Contractor Called To Fix Leaky Roof, Horrified At What He Finds Inside

A single Missouri woman living alone with her children had been asking for help with her leaky roof for six months, but she couldn’t get anyone to come out. The message was passed around by plenty of people, but nobody wanted a part in her mess until one man saw it and felt he should take a look at it. However, he couldn’t believe what he found.Before seeking help for the roof, the struggling single mom, Joanna Wiley, thought she should try to fix it herself since she couldn’t afford a contractor. Each time it rained, water poured into her house, the worst spot was right over her 3-year-old daughter’s bed. Determined she could patch it herself and sick of seeing her daughter getting soaked so often, Wiley propped a latter up against the house and almost made it to the top, when she lost her footing and fell on the porch.KTVI reports that she suffered a traumatic brain injury from the fall, but while being treated for it, things were about to get worse. Being tight on funds and badly injured with a dilapidated 40-year-old home that was unsafe for her family, the mother learned that she has thyroid cancer while she was in the hospital for the brain injury. Having hit rock bottom when she hit the pavement, she lost all hope of fixing the roof before the next big rain storm. She turned to social media to plead her case for help, but after 6 months of putting her story out there, it had gone completely ignored.By chance, roofer Edward Aguado, of Edwards Roofing and Repair, caught wind that she was in need and paid her a visit. As he checked on her home, he was horrified and heartbroken that her need was worse than he thought. The cancer-stricken woman and her children were suffering inside this run-down house that she now, more than ever, had no way to remedy.Edward Aguado listened to the woman, probably one of the first to actually hear her out and care about what she had to say. Knowing he was in a position to help, he went to her home prepared to offer to replace her roof for her. Lifting the burden off of this stranger’s shoulder’s, Aguado made good on his promise. Within three days, she had a brand new roof over her family’s heads, and she could now focus on her cancer recovery.“At first, I thought it was a scam,” Wiley said. Describing his offer to help as “too good to be to true,” it was in fact very true because Aguado is a good guy. The monetary value of his generosity is estimated at about $9,000-$10,000, but to Wiley, it’s much more than that. Knowing that her family is safe and dry while she’s back in the hospital for an extended stay, is priceless.With so much hate and unrest happening around us recently, it’s refreshing to hear that there are still good people in this world, and they are who deserve the attention. As people are protesting for a difference in their communities, countless heroes like Aguado are actually out there making it happen.Please share the story and tell us what you think by clicking one of the buttons below. We want to hear YOUR voice!

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