Do You Support Trump’s Plan For a National ‘Right to Carry’ Law?

Radio host Howard Stern has come out in support of President-elect Donald Trump’s plan for concealed carry permit reciprocity in all 50 states.

“When you think about it, if somebody is a legal and responsible gun owner, let’s say in Massachusetts, why when he crosses the border is he suddenly an outlaw?” Mr. Stern asked during his show this week on SiriusXM, the Daily Caller reported.

Co-host Robin Quivers agreed, adding, “Each state has to declare — permit you to carry or not, and so as you go from state to state you are breaking the law if you continue to carry your gun. If it was national, you would just be able to carry in any state.”

“It makes total sense,” Mr. Stern interjected. “I support that.”

Ms. Quivers continued, “They are saying that many people who have carry permits, the majority of them, are the most law abiding people in the country, so why not give them the right to carry wherever they are.”

Mr. Stern argued that concealed carry permits should be similar to driver’s licenses.

Do You Support Trump’s Plan For a National ‘Right to Carry’ Law?


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