Black Lives Matter Leader Makes New Demands For All White People

The Black Lives Matter movement is controversial in America. Now one of the activist group’s self-proclaimed core organizers has issued a challenge to white people across America. The leader of the Black Lives Matter Louisville chapter asked white people who do not have any descendants to will their property to a “black or brown family” and help a minority family establish roots and thrive in America. The request was published in a Leo Weekly posted titled, “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader.” It was written by Chanelle Helm. She wrote the article in an effort to spread awareness on the issues that minorities face in America and how white people can help make a difference if they’re interested.

Helms writes that white people who are inheriting property should consider selling it to minority families. She writes that “You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way” and encourages white landowners to share the wealth with people who have been systematically kept down.

Another claim in the article is that people who ignore racism are part of the problem. And in light of the domestic terrorist attack by white supremacist James Alex Fields, white people should speak out against racism when they see it.

“White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty – Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the f*** they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.”

While Helms might have a confrontational tone, she encourages people like you who do not support racism to stand up against it. It is important for white people to speak out against racism when they see it because white people have influence among other white people.

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Helms also points out that housing developers have an opportunity to combat racism by encourages minorities to live in their new properties.

“If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.”

The Movement for Black Lives lists many areas where a small change could have a large impact on minority lives. For example, college tuition, living expenses, and the revamping of educational curriculum could help black and brown people be more productive and happy American citizens.

Since 1989, Representative John Conyers, a Democrat from Michigan, has asked for the government to create a commission to study the lingering effects of slavery on the black population and to find remedies to this problem. A United Nations study also claimed that “racial terrorism” of the past did deserve reparations for black people.

Change does not come cheap. It requires individuals to stand up and do what is right. While many of Helms’s claims may be too drastic for the average person to perform, speaking out against racism in the work place and in public is something everyone can do.

Do you speak up against racism when you have the chance?

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Barack and Michelle Obama have spent over a decade trying to make it look like they had the perfect marriage. That’s why it came as such bad news to them recently when reports surfaced that Barack cheated on Michelle…

Reports have surfaced that Obama had an affair with campaign aide Vera Baker back in 2004, when he was running for Senate in Illinois. The reports state that Obama and Baker were caught in a Washington D.C. hotel by reporters.

Obama operatives reportedly paid off witnesses to stay silent about the affair. However, a limo driver told reporters that he took Baker “from a friend’s home in the DC area to the Hotel George where I learned later that Obama would be spending the night.” The driver added that he “waited in the lobby while she went to change her outfit. But to the best of my knowledge she did not have a room at the hotel and she was not staying there so I thought that it was a bit odd.”

The driver went on to say that he later picked up Obama at the airport and drove both he and Baker to various locations while he was campaigning for funds. Vera accompanied him to each meeting.

“About 10:30 PM, I drove them to the hotel and they went in together!” he said. “My services for the evening were done – and there was no indication she was going to leave the hotel that night.”

A top D.C. insider confirmed that the driver’s account had been independently corroborated by investigators who believe the couple spent the night together at the hotel.

When Michelle learned of this affair she was reportedly so livid that she forced Barack to fire Baker even though she had raised millions for his senatorial campaign. Not satisfied with stopping there, Michelle blacklisted Baker to the point where she had no choice but to leave the country and move to the island of Martinique. She remains there to this day.

Michelle was reportedly especially jealous of Baker given how attractive the young woman was, which shows a side of the former First Lady most Americans never got to see.

This has proven once again that the Obamas are liars and that their marriage was far from the perfect love story they pretend it to be. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Bikers Learn Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home In A USPS Box, Refused To Let That Happen

When those who have vowed to protect and serve the citizens of the U.S. pass away or return home from service, they should have a proper and respectful ceremony. That’s what the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) do.

They’re an organization that attends funerals for members of the military, firefighters, and police officers and protect those funerals from protesters and harassment.

In addition, they fill out the attendance at funerals for indigent and homeless veterans. They also perform volunteer work for veteran’s organizations and also host homecoming celebrations for troops who are coming home from overseas.

When Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner, who served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, died in California from combat-related injuries a year after he retired, the PGR was there, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The 41-year-old veteran’s family was unable to attend his funeral in California where he lived. So, the California PGR stepped in to ensure that Turner’s remains would make their way back to his family in a respectable manner.

“The California Patriot Guard Riders contacted all of the state captains from California to Georiga and explained the situation, that it wasn’t proper to ship this war hero home via FedEx,” Jeff Goodiel of the Georgia Patriot Guard Riders told Fox 5 Atlanta. “Within days, a convoy was assembled with each state’s Patriot Guard Riders driving Turner’s cremated remains across their state and then passing those remains off to the next group of riders.”

