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Trump Steps In, Orders WV School Board To Fire Sharia-Loving Muslim Principal

July 30, 2017 | Admin | 1 Comment

For more than a week, parents have been expressing outrage about a recent staffing change at a small West Virginia school Pratchett-Cline Elementary is situated in the middle of God-fearing Mercer County, but for some reason the school board hired a Sharia-pushing Muslim to run it.

Bahar al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam is a former Imam at a mosque in Iran who taught that “Sharia  is and will be the law everywhere” and that Muslims should “rip the throats” of nonbelievers.

Last summer, he took a trip home to Iran where he married a 9-year-old girl who is currently enrolled in Bluefield’s Pratchett-Cline. He is also on the run from some pretty heinous charges involving goats, rape, and “severe internal hemorrhaging.”

In short, he’s not someone you want anywhere near your kids or his own “wife.” Nevertheless, the school board and its Muslim president Rafiki Haram refused to fire him, citing “religious freedom.”

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