School District Votes To Bring Back Paddling For Disobedient Students. Do You Support This?

On Tuesday one school district in Texas has brought back corporal punishment. Now students who misbehave in class will be paddled until they get better grades. Although there is little evidence that corporal punishment helps students focus better or improve their test scores, the Three Rivers Independent School board of trustees in south Texas think it will help. They are now shipping paddles to their teachers to be used as corporal punishment when students misbehave. And the teachers really need the device to control their students.

The Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) defines corporal punishment as

“deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping or any other physical force used as a means of discipline.” The school district hopes that paddling will help improve classroom behavior so students can retain more information and improve the district’s falling test scores.

Although many parents are eager to get their kids signed up for the more aggressive in-school disciplinary action, parents are given the opportunity to opt in or opt out. They need to provide both written and verbal assent if they want their children paddled in the classroom. And many parents are signing up.

When parents approve the school’s disciplinary measure, the students “will receive one paddling for his or her infraction when they misbehave at school.”

The school district wants to give parents the opportunity to have their children paddled in class. They’re not forcing them to do it.

“If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion,” the school district’s superintendent Mary Springs told the Caller-Times.

Now when students disobey a teacher or break classroom rules, they’ll be paddled. Three Rivers Elementary School campus behavior coordinator, Andrew Amaro, is excited to bring back paddling. He pitched the idea to the school officials and told them that when he grew up paddling was used to great effect. He claims it is better than giving students detention or suspension.

“I believe it worked,” Amaro told the Caller-Times when asked about being paddled as a child. “It was an immediate response for me. I knew that if I got in trouble with a teacher and I was disrespectful, whatever the infraction was, I knew I was going to get a swat by the principal.”

Opposition to corporal punishment point to statistics that show students of color are disproportionally likely to receive a paddling.

Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr wrote a letter asking states to ban corporal punishment. But 22 states still allow it in their schools.

“Approximately 40,000 — or more than one-third — of those students who were subjected to corporal punishment are black; black students, by comparison, make up only 16 percent of the total public school student population,” King wrote. “Similarly, in states where students were subjected to corporal punishment, black boys were 1.8 times as likely as white boys to be subject to corporal punishment, and black girls were 2.9 times as likely as white girls to be subject to corporal punishment.”

Do you think paddling is fair? Or should it not be allowed?

Famous Gay Man Makes Shocking Admission About Barack Obama’s Sexuality

The first gay president? A prominent, gay conservative seems to believe Barack Obama prefers men. (Images: YouTube)
Former President Barack Obama’s sexuality has been hotly debated over the years. From tales of gay lovers back in Chicago to his affinity for homosexual bathhouses, there’s been no shortage of ammunition for those who believe that he’s batting for the other team. Now, we have been presented with perhaps the best evidence yet that Obama may have indeed been the first gay POTUS after one famous gay man just made a shocking admission.

The Obamas were photographed leaving the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., on Sunday amid President Donald Trump’s claims that the former administration tapped his phones during the 2016 presidential election. Looking relaxed and smiling for the cameras, Mr. Obama was pictured in a leather Canali jacket that retails for $1,800 which he paired with jeans and matching shoes.

While the mainstream media collectively fawned over this weekend’s public Obama sighting, a prominent gay conservative pointed out something of note in the pictures of the former president from his Sunday outing. In a snarky Monday Facebook post, right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos insinuated that Obama is gay, judging by the way he dresses now that he’s no longer the president.

Other Facebook users seemed to believe Yiannopoulos was onto something. “He’s been married to Michael for how long. No one has really seen his real birth certificate because he paid millions to have his records sealed. Everything about this guy is a fraud. Joke will be on his ignorant supporters when his true identity comes out,” commented one person.

“Michelle was Michael Robinson when they met so…I’m not shocked by this,” wrote someone else, referencing the conspiracy theory that the former First Lady was actually a man in disguise.

“Look I have always thought he was gay!!! And that his marriage was of convenience. They have still never found the person/persons responsible for the deaths of the men that say they dated Obama back during his Reverend Wright Church days in the Down Low Club,” commented yet another Facebook user who also seems to believe that Obama is gay and that he went so far as to have his past lovers killed to cover it up.

