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Month: November 2017

Black Lives Matter Leader Makes New Demands For All White People

The Black Lives Matter movement is controversial in America. Now one of the activist group’s self-proclaimed core organizers has issued a challenge to white people across America. The leader of the Black Lives Matter Louisville chapter asked white people who do not have any descendants to will their property to a “black or brown family” […]


Barack and Michelle Obama have spent over a decade trying to make it look like they had the perfect marriage. That’s why it came as such bad news to them recently when reports surfaced that Barack cheated on Michelle… Reports have surfaced that Obama had an affair with campaign aide Vera Baker back in 2004, when […]

Bikers Learn Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home In A USPS Box, Refused To Let That Happen

When those who have vowed to protect and serve the citizens of the U.S. pass away or return home from service, they should have a proper and respectful ceremony. That’s what the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) do. They’re an organization that attends funerals for members of the military, firefighters, and police officers and protect those […]

Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested for refusing to let a cop draw blood has a settlement

The Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested after she refused to let a police officer draw blood from an unconscious hospital patient has reached a settlement of $500,000 with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah. Alex Wubbels went viral after the body camera video of Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne forcibly arresting […]

Man donates liver to stranger, she gives him her heart in return

FRANKFORT, Ill. – Years ago, a man donated a piece of his liver to a stranger, and last weekend she gave him her heart in return. They were married in a church outside Chicago this weekend. Doctors diagnoses Heather Krueger with stage 4 liver disease several years ago. Without a donor, she had just a […]

Homeless man too tall for normal clothes gets donations from NBA players

WSB-TV They call him the Gentle Giant. Now, a special relationship between the homeless man and a local police officer is getting the attention of some big names. Zone 3 is one of the busiest precincts for the Atlanta Police Department, but Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston found it also has some officers who specialize in […]

Police Issue Alert To Never Answer A Phone Call From These 5 Area Codes (updated list)

Police have issued a warning to everyone in the country. If you’re eager to keep your personal information out of the hands of hackers and scam artists, you need to pay attention to this alert. If you have a telephone with caller ID, you’ve undoubtedly seen calls coming in from strange area codes. While you […]

98-Year-Old Mom Moves Back Into Home With Ailing 80-Year-Old Son To Take Care Of Him

When you are a mom, nothing ever changes this. No matter how old your children get, they are still your babies and you will continue doing everything that you can to provide care and support to them. This was proven by Ada Keating, a mom who is 98 years old. Her son is 80 years […]

Woman Thinks Cat Died In Wildfire. Here’s The Tearful Moment They Find Her In The Ruins

When wildfires raged through Laura Ringenberger’s Napa neighborhood in October 2017, she was forced to flee her house with her family. Before they left, she went into her backyard to get her primarily outdoors cat, Kitty Kitty Star. She looked all around, but she couldn’t find the cat anywhere. “I called for her for about […]

Hopefully ‘The View’s’ Latest Blunder Will Be The Final Nail In Their Coffin. Let’s Boycott Them

Because Democrats keep losing in America – it seems like there’s little hope of them getting power in office at least while Trump is president – “The View” hosts had a hissy fit on air. With a lot to say about the Democrats’ fresh loss in Georgia on Wednesday, they finally agreed on one thing the Republicans […]