Black Lives Matter Leader Makes New Demands For All White People

The Black Lives Matter movement is controversial in America. Now one of the activist group’s self-proclaimed core organizers has issued a challenge to white people across America. The leader of the Black Lives Matter Louisville chapter asked white people who do not have any descendants to will their property to a “black or brown family” and help a minority family establish roots and thrive in America. The request was published in a Leo Weekly posted titled, “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader.” It was written by Chanelle Helm. She wrote the article in an effort to spread awareness on the issues that minorities face in America and how white people can help make a difference if they’re interested.

Helms writes that white people who are inheriting property should consider selling it to minority families. She writes that “You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way” and encourages white landowners to share the wealth with people who have been systematically kept down.

Another claim in the article is that people who ignore racism are part of the problem. And in light of the domestic terrorist attack by white supremacist James Alex Fields, white people should speak out against racism when they see it.

“White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty – Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the f*** they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.”

While Helms might have a confrontational tone, she encourages people like you who do not support racism to stand up against it. It is important for white people to speak out against racism when they see it because white people have influence among other white people.

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Helms also points out that housing developers have an opportunity to combat racism by encourages minorities to live in their new properties.

“If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.”

The Movement for Black Lives lists many areas where a small change could have a large impact on minority lives. For example, college tuition, living expenses, and the revamping of educational curriculum could help black and brown people be more productive and happy American citizens.

Since 1989, Representative John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan, has asked for the government to create a commission to study the lingering effects of slavery on the black population and to find remedies to this problem. A United Nations study also claimed that “racial terrorism” of the past did deserve reparations for black people.

Change does not come cheap. It requires individuals to stand up and do what is right. While many of Helms’s claims may be too drastic for the average person to perform, speaking out against racism in the work place and in public is something everyone can do.

Do you speak up against racism when you have the chance?

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4 Replies to “Black Lives Matter Leader Makes New Demands For All White People”

  1. All ready that before you could have asked that or stated that.
    If I sale a house or property is goes to anyone the buys it and that happens to be Black, White, Brown at the time. And it has nothing to what lives matter. And we are all Americans we all have a right to purchase a home, property with out being Judges for who or what they are.

  2. What Land and etc? We have had to sell everything we had. Just to pay doctor bills. We own nothing and have hospital and doctor bills. And we are border line income. So we get NO help. We live off SS. I am SICK of hearing about the poor Black lives. ALL people are important and lives are important. And NO we all do NOT have money , etc. And have to make a choice food or medicine. We wear clothes that you would probably throw away. GET REAL. BLACKS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO DO WITHOUT.. I know that first hand. You are living in a dream World, Wake up. I see blacks who have lots more and better things than we have. And we worked hard all our life. We didn’t expect it to be handed to us. Have some pride. Get a job doing whatever job you can get. Thats what we did. You sound like spoiled people who ex pect things to be handed over. Life is NOT fair. I know that first hand also.

  3. The school in my region of the country had a problem with Black Boys fondling the girls at the lockers hidden behind the lockers. They explained they had to remove the second row of lockers for this reason. I removed my daughter’s from school that day and home schooled from then on. The problem is with the folks that accept it at the loss of their children! Was it the Slavery that created this mentality or the abolishment of it? Liberals want it both ways to suit their agenda! What good is a Principal and Teachers if they cannot govern their students. Expelled in my day!

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