“Within days, a convoy was assembled with each state’s Patriot Guard Riders driving Turner’s cremated remains across their state and then passing those remains off to the next group of riders.”

The event organizers said it was the longest trip of its kind with hundred of volunteers who transported the remains more than 2,000 miles.

“It’s heartwarming, to see all these people here,” said Annie Glanton, Turner’s mother, “I know that he was loved by a lot of people.”

The PGR said Turner was well worth the effort.

“Turner was a great leader who inspired his fellow Marines, both in the Corps and in daily life,” their website reads. “You were his friend if you knew him for five minutes or five years. He would give you the shirt off his back.”

You can watch the video of the PGR in action below.

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Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested for refusing to let a cop draw blood has a settlement

The Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested after she refused to let a police officer draw blood from an unconscious hospital patient has reached a settlement of $500,000 with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah.

Alex Wubbels went viral after the body camera video of Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne forcibly arresting her was released by her attorney, Karra Porter. Porter said that there will be no lawsuit, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. In a press conference, Wubbles also said that she intends to use part of the settlement to work to make body cam videos more accessible, declaring, “We all deserve to know the truth. And the truth comes when you see the actual raw footage.”

The condemnation against Payne and his supervisor was swift. The detective was quickly fired from the police department. Wubbels never filed a civil lawsuit, instead going to a settlement, the Deseret News reports. A spokesman for Salt Lake City’s mayor announced that both the city and the university agreed to pay $250,000 in the settlement payout.

Though Wubbels was arrested and led out of the hospital in handcuffs, she was never charged with any crime. Payne was also not charged with any infraction; though an internal review found that the officers violated department policies, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Man donates liver to stranger, she gives him her heart in return

FRANKFORT, Ill. – Years ago, a man donated a piece of his liver to a stranger, and last weekend she gave him her heart in return. They were married in a church outside Chicago this weekend.

Doctors diagnoses Heather Krueger with stage 4 liver disease several years ago. Without a donor, she had just a few months to live.

Chris Dempsey of Frankfort, Illinois never met Heather, but he overheard a colleague at work talking about her dire situation and decided to get tested to see if he’d be a match. The former Marine says he is programmed to help others.

Heather recalled their first unofficial date in and interview with CBS News.

“We had lunch together, discussed what the whole process was going to be,” Heather said.

The transplant was successful, and the two stayed in touch, eventually falling in love. Last weekend, they tied the knot in a touching ceremony in front of family and friends.

“You are the most incredible man I have ever known,” Heather told Chris in her wedding vows. “You believe in me and you make me feel amazing every single day. Because of you, I laugh, smile and I dare to dream again.”

Watch the touching story below:

Homeless man too tall for normal clothes gets donations from NBA players


They call him the Gentle Giant. Now, a special relationship between the homeless man and a local police officer is getting the attention of some big names.

Zone 3 is one of the busiest precincts for the Atlanta Police Department, but Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston found it also has some officers who specialize in not only protecting the public, but serving the public.

“Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve known Jimmy,” said Atlanta police Officer Mason Mecure.
Mecure told Huddleston that his friendship with Jimmy James Brown, 52, has spanned 10 years.

“He cares a lot about me. He comes and checks on me,” Brown said.
During all the time Officer Mecure has known him, Brown, who has mental problems, has also been homeless, living next to an auto parts store on Pryor Road and University Avenue in southwest Atlanta.
“He’s never been a problem. He’s always been super nice to police and everyone around here,” Mecure said.
And Brown is huge.
“He’s super massive, 6 (feet) 11 (inches), 275 (pounds). It’s hard to give someone like that the clothes off your back or the shoes off your feet,” Mecure told Huddleston.
But that’s exactly what happened after Mecure asked people on Facebook to help Brown.
Word got to the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and former greats Dekembe Mutombo and Shaquille O’Neill.
“Shaq actually called my cellphone and said, ‘I have some shoes for you to come pick them up,’” Mecure said.

Brown now has some new shoes — size 22.
Mutombo also gave Brown bins of dress clothes and shoes.
“He can look like an athlete out here or a pastor after today,” Mecure said.
Mecure and Brown’s friendship is now stronger than ever.
“I appreciate the Lord and appreciate him and everyone else for the donations,” Brown said.
The auto parts store will hold Brown’s clothes for safekeeping. The Police Department is also working to get Brown into an apartment.

