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Month: October 2017

GОP Stаnds With Тrump 10000% – Dеlivеrs Nаsty Surрrisе Тo Dеms Fоr Тrying Тo Таkе Dоwn Тrumр

The lawmaker of the Republicans publicly made an amendment which will stop funding Russia’s special counsel investigation 9 months after it becomes law. Republican Ron DeSantis made the amendment to also prevent Robert Mueller from the special counsel to probe matters before June 2015. That is the same month Trump announced his presidential bid. This […]

NY Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel Found Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations

Representative Charlie Rangel of New York is a walking argument for term limits. In a new development which should surprise no one, he has been found guilty of 11 ethics violations. Charlie Rangel Found Guilty on 11 of 13 Ethics Violations Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel has found himself in a bit of a pickle. After […]