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Month: August 2017

TRUMP Is About To ELIMINATE These 2 GROUPS From FOOD STAMPS … Do you support THIS?

TRUMP Is About To ELIMINATE These 2 GROUPS From FOOD STAMPS … Do you support THIS? “PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS ALMOST DOUBLED OUR NATIONAL DEBT TO MORE THAN $19 TRILLION, AND GROWING,” TRUMP SAID.Trump also said:“Yet what do we have to show for it? Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in third-world […]

Franklin Graham Posts Stunning Comment About Melania Trump… 10k Likes An Hour

Rev. Graham “Thankful” For Melania Trump Displaying Her FaithWhen Melania Trump started her husband’s campaign-style mega-rally in Florida over the weekend, she began by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.Almost immediately, liberals lost their minds.To Christians, however, her choice of the prayer — first uttered by Jesus Christ as an example for his followers — was a brave […]

Would You Support A Law Requiring All Welfare Recipients To Pass A Drug Test First?

Since Trump has been in the White House, he has been moving fast to get some important regulations passed. The latest is to drug test all unemployed Americans who are seeking unemployment benefits. This means that those who are out of work need to keep a clean slate while they look for work and apply […]

Barack Obama Says: Me And My People Will Impeach Trump Together. Do You Support Him ?

The Constitution of the United States, Art. 2, S. 4, provides that the president, vice-president, and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, and/or other high crimes and misdemeanors.We, the undersigned, lobby for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump suspected of treason, in […]

Muslims Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl — What Leftist Judge Gives Them Is Infuriating

A gang of migrants drugged a teen girl, sodomized her, forced her to perform oral sex, and brutally raped her again and again, driving her to want to commit suicide. However, a leftist judge sided with the pedophile rapists, and what he gave them has the nation in an uproar.A 14-year-old Norwegian girl was kidnapped […]

BOMBSHELL: Top FBI Attorney NAILED for LEAKS! Comey’s Boy up S**t Creek!

IT‘S ALL HAPPENING! The Obama era spies, crooks and leakers are finally being outed. Six months after President Donald J. Trump’s historic victory, the tables have turned against the Crooked Never-Trumpers more concerned with political power and influence peddling than the welfare of the people.  (VIDEO BELOW)As the Crooked Liberal Media has  pushed and pushed […]

Judge Throws Out Case, Says “In God We Trust” Will Stay On Currency. Do You Support This?

A judge recently struck down a case regarding the religious wording on U.S. currency. The plaintiff argued that the phrase “In God We Trust,” that is seen on American dollars, is a breach of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and places a burden on a person’s right to exercise religious freedom.The Ohio judge, Benita Pearson […]

Man Rapes Infant, Leaves Her With Something To Remember Him By

A Texas judge sentenced a man who sexually assaulted and infected two young girls to life in prison. David R. Wilson, 33, was already a convicted pedophile when he molested his 23-month-old niece and another 14-year-old girl, Inquisitr reports.He had previously spent four years in jail for sexual assault when he took in his young niece because her […]

POLL: Should Bacon Be BANNED Because It’s Offensive To Muslims?

Workers should be banned from eating bacon sandwiches and sausage rolls to avoid offending Muslim and Jewish colleagues, a controversial report says.Cocktail sausages would become contraband, pork pies sidelined, and boozy office parties reigned in in a bid to observe religious sensitivities, the study by a London-based professor of faith argues.The rules would apply to shared spaces including microwaves, fridges […]

Every Biker Has Heard Trump’s NEW Call! Look Which City They Are Heading To Now

President Trump is holding a rally in Pheonix on Tuesday, and leftist groups are already trying to cause trouble. Fourteen groups are going to protest the rally, and have urged others to book free tickets to attend so that the arena seats are empty. But, Washington Times reports, those protestors didn’t count on one thing- bikers. Bikers […]