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Month: November 2017

Woman Lives Full-Time In Tiny Teardrop. Peek Inside To See How Functional It Is

When Sharon retired after a career as a pharmacist, she decided to take her life in a whole new direction. It was the nomad life for Sharon. “I really am a gypsy at heart,” she told CheapRVliving. Sharon lives in a 2015 T@B M@x S model teardrop trailer that she hauls with a 4-door Jeep Wrangler. […]

Family Welcomes 1st Baby Girl In 137 Years. Dad Freezes When Sees Highway Billboard

After 137 years of giving birth to boys, the Settle family was used to the idea that having a baby girl was just not in the cards. But when Kelen Settle found out she was pregnant with her second child, things took an interesting turn! A balloon gender reveal was set up and Kelen was […]

Ford Motor Company Issues STUNNING Statement on NFL Anthem Protests

What huge American company is the NFL’s largest sponsor? The Ford Motor Company. Well, Ford has put out a statement supporting NFL players who disrespect the American flag, the American nation itself, and the American military men and women who have sacrificed so much and continue to put their lives on the line so that […]

[VIDEO] Bully Attacks U.S. Marine On Subway, Gets A Brutal Response

Recently, one misguided thug decided to start messing with an innocent bystander on a New York subway. Clearly, he didn’t realize the man he was talking to was a United States Marine. Footage of the incident shows the bully harassing the Marine, who keeps a cool head for some time before deciding to teach this […]

4 year old hears local officer was diagnosed with cancer, brings piggy bank to help

A police department is calling a 4-year-old girl their hero after she donated all the money in her piggy bank to help one of their own who is battling cancer. Sidney Fahrenbruch has a great relationship with her local police officers. The girl from Longmont, Colorado decided to donate her savings to help a member […]

Firefighters Rush Into Burning House To Save Woman But Are Shocked When They Find Her

No one really knows what they will do in the event of a disaster until one is presented before them. You may run screaming or you may be the courageous type who runs in the direction of the calamity. What if I was not talking about humans in the sentence above? Well..okay I had them […]

Dad Makes Unexpected Find In Disabled Daughter’s Trick Or Treat Bag (Photos)

A California man has shown an amazing act of kindness toward a young disabled girl who came to his house to trick-or-treat. Timothy Joe Winn of Antioch, California, said that he and his daughter Alyssa, 6, were trick-or-treating at a man’s residence on Bethel Island when the he slipped what Winn initially thought was a […]

Judge Reacts After Refugee Man Doesn’t Stand In Court (Photos)

A Refugee man was shut down by a judge after refusing to stand in court and citing religious reasons for his refusal. Ricardo McFarlane appeared in court after he allegedly disobeyed a court order that banned him from approaching people in public and “preaching sharia law.” McFarlane, a convert to Islam, was one of 21 […]

Should Killing a Police Officer Be a Federal Crime Worthy of the Death Penalty?

During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised to create an executive order that would impose death penalties for cop killers. He passed his 100th day in office without any movement on this pledge. One explanation: It’s a very complicated idea with substantial legal barriers. The death penalty is legal at the federal level and sentencing is […]

Dad Rapes, Kills 3-Week-Old Daughter; Should He Get The Death Penalty?

Here is the question of the day for you. Should a father that sexually molested (and killed) his 3-week-old daughter be sentenced to death or at least be given a life sentence? Matthew Warner, 30, has already been given a 50-year jail sentence for his actions. Back in January, Warner had reported his daughter, Ellorah, […]