Should Trump Ban Islam In American Schools?

Muslim culture is on the move in America, and it is quickly making inroads to the heart of our nation—our school system.Liberals have known for a long time: if you can indoctrinate our nation’s youth, you can win the long game.Now Muslims are in on the game, attacking school boards over their “freedom of speech.”Some schools are now teaching Sharia in America’s classrooms, but patriotic parents are speaking up.Should Donald Trump put an end to this – should he BAN Islamic teaching from our nation’s schools?Vote in our national poll, then let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

23 Replies to “Should Trump Ban Islam In American Schools?”

  1. Years ago they took God out of schools. Why then should we be forced to honor these muslims with their religion. Send them back home to follow their customs in their own country, not come here & expect us to change for them.

  2. Yes indeed if they want to continue their ways the let the go home to their sandbox from whence they can here the are uninvited and unwanted

  3. I am outraged..Our Children can not say a little prayer, and these animals can lay down and stick their rumps up in the air and Pretend to be praying while they are just forcing their ways on us. Please Mr President Trump, BAN them from our country.

  4. Yes! It must be banned! Those Islamic Indoctrinators aren’t teachers. They pose as State Certified Teachers. They mentally and emotionally abuse students ages 4-18

  5. They want to this they need to go back to their country…….we do not need them or want them hrtr,,,Thank You very much…………….

  6. Yes, absolutely ban Islam and ALL ITS TEACHINGS from all public schools in America. It violates the First Amendment right of freedom of religion that “Government shall not promote any religion”.

  7. Yes, ban it from all schools. We don’t want them or their teaching. Plus our tax money should not be used to teach them.

  8. Obama fooled most of Americans. Then he opened his mouth and said I to am a Muslim. That did it for me. He got 8 yrs to turn America on themselves. Now look….Hillary and family are best friends with the Obamas. So this is what he wanted folks. He would love to change this government to become Islam. Send Obama and his Islamic people back where they come from.

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