Police Issue Alert To Never Answer A Phone Call From These 5 Area Codes (updated list)

Police have issued a warning to everyone in the country. If you’re eager to keep your personal information out of the hands of hackers and scam artists, you need to pay attention to this alert. If you have a telephone with caller ID, you’ve undoubtedly seen calls coming in from strange area codes. While you probably wonder, “who is calling from Boise, Idaho or Tacoma, Washington?” you need to forgo your curiosity can refuse to pick up calls – from five high risk area codes. But the mystery makes people answer, and when they do, they put themselves at risk for getting scammed. The fast talkers on the other ends o the lines know exactly what to say to get private information from you. And if you miss the call? You probably want to call back. But police are urging people around the country not to return these strange calls And here is why…

A new telephone scam is brewing. And if they’re not careful, it can cost innocent people thousands of dollars.

Police are calling this the One-Ring scam. The scammers use international phone numbers to call people in the United States. But they only let it ring once, which is enough for it to get picked up on the caller ID. This makes the receivers of the call curious and eager to call back and see who was calling. If the person calls back, they make themselves vulnerable for the scam.

These international numbers are chosen because their three-digit area codes resemble domestic phone numbers. But they’re not – they are international. But if you call them back, you’re connected to a pay-per-call phone line that eats into your money and YOU’RE the one getting charged per minute.

Even if you don’t get connected, you can still be charged for the call. So do not call these strange numbers back.

If you do call back, the scammers try to sell you services you don’t need. For example, they’ve been known to convince people to sign up for expensive services and need personal information to do it. They usually want your credit card information and your current address. Police officers urge you not to give this information out.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued an official warning about the One-Ring Scam.

And they’ve identified the area codes that are most likely to be involved.

-268 – which comes from the Caribbean countries Antigua and Barbuda.

-809 – which comes from the Dominican Republic

-876 – which comes from Jamaica

-284 – which comes from the British Virgin Islands

-473 – which comes from Grenada

The FCC write: “Remember, you should always be cautious even if a number appears authentic. Criminals may also engage in caller ID “spoofing” – deliberately falsifying the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. (See our consumer guide on Spoofing and Caller ID.) Bottom line: Avoid answering or returning any calls from unfamiliar area codes or calls you suspect may be spoofed.”

Beware the One-Ring Scam.

-Police have issued a warning to everyone in the country. Please take it very seriously:

98-Year-Old Mom Moves Back Into Home With Ailing 80-Year-Old Son To Take Care Of Him

When you are a mom, nothing ever changes this. No matter how old your children get, they are still your babies and you will continue doing everything that you can to provide care and support to them. This was proven by Ada Keating, a mom who is 98 years old. Her son is 80 years old and she is still there being the mom that he needs, providing love and care despite him being 80 years into his life.

Tom Keating, Ada’s son, went to Huyton, Liverpool, to become a resident at the care home known as Moss View. He needed some extra support and care to live at his highest level of well-being. He moved into the care home in 2016.

Approximately one year later, Ada Keating wanted to make sure that she played a role in providing her son with the support and care that he needed. This led to her also moving into Moss View so that it would be easier for her to provide it.

The son and mother duo are inseparable at the care home. They watch Emmerdale and spend a lot of time together just talking and playing games. It is definitely something that will warm your heart even on the toughest of days.

Tom and Ada never married and spend his life living with Ada. This resulted in the two forming a bond that is even stronger than the typical mom and child relationship. This is definitely evident when you watch the two interact. They appear to be best friends and two people who show the true meaning of unconditional love.

Ada says that every night, she heads to Tom’s room and tells him goodnight. When she gets up in the morning, she does it all over again to tell him good morning. When she is coming down for breakfast, she lets Tom know and he looks for her when she is returning from the hairdresser. He gives her a big hug and tells her that she never stops being a mom.

Tom says that the staff at the care home is very good. He also said that he is so happy that his mom now lives there and that he can see her all of the time. Of course, Ada is still a mom so she lovingly tells Tom to make sure that he behaves himself.

Ada’s husband Harry has since passed. They had four children together, including Tom. Ada worked at the former Mill Road Hospital as an auxiliary nurse and Tom was a decorator and a painter.

Some of the family members are regulars at the care home, including Debi Higham, one of Ada’s granddaughters. The family is happy to see that Tom and Ada are living together again and able to offer each other daily love and support. Debi says it is reassuring that they are looked after 24/7. She also stated that there is no parting them.

Philip Daniels, the manager at the care home says that it is very touching to see Tom and Ada and the close bond that they share. He further said that the care home is very happy that they can accommodate both of their needs.