Milo Yiannopoulos, perhaps the most famous gay conservative of the moment, would seemingly know what he’s talking about when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. Can you prove that someone is gay just by the way they dress, though? Not unequivocally.

However, this is not the only evidence which has surfaced over the years that would suggest Barack Obama prefers men. It certainly would explain his push to legalize gay marriage and his incessant promotion of the LGBT agenda.

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Woman Floored By What Bagger Did In Aisle, After Man Asked Simple Question

Jennifer Christopher Coker (left), Publix grocery store in Georgia (right)
A woman’s shopping trip to a Georgia Publix store left her in a state of disbelief and tears, after what she caught a bagger doing toward the back of the store. Rather than reporting it to the store manager, she snapped a photo to share with everyone on social media.

Jennifer Christopher Coker said that she was at the store in Tifton, when she heard a man ask the sales clerk a simple question. The young employee’s unusual response caught her off guard, but she didn’t think much else of it until she saw him again a few moments later when he was with the man he had just had an interaction with and who was clearly struggling.

According to Fox 5, a wheelchair-bound elderly customer had come into the hectic store that day, when he stopped and asked the first clerk he saw if he was busy. The worker, only identified as Roger, was in the middle of his duties and turned to the disabled man, when suddenly his face changed. Another customer saw the clerk light up with a smile, responding politely with, “No sir, how can I help you?”

The elderly gentleman explained that he was afraid of how long it would take him to gather the groceries on his own that night and wondered if the clerk could help him with his shopping. Without hesitation or a grimaced look on his face for being asked to deviate from his job description, Roger said that it would be his pleasure to help.

Jennifer Christopher Coker’s post, showing Roger helping elderly man

With the man’s shopping list in his hand, the kind employee patiently walked through each aisle, crossing each item off as he grabbed it, with not a care or single concern for the time it took. “There was no agitation in his tone for being interrupted. There was no rush to his walk to make the man feel like he was a burden,” Coker wrote, in her viral Facebook post last year, about the incident that’s now making the rounds again.

The woman watched the two through tears of gratitude for this young man, who she’s never met before, but was pleased to see how well his parents raised him. “It is so rare to see such a young person have such respect for his elders. I had tears knowing that the elderly gentleman was probably happy to have someone help him AND to listen to him,” she wrote in astonishment and awe of this incredible young person. “You don’t get this kind of service at just any grocery store but Publix, specifically the Publix in Tifton, Ga.”

In an era of entitlement, where teens and young adults have no respect for anyone else but themselves and will treat other people like dirt if they get in the way of what they want, Roger is a credit to his generation. It needs to be seen that it’s cool to be kind. We all need to slow down, look around, and appreciate people. We should help others when there is a need. Parents, who are present and do their job right, produce kids like Roger, and the world needs more of that.


Look What The Obama Women Spotted Were Just Spotted Doing

Ever since the Obamas left the White House, they have been jet-setting around the world and chumming it up with their Hollywood pals. Somehow, Barack Obama still considers himself to be an ‘everyman.’

The Obama family is currently in Bali. On Monday, they were spotted taking a tour of the Tirta Empul Temple—the latest stop on their seemingly never-ending global vacation. Previous stops include Italy, the Virgin Islands, Tahiti, Scotland, and Palm Springs.

Though the Obamas are no longer spending taxpayer dollars on their lavish lifestyles, they’re bringing in a collective $60 million for their memoirs. Even though the former presidential couple spent the majority of their time in the White House criticizing the wealthy elite, they seem blind to the hypocrisy here.



Liberals seem to be idolizing Barack and Michelle more than ever, but the rest of us are just exhausted. Do you agree?


Melania Trump Crushes Mika Brzenzinski For Attacking Barron, She Just Crossed The Line

Over the weekend, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski decided to bring 11-year-old Barron Trump into her feud with the Trump family. It didn’t take long for Melania to let her known she had made a huge mistake.

In a recent segment of “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski questioned the mental stability of the president. Later, she expanded her criticism to the entire first family, targeting Melania before moving on to Barron.

