98-Year-Old Mom Moves Back Into Home With Ailing 80-Year-Old Son To Take Care Of Him

When you are a mom, nothing ever changes this. No matter how old your children get, they are still your babies and you will continue doing everything that you can to provide care and support to them. This was proven by Ada Keating, a mom who is 98 years old. Her son is 80 years old and she is still there being the mom that he needs, providing love and care despite him being 80 years into his life.

Tom Keating, Ada’s son, went to Huyton, Liverpool, to become a resident at the care home known as Moss View. He needed some extra support and care to live at his highest level of well-being. He moved into the care home in 2016.

Approximately one year later, Ada Keating wanted to make sure that she played a role in providing her son with the support and care that he needed. This led to her also moving into Moss View so that it would be easier for her to provide it.

The son and mother duo are inseparable at the care home. They watch Emmerdale and spend a lot of time together just talking and playing games. It is definitely something that will warm your heart even on the toughest of days.

Tom and Ada never married and spend his life living with Ada. This resulted in the two forming a bond that is even stronger than the typical mom and child relationship. This is definitely evident when you watch the two interact. They appear to be best friends and two people who show the true meaning of unconditional love.

Ada says that every night, she heads to Tom’s room and tells him goodnight. When she gets up in the morning, she does it all over again to tell him good morning. When she is coming down for breakfast, she lets Tom know and he looks for her when she is returning from the hairdresser. He gives her a big hug and tells her that she never stops being a mom.

Tom says that the staff at the care home is very good. He also said that he is so happy that his mom now lives there and that he can see her all of the time. Of course, Ada is still a mom so she lovingly tells Tom to make sure that he behaves himself.

Ada’s husband Harry has since passed. They had four children together, including Tom. Ada worked at the former Mill Road Hospital as an auxiliary nurse and Tom was a decorator and a painter.

Some of the family members are regulars at the care home, including Debi Higham, one of Ada’s granddaughters. The family is happy to see that Tom and Ada are living together again and able to offer each other daily love and support. Debi says it is reassuring that they are looked after 24/7. She also stated that there is no parting them.

Philip Daniels, the manager at the care home says that it is very touching to see Tom and Ada and the close bond that they share. He further said that the care home is very happy that they can accommodate both of their needs.

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