Woman Thinks Cat Died In Wildfire. Here’s The Tearful Moment They Find Her In The Ruins

When wildfires raged through Laura Ringenberger’s Napa neighborhood in October 2017, she was forced to flee her house with her family. Before they left, she went into her backyard to get her primarily outdoors cat, Kitty Kitty Star. She looked all around, but she couldn’t find the cat anywhere.

“I called for her for about 20 minutes but couldn’t find her. I worried that we would never see her again,” Ringenberger told Love Meow.

As the fires got closer to Ringenberger’s neighborhood, she and her family had to leave before the situation got deadly. Devastated, Ringenberger and her family evacuated, hoping that they would see their cat again.

Unfortunately, Ringenberger’s house was destroyed in the fire. Ringenberger also worried that her beloved cat didn’t survive the fire. Ringenberger desperately wanted to know if her cat was alive. So as soon as it was safe to return her neighborhood, she flagged down an ABC 10 News reporter who was covering the Napa fire. She asked him to take her to her house.

When they got to Ringenberger’s property, she started calling for the cat. She walked over the charred ground, calling, “Here, kitty kitty!”

And then, a miracle happened. Kitty Kitty Star walked up to Ringenberger. She was covered in soot, but she was unhurt.

“She came out about 20 minutes after we got there. I called for her for a while. Eventually I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal,” Ringenberger told Love Meow. “The fact that she was OK, and she was right there. It was a crazy moment.”

Ringenberger kissed the cat and hugged her tightly. The cat curled up in Ringenberger’s arms, clearly thrilled to be reunited with her favorite person.

“I have never heard her so vocal,” Ringenberger said. “I felt relieved because I would’ve had the guilt for the rest of my time, had I not found her.”

Ringenberger, Kitty Kitty Star, and her family are staying in a friend’s condo in Lake Tahoe. For now, Kitty Kitty Star has become an indoor cat, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“This place where we’re staying has two flights of stairs, and she’s been bouncing up and down the stairs,” Ringenberger told The Dodo. “She’s a very happy kitty. We woke up this morning, and she was curled up in bed with us, which was a sweet thing.”

The future may be a bit uncertain, but thankfully, Ringenberger’s family is healthy and whole. Check out the heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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Hopefully ‘The View’s’ Latest Blunder Will Be The Final Nail In Their Coffin. Let’s Boycott Them

Because Democrats keep losing in America – it seems like there’s little hope of them getting power in office at least while Trump is president – “The View” hosts had a hissy fit on air. With a lot to say about the Democrats’ fresh loss in Georgia on Wednesday, they finally agreed on one thing the Republicans have been saying all along. The Democrat’s Anti-Trump platform simply doesn’t work. America likes Trump too much for that to have any effect on the “real” America. Even host Joy Behar agrees that the Democrats need to shift strategy if they plan on making headway.

When the subject of the recent elections in Georgia was raised, the hosts all started talking at once. It seems like they all had lots of opinions but little patience in listening to others – another trait of liberals. Although several of the co-hosts suggested that Democrat Jon Ossoff performed better than anyone else could against Republican Karen Handle in a traditionally red voting district, Behar was forced to level it with everyone.

“The Democrats have lost three elections,” she said. “So if you are using Donald Trump as your basis for your campaign, I don’t know if it’s working. I don’t think people are going towards the Democrats, and it’s a problem, a big problem.”

Although what Behar said makes complete sense, the other hosts felt compelled to get their two cents in. Sunny Hostin argued that the election results meant nothing. They just indicated that the residents in Georgia wanted Donald Trump’s part, which “made sense.”

That’s when Behar said the brutal truth that upset a lot of democrats. The fact that they’re failing to motivate their people to get out to the polls. When people vote, the Democrats historically win elections. When they don’t show up, they lose. And they lost in Georgia.

The Democrats’ Anti-Trump message is not galvanizing liberal Americans like they thought it would. It seems to be working in favor of Trump and his GOP.

“Generally speaking, Republicans vote in bigger numbers than Democrats. So the trick is to get these people to the polls,” she continued. “You’ve got to have a clear message. You’ve got to have a charismatic candidate, you’ve got to promise them things. You’ve got to do what Donald Trump did on the right.”

Behar then criticized Ossoff for his failings. If he had moved to a more accommodating district, he could have won. He also raised a lot of outside money to fund his campaign – and still lost the Georgia election.

Of course, Whoopi Goldberg had to say something. Goldberg doesn’t consider the latest failure a true “loss” as she explains.

“I don’t see it that way,” Goldberg said. “I see that Democrats are coming out, and they’re not coming out perhaps in the numbers you want them to come out in. […] I’m not looking at this as a loss, I’m looking at it as slow progress.”

What do you think about the Democrat’s latest loss at the polls?

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