Brzezinski claimed Melania has “the worst job in the country,” arguing that Barron is the only reason she is remaining the first lady.

“I know Melania. I haven’t talked to her in months, but if my gut is right, I don’t think she’s going to put up with it much longer,” Brzezinski said. “I know nothing. That’s just my instinct, and I go with my gut, and my gut’s always right. I’m just telling you, Melania’s got the worst job in the country, and I don’t think she wants to do it a lot longer. I think she will do it for as long as she has to for her son, and that’s it.”

Melania responded to the accusation in a statement, arguing that Brzezinski does not “know” her and was simply using the first family to further her “own agenda.”

“It is sad when people try to further their own agenda by commenting on me and my family, especially when they don’t know me,” the First Lady said.

What do you think? Is it completely inappropriate for Brzezinski to bring a child into the discussion?

12 Percent Of Trump Voters Having Second Thoughts.

New polling indicates that 1 in 8 of President Donald Trump’s voters are unsure of whether they would cast a ballot for him again after seeing his first six months in office. If the trend continues or deepens, it could spell trouble for the president’s re-election prospects in 2020.

On July 20, a Reuters/Ipsos poll of registered voters who cast a ballot during the 2016 election found that 88 percent of self-identified Trump voters would vote for the president again. The remaining 12 percent were not so certain.

Of those wavering Trump voters, 1 percent said they would not vote if the 2016 election was held again that day. Seven percent said they did not know if they would cast a ballot for Trump again while 4 percent said they would have voted for a different candidate.

Overall, the survey found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s edge in the 2016 popular vote would go up by 1 percent if the election were held in July 2017, although it was not clear if this would have helped her overcome Trump’s electoral college victory.

On July 12, a similar survey conducted by Yahoo Finance found that 11.1 percent of self-identified Trump voters would not vote for the president again. The polling group interviewed the respondents to gain anecdotal insight into why they would change their minds six months into the Trump administration.

“If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have voted for him, because I think he’s a quack,” 61-year-old Tom Dawe of Ohio told Yahoo Finance. “His talk about how everybody was going to prosper — I fell for it.”

“I expected competence,” said 74-year-old Fred Wedel of California. “The only thing I’ve seen is gross incompetence … I am so disappointed in the arrogance he’s running the office with. What I’ve seen so far is incompetence and I’m sorry I voted for him.”

“He’s an embarrassment,” said 67-year-old Cynthia Shearer of Pennsylvania, who felt betrayed when Trump appointed several Wall Street bankers to his Cabinet. “I don’t know how else to say it … He’s an arrogant person and will never change. To tell you the truth, sometimes I wish I ended up voting for [Clinton].”

If roughly 10 percent of voters who supported Trump in 2016 break from by 2020, it could make the president’s prospects for re-election an uphill climb. Trump’s electoral college victory in 2016 was largely achieved because he prevailed over Clinton by less than 1 percentage point of the vote in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to The Cook Political Report.

Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution noted that Trump could afford to lose 1 out of 8 of his voters as long as his support in those swing states did not diminish.

“If these disenchanted voters are in California, it doesn’t matter,” Kamarck told Reuters. “If they live in Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania, it matters.”

Sources: The Cook Political ReportReuters (2), Yahoo Finance / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (23)

What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As The Monday Morning Massacre

People are already calling what President Trump just did the Monday morning massacre and they aren’t wrong.

Because Trump just dealt a lethal blow to all his enemies. And make no mistake, Trump is fighting for America and his enemies are not.

That is the difference and why this morning will go down in history. Trump is finally taking off the kid gloves and is going to get tough with the sleazeball Democrats and sleazier media.

President Donald Trump took on all comers this morning and I have to thank him because not often do you wake up at and immediately have the best moment of your day.

President Trump started off this glorious day that will go down in history by giving the swamp a delicious new nickname, after saying that things are “much worse than anyone ever thought”



From WNP:

“Trump’s a genius. He is smart and so darn funny that the sewer does not know what to do. They literally have never seen a President be this good at mastering the media message.

No politician has ever had the courage to talk directly to the America people like Trump, instead choosing carefully scripted media appearances and soft ball interviews.

Not Trump, he refuses to play by the rules of the sewer that says you must go through the gatekeepers to deliver your message.”

Next up was Chuck Schumer. Trump silenced Schumer forever by using crying Chuck’s own words against him. Just days ago Chuck went after Hillary hard, really hard and told her to stop whining and blaming Russia for her huge loss. And Chuck was right, Hillary blaming Russia is hurting this great country.


Trump then took aim at the rest of the sleazy dems.



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Pentagon Stuns World When They Announce They Will Not Pay For…

Donald Trump just proved to the world why politicians should be successful businessmen – because businessmen have common sense.

Fact is, most conservative solutions to government problems aren’t complicated. They’re not even close. The genius of the Right, and the idiocy of the Left, usually comes down to one thing – experience living and working in the real world.

Because nothing gives you common sense like working an actual job, owning an actual business, or fighting an actual war.

Which brings me to today’s elegant conservative solution to a government problem: are your wartime allies doing their share of the work?

If not, just don’t pay them. Which is why Pakistan is now short some $50 million.

MSN reports:

The Pentagon will withhold the remaining $50 million in military reimbursements to Pakistan for 2016 after U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Congress that Islamabad had not taken sufficient action against the Haqqani network.

In a nutshell, the US government pays other countries who help us find and kill radical terrorists groups. And the Haqqani network is one of those groups.Pakistan, however, really doesn’t want to eliminate this particular group. And there’s a reason why:

The United States in 2012 designated the Pakistan-based Haqqani network as a terrorist organization.

The year before, U.S. Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, then the top U.S. military officer, caused a stir when he told Congress that the Haqqani network was a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate.

There we go.

Pakistan, in short, has been spying on and influencing its neighbor Afghanistan, and using the Haqqani network to do it.

But using terrorists to help you spy isn’t great for you if you’re supposed to be killing the terrorists.

And Trump’s solution? Simple, and businesslike. ‘If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.’

(And $50 million is no small chunk of change for a nation like Pakistan.)

The Pakistani government, in true liberal fashion, has said that they deserve the money anyway. Apparently only doing half a job is good enough for the Left.

Pakistan argues that it has done a great deal to help the United States in tracking down terrorists

Sadly, folks, doing a ‘great deal’ isn’t the same as sticking to The Deal. And that deal is simple – you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

Common sense.

Trump Steps In, Orders WV School Board To Fire Sharia-Loving Muslim Principal

For more than a week, parents have been expressing outrage about a recent staffing change at a small West Virginia school Pratchett-Cline Elementary is situated in the middle of God-fearing Mercer County, but for some reason the school board hired a Sharia-pushing Muslim to run it.

Bahar al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam is a former Imam at a mosque in Iran who taught that “Sharia  is and will be the law everywhere” and that Muslims should “rip the throats” of nonbelievers.

Last summer, he took a trip home to Iran where he married a 9-year-old girl who is currently enrolled in Bluefield’s Pratchett-Cline. He is also on the run from some pretty heinous charges involving goats, rape, and “severe internal hemorrhaging.”

In short, he’s not someone you want anywhere near your kids or his own “wife.” Nevertheless, the school board and its Muslim president Rafiki Haram refused to fire him, citing “religious freedom.”

TRUTH BOMB! James Woods CRUSHED Traitor John Mccain in 2 EPIC Tweets!

A day after John Mccain cemented his legacy as the Benedict Arnold / Judas of the GOP, patriot James Woods took to Twitter to slam the feckless traitor.

In Wood’s first tweet, John Mccain is pictured with radical leftist financier George Soros.

James Woods asks “which one is the top and which one the bottom?”

A day after John Mccain cemented his legacy as the Benedict Arnold / Judas of the GOP, patriot James Woods took to Twitter to slam the feckless traitor.

In Wood’s first tweet, John Mccain is pictured with radical leftist financier George Soros.

James Woods asks “which one is the top and which one the bottom?”

James Woods then tweeted a photo of Chuck Schumer patting John Mccain on the back along with the quote “And don’t forget your kneepads…”

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