Hopefully ‘The View’s’ Latest Blunder Will Be The Final Nail In Their Coffin. Let’s Boycott Them

Because Democrats keep losing in America – it seems like there’s little hope of them getting power in office at least while Trump is president – “The View” hosts had a hissy fit on air. With a lot to say about the Democrats’ fresh loss in Georgia on Wednesday, they finally agreed on one thing the Republicans have been saying all along. The Democrat’s Anti-Trump platform simply doesn’t work. America likes Trump too much for that to have any effect on the “real” America. Even host Joy Behar agrees that the Democrats need to shift strategy if they plan on making headway.

When the subject of the recent elections in Georgia was raised, the hosts all started talking at once. It seems like they all had lots of opinions but little patience in listening to others – another trait of liberals. Although several of the co-hosts suggested that Democrat Jon Ossoff performed better than anyone else could against Republican Karen Handle in a traditionally red voting district, Behar was forced to level it with everyone.

“The Democrats have lost three elections,” she said. “So if you are using Donald Trump as your basis for your campaign, I don’t know if it’s working. I don’t think people are going towards the Democrats, and it’s a problem, a big problem.”

Although what Behar said makes complete sense, the other hosts felt compelled to get their two cents in. Sunny Hostin argued that the election results meant nothing. They just indicated that the residents in Georgia wanted Donald Trump’s part, which “made sense.”

That’s when Behar said the brutal truth that upset a lot of democrats. The fact that they’re failing to motivate their people to get out to the polls. When people vote, the Democrats historically win elections. When they don’t show up, they lose. And they lost in Georgia.

The Democrats’ Anti-Trump message is not galvanizing liberal Americans like they thought it would. It seems to be working in favor of Trump and his GOP.

“Generally speaking, Republicans vote in bigger numbers than Democrats. So the trick is to get these people to the polls,” she continued. “You’ve got to have a clear message. You’ve got to have a charismatic candidate, you’ve got to promise them things. You’ve got to do what Donald Trump did on the right.”

Behar then criticized Ossoff for his failings. If he had moved to a more accommodating district, he could have won. He also raised a lot of outside money to fund his campaign – and still lost the Georgia election.

Of course, Whoopi Goldberg had to say something. Goldberg doesn’t consider the latest failure a true “loss” as she explains.

“I don’t see it that way,” Goldberg said. “I see that Democrats are coming out, and they’re not coming out perhaps in the numbers you want them to come out in. […] I’m not looking at this as a loss, I’m looking at it as slow progress.”

What do you think about the Democrat’s latest loss at the polls?

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