut down by a judge after refusing to stand in court and citing religious reasons for his refusal.

Ricardo McFarlane appeared in court after he allegedly disobeyed a court order that banned him from approaching people in public and “preaching sharia law.” McFarlane, a convert to Islam, was one of 21 men who set up outside a store and called for strict Islamic laws to be imposed.

In court, Judge Martin Beddoe noticed that McFarlane did not stand when he entered the room.

“If Mr. McFarlane isn’t going to treat this court with respect then I might have to deal with him differently than to release him on bail,” Beddoe said, The Sun reported.

“Because of his religious belief he believes there is only one person who he should bow to,” defense attorney Roy Hedlam responded.

“That is as may be, but this isn’t a court of religion, this is a secular court and it expects to be treated with respect,” Beddoe replied. “That isn’t in breach of any religious principles I’m aware of.”

McFarlane proceeded to stand for Beddoe while he was speaking and during the rest of the hearing, which took place in London.

Social media users commented on the incident.

“I would rise in any court room I might find myself in,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “Been in several as an observer never for me. When a Judge enters I rise. Not for the Judge as a person but for what he represents. I have known some Judges socially and to a person they are enjoyable to be around. But, if I knew a Judge that was the most miserable SOB I ever met I would rise in his court room for what he represented. The best legal system in the world.”

“No Sharia Law exists in this country! Period!” another wrote. “We must keep our laws and only our laws. Proud of the judge holding his grounds. We all need to stand our grounds and put them in their place.”

“That’s right!!!!” commented another who didn’t realize the incident was in the U.K. “This is America and American laws!!!! You stand up and show respect and honor!!!!! When criminals have no remorse. The sentence should double.”

Others spoke out against McFarlane’s actions that landed him in court in the first place.

“Under no circumstance will I bow to Islam, Sharia law,” one reader commented, who assumed the incident took place in the U.S. “There will be no muslim prayers in American schools. You want to live in America become an American. Otherwise get the f**k out of my country.”

Sources: The Sun, Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Brian Turner/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Gustavo Valiente Herrero/The Sun

Should Killing a Police Officer Be a Federal Crime Worthy of the Death Penalty?

During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised to create an executive order that would impose death penalties for cop killers.

He passed his 100th day in office without any movement on this pledge.

One explanation: It’s a very complicated idea with substantial legal barriers.

The death penalty is legal at the federal level and sentencing is a matter of congressional legislation, not presidential decree. It is unclear how Trump’s potential executive action could be used to impose the death penalty.

There are no federal or state laws that say prosecutors must seek the death penalty.

Recently a case in Florida highlighted how these decisions play out on the local and state levels.

Gov. Rick Scott removed an Orlando prosecutor, Aramis D. Ayala, from a high-profile case involving an accused cop killer, Markeith Loyd, after Ayala said she would not pursue the death penalty in murder cases.

The U.S. Supreme Court has also banned all state laws that make executions mandatory for murders, saying a requirement of prosecutors is unconstitutional.

In order for Trump to impose a death penalty for cop killers, he would need to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.  It is unlikely that he would be able to implement this action. We rate this promise Stalled.

Do you think that criminals who are convicted of murdering police officers should automatically face the death penalty?

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Dad Rapes, Kills 3-Week-Old Daughter; Should He Get The Death Penalty?

Here is the question of the day for you. Should a father that sexually molested (and killed) his 3-week-old daughter be sentenced to death or at least be given a life sentence? Matthew Warner, 30, has already been given a 50-year jail sentence for his actions. Back in January, Warner had reported his daughter, Ellorah, missing.

Image Credit: Facebook
He had been alone with his daughter and said someone had taken her. The trouble with his story was that neighbors had seen him carrying a small bundle out of his home just before he reported Ellorah missing.

Image Credit: Facebook

Warner caved when he was questioned and took police to the place he had left Ellorah.

Image Credit: N/A
Warner was charged with assault on a child causing death, murder, oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child 10 years or younger, torture, and aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Image Credit: Facebook
When Warner took a plea deal and got convicted of first-degree murder, all the other charges were dropped. So, now he will sit in prison for 50 years.

Image Credit: N/A
I don’t think the death penalty is the way to go – this monster needs to live with his crime for a very long time. Ellorah had barely lived.

Image Credit: ABC7
Her life was stolen from her by the one man who was supposed to protect her and love her. There is no excuse for what Warner did.

Sadly, the CDC reports that 50% of all adverse childhood experiences are made up of either physical or sexual abuse. We live in a very messed up society.


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