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Month: July 2017

School District Votes To Bring Back Paddling For Disobedient Students. Do You Support This?

On Tuesday one school district in Texas has brought back corporal punishment. Now students who misbehave in class will be paddled until they get better grades. Although there is little evidence that corporal punishment helps students focus better or improve their test scores, the Three Rivers Independent School board of trustees in south Texas think it […]

Famous Gay Man Makes Shocking Admission About Barack Obama’s Sexuality

The first gay president? A prominent, gay conservative seems to believe Barack Obama prefers men. (Images: YouTube)Former President Barack Obama’s sexuality has been hotly debated over the years. From tales of gay lovers back in Chicago to his affinity for homosexual bathhouses, there’s been no shortage of ammunition for those who believe that he’s batting for the […]

Woman Floored By What Bagger Did In Aisle, After Man Asked Simple Question

Jennifer Christopher Coker (left), Publix grocery store in Georgia (right)A woman’s shopping trip to a Georgia Publix store left her in a state of disbelief and tears, after what she caught a bagger doing toward the back of the store. Rather than reporting it to the store manager, she snapped a photo to share with […]

Look What The Obama Women Spotted Were Just Spotted Doing

Ever since the Obamas left the White House, they have been jet-setting around the world and chumming it up with their Hollywood pals. Somehow, Barack Obama still considers himself to be an ‘everyman.’ The Obama family is currently in Bali. On Monday, they were spotted taking a tour of the Tirta Empul Temple—the latest stop […]

Melania Trump Crushes Mika Brzenzinski For Attacking Barron, She Just Crossed The Line

Over the weekend, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski decided to bring 11-year-old Barron Trump into her feud with the Trump family. It didn’t take long for Melania to let her known she had made a huge mistake. In a recent segment of “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski questioned the mental stability of the president. Later, she expanded her […]

12 Percent Of Trump Voters Having Second Thoughts.

New polling indicates that 1 in 8 of President Donald Trump’s voters are unsure of whether they would cast a ballot for him again after seeing his first six months in office. If the trend continues or deepens, it could spell trouble for the president’s re-election prospects in 2020. On July 20, a Reuters/Ipsos poll […]

What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As The Monday Morning Massacre

People are already calling what President Trump just did the Monday morning massacre and they aren’t wrong. Because Trump just dealt a lethal blow to all his enemies. And make no mistake, Trump is fighting for America and his enemies are not. That is the difference and why this morning will go down in history. […]

Pentagon Stuns World When They Announce They Will Not Pay For…

Donald Trump just proved to the world why politicians should be successful businessmen – because businessmen have common sense. Fact is, most conservative solutions to government problems aren’t complicated. They’re not even close. The genius of the Right, and the idiocy of the Left, usually comes down to one thing – experience living and working in […]

Trump Steps In, Orders WV School Board To Fire Sharia-Loving Muslim Principal

For more than a week, parents have been expressing outrage about a recent staffing change at a small West Virginia school Pratchett-Cline Elementary is situated in the middle of God-fearing Mercer County, but for some reason the school board hired a Sharia-pushing Muslim to run it. Bahar al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam is a former Imam at […]

TRUTH BOMB! James Woods CRUSHED Traitor John Mccain in 2 EPIC Tweets!

A day after John Mccain cemented his legacy as the Benedict Arnold / Judas of the GOP, patriot James Woods took to Twitter to slam the feckless traitor. In Wood’s first tweet, John Mccain is pictured with radical leftist financier George Soros. James Woods asks “which one is the top and which one the bottom